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Vers 31. Verl. 32.

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Pfal.89.3. God himselfe confefseth, I have made a Covenant with my

chosen, I have sworn unto David myservant; Verf.4.

Thy Throne will I establish for ever, and build up thy Throne to all Generations.

But yet with condition of obedience, for
Verf. 30.

If his children forsake my law, and walk not in my judgements:
If they breakmy statutes and keep not my Commandements:

Then will I visit their tranfgreffion with the rod, and their ini-
quity with stripes.

So that no promise or oath of God doth give Priviledge or immunity to any to offend the law of God.

And such is the equal Justice of God, that David though a man after Gods heart, although a servant of Gods finding, a. king of Gods own annoioting, doth confesse,

if Iregard wickednese in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.'

Moses his fifter Miriam must be a Leper, and shut out of che Camp for murmuring.

Moses and Aaron shall not go into the promised land for their want of surecrust in God.

For God is no accepter of Persons." Reaf. Those who are sealed with the spirit of promise, 'have their

infirmities, lapses and relapses, but as they sin not unto death, 1.. The second death, so they can'c fuffer

any other then temporal chastisements: yet these they cannot stop, for by this Phyfick God doch ofcen purge them and restore them to healch; in this fire of tribulation he doth often purge cheir drosle.

For some water will serve them to wash them if they be taken in cime : for some that have taken rust with Gods long forbear: ance, and their own custome of sinning, fire is necessary to burn out their drolle,

Buc none escape; of this all are Partakers; and as personal fins have personal chastisements, fo epid.mical sins have popular pų. nishments; when a Common-wealth is diseased, what chough it be a People as Israel whom God hath choren out of all the nations of the world, what though he have rooted out the heathen to plant them in, although he have given them a land Howing with mi k and honey, fetled the Priesthood and his Worship, given them his Word, continued them in peace many gene: rations:


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Pet. 4.17

of God.

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Tet if they shall use violence and oppression: if they fall break the Law of God, and corrupt the seat of judgement;

The Lord will see it, and be angry; and Noah, Daniel and Job, Shall not keep out judgment : rather the complaints of the juft jhall help to hasten the coming of wrath against that land.

We have heard also that judgment beginnech at the house

When God sent destroyers into ferufalem, their Commission was, Slay utterly old and young, both maids and the children, and Ezech 9.6 the women, and begin ut my Sanctuary. We may say that England hath been for many years, since the

vse. restitution of our Religion, Gods pleasant plant; he bach given it rest, he hath hedged you, walled it with his Providence. He hath given us peace within, he hath given us victories abroad, he hach kept out the Chaldæans the Spaniards, whose invincible strength came to poffefle and divide the land,

He hath spoken the word, and we have had multitude of Preachers, Religion and all kind of learning; all Mercature hath flourished, and we have traded to the ends of the world; Mechanical and manual arts have come up to their full growth, we may fay, Non fecit Deus taliter, we have peace now with all the world, at leaft in-shew and pretence.

Let not these favours of God swell us, and make us presume w in our hearts, that our God cannot be lost co us, to encourage Gane;

if the sins of the lews be found amongst us, violence,contempt of Religion, and corruption of Justice.. God will do a othing in our days, which he that hearech will not believe by rea.

son of our long reft.

All che favours of God came in with true Religion; and the contempi chereof wil carry them out againzfor God is no accepter of Persons as we are. Angli, it we were Angeli, he would caft us out of our heaven upon earth, and give our land to Arangers that shall punish us, and make them that hate us to be lords over us.


2. The executioners of this judgment; whecin obfèrve, og
1. By whom God will punish. ja 1), 110b70 grimsit

How farre che punilhment shall extended
3.What shall become of them whom God doch afe as his rods
in this execution.


1. By

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1. By whom? by the Chaldæans ; These are described,

1. By their own fitnesle for their designe,
2. By their Präparation to accomplishic.

(3. By their incencion in it.
2. How far the punishment (hall extend,

(1. To á full Conqueft.

2. To a proud triumph.
3. What shall become of them

( They shall change their mind.
2. They shall offend ia impuring their victories to theig
own Idols:

it yait?
1. By whom God shall punish the Jews.
1. Of cheir fitnesse for this execution, they are described to us
by these notations.

1. They are bitter.
3. They are dreadfull bits

4. They are wilful.
Bitter in their harsh and crucl natures..? S'hi tvill“.10.1
2. Hafty in their participation and 11:11.'
3. Dreadful in their power and strength. 12:31

4. Wilful in taking their own ways; for their judgement and dignity proceedeth from themselves. 'DE 593]

To be bitter and Now gives Warning to relift, and affordeth the benefits of cime, a great friend co detenee di : 97.' Toibebitter, and hasty, and weak, is but a lighening, a flash

. To be bitter and hasty are dreadful; but to admic advice gives time of breathing: bot when the nature is inflamed with bitternesse and the action is accelerated with hafte, and fortified with strength, and followed with wilfulneste, this makes up a fülts danger, especially where God feteeth such a work. ; ***, Puso

- Thicle be evil affe&ions in this people,& prove their minds set upon mischief; yet God makech rods of these twigges, and whips of theke cordsto punishche (misof his own People.

The point of doctrine here is, iflir.?!!!!

That God can make good use of ckc vices of men, and can make wicked men ferve him as the instruments of his will, as Axo

and away:



gustine, Deus bonus utitur malis noflris bene,

So Mr. Calvir judiciously observech on the text, Hec quidem non fucrunt laudanda in Chaldais, amarulentia & furor; sed poteft deus hæc viria convertere in optimai finem. St. Augustine treating of the profemination of the Gospel, and the quick spreading thereof, hath two cha prers to our purpose.

cap. 5o. In the 50. he sheweth. Per passiones predicantiam illustrior fa&ta eft Predicatio, by the sufferings of Preachers preaching is made the more famous. In the's i. Per disseniiones hæreticorum fides Cathotica roboratur, by the diffentions of hereticks the Catholik faith is strengthned.

He is so full co this purpose, to show what good God works out of evil,that I cannot supprefle his words,

Inimici ecclefie quolibet errore cecentur, fi accipiunt poteftatem, Corporaliter affligendi exercent ejus patientiam.

Si tantummodo malè fentiendo adversantur exercent ejus sapientiam, Vi diligantur, exercent 'ejus benevolentiam." But when the Church of God grows foule, and when People of God forsake & God,and go in their own ways, then God uleth the wicked ad vindi&tam;then as Davishe

And that is the reason why God doch suffer so many evils in the world, because they be his rods to chaften evil.

Even in this example, Jeremie the Prophet of the Lord doth
threaten the samé judgment. Toi
The Chaldeansshull

fight against this.fity, and take it; and burn it with fire.

Jer 37.8, Thus faith the Lord, deceive not your selves, saying, the Chaldeans shall depart from us for they shall not depart,

For though you bad smitten the whole army of the Chaldean's that fight against you, and there remained but wounded men ao mongst them, get they should rise up, every man in his tent and burn the city with fire.

Thus God doch, because he will declare his owne perfection Cap. I. of wisedome and gaodnesle, that he can work good out of evil, and dispose the very vices of men to good.

And thus the examples of foule lianes in our brethren, do

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move us,

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1. To a loathing thereof; as we read, the Lacedemonians would make their slaves drunk, and then shew them to their children to make them loath drunkennelle; and all that have the feare of God, when they see and heare the evil conversation, and evil and profane words of the wicked, they behold in them the -ugly face of finne, and are couched at the heart with a dereita. tion of the fame.

2. They move us to charity. 1. Charitas incipiens at our selves to take warning by their example, that we when we fee a thief,do not torn to him, nor be Partakers with the adulterers.

To make us fèt a guard upon our whole life, a zcalous purpose to eschew evil.

To use the means for our preservation from evil, which are hearing, and medication in the law of God, and frequent and fervent Prayer,

- 2. Charitas proficiens, to pray God for our brethren, that he would direct cheir paths, forgive their Gos, and mend their lives, and preserve others from being corrupted by cheir evill ex

ample. Realiza

2. God bringeth forth the effects of his own good will, out of the ministry of the vices of men, co declare his true justice in punifhing sinne by fiane, that sinners may see that they serve for fods, one to whip another of them, whereas the just do not, cannot hurt one another; for all evil is noxious, holinelle is homb!e.

God declareth himfelf King and supream Lord of the earth herein; for as David faith, fecit quicquid voluit, he hath done what ever be will. He will not ler eicher the finner that actcth, or Satan that suggestech evil, to have the managing thereof; foe bowsoever it seemethrthat they serve their own turns therein, be will dispose their evil to his own proper ends, and they shall unwillingly work forbim, though boch the bent of the fuggc. fion of Satan, and the promise of the intention of the lioner, and che fewel of the affection, and the whole force of the acti, on be diverted against him. So folephs brethren full of envie to him sold him into Egypt: What a charity did God work out of it? fo the Jews for envy


Beaf. 3.

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