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pursued Christ to the Crosse; all the godly fare the better for the
good which was effected by it.

Ifrael is bere punished by the Chaldæans, and God maketh
use of these bryarsand thorns to prick and goarc his People: he
fufterech them to be carried into captivity.

All the force of Sacan and his inftruments,prevail no farther a: gainst the Church,then for correction and burning our che drosse, God doch still do all things for the best

The consideration whereof servech,

1. To pacifie us against evils, and to lay that storme which use: either humane pillion or inordinate zeal may stirre up against finne and finners; though that all punish nenc in its nature be evil,yer God may work good of it ; and the Son of God saich, Refist not evill, let it have its course, and expect Gods end in it.

You see how much Habakkuk was troubled at the Gns of che lews; how he did even chide wich God for his pacience and remisseneffe toward them; you see from thence ic is a burchen to man to beare the impiecies of their brethren, and to behold their uncharitableneffe: and therefore ic is lawful to complain to God of fuch, and co-awake his justice against them,

And here in Gods answer, you see that God can make use of
mcn of evil natures and ungodly lips to execute his will.

Observe the faules of chefe Chaldæabs,
1. Idolatrous; therefore Religion, and the whole worship of
God, and the house of his worship, and the Priests and the Mi.
nisters of it were like to pay for it...

Wofulis that state that givech any way to idolatry to enter in:
to its for Amuziah cannot endure Amos to prophecy near the

2. Fierce and cruel, and therefore no mercy to be expe&ed where they may use the sword.

3. Proud and imperious; so that to serve them was the baselt: vallalage that might be. Such a nation as this will always make a good sharp rod, to scourge the Church when it rebelleth am gainst God.

And let that Land into which such a nation doth come, either in a stormc by force, or in a calme by creaty to have power therein, perlwade it self, that God ows it a whipping, and will aos be long in debt.


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But in all fears, and smart, let the comfort of this doctrine season our hearts, that God doch use the evils that be in mea well, and all things shall come to the best to them that feare God.

Let us remember our leffon, let us live in the learning and practice of it, feare God and keep his Commandements, and let Satan do his worst, and let the Catholick Bishop and the Chaldæans, his idolatrous, cruel and proud fonnes, use either their wit or strength against us; p Deus pro nobis, if God be for us, all is well.

These thorns shall bear us grapes, and these thistles figs; We had need to consider that in all machinations and actions of mil. chief against the Church, there is also the right hand of the most high,dextera excelsa : let us take heed that we do not sinne too boldly with that. Rather let us await the good issue thac his bo

ly will shall produce; for all things do work together for our Vlez. good, if we do fear and serve him.

2. This ferveth co loften chat hard Do&rine of our Saviours, which goeth so much against the heart of Beth and bloud , to blesse those that c&rse and persecute us, and to pray for those that hates, to love our enemies ; for seeing all their actions be governed and disposed by the providence of God, who lovech us fo well, that he spared not his own Son but gave him unto death for us, we may promise our felves good out.of all evils chat they imagine to execute against us:

There be two things which must be considered in our enemies, to quicken this charity.

1. The person of our enemy which heareth (though much defaced) the image of God, and is che same nacure with us; flesh of ourfcb, and bone of our bone, which we must not harc nor wilh ill to. 22. The imployment of God in his actions which do offend us; for we see that God stirreth him and fetterh him awork, and mahagech she whole operation to his own purpole;

Therefore think not our Saviours Precept an hard saying who commandecb cbaticy even to an enemie, and love 19 Juch as

For even in che injuries they do to their brethren, they do service to God.

bace us.


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1. Their horses.{: Feirce.

Yet is not God author of the evil done, but of the good extracted out of that evil, and applyed to the benefic of his Church. 2. Their preparation to accomplish this Will of God;

1. Terrible. 1. In ther own persons.

2. Wilfull.
2. In their military forces.

(2. Speedy

!. Numerous
2. Their riders,

2. Speedy.

3. Crueli. 1. For their own persons, no doubt but they should bring with them all the appearance of danger and horrour that might Be that God might cast the fear of them upon the Jews ; that is number, choice of souldiers, strength of armes.

2. For the forces here named, horses trained up to the field, Aefhe in bloud with horfemen to manage that feircenesle to the destruction of the Jew ;.

This is their preparation, wherein we are taught that
When God undertaketh to do a work, he accommodareth all

Doctr. fit means for a full execution. marta ouvergei all things work together; for when he beginneth he will also make an end.

You all know that God hath no need of means to execute his Will, his Will is a law to his creature; Yet he chooseth in his great wisedom by visible and sensible means to chaften the rebellion of the Jews, that his ways may: be knownupon earth,even the wayes

of his judgments, that the earth may stand in awe of him.

God would have his Church know, that if he once take displeasure againft them; he hath the command of armies to fight against them; for he is LORD of Hoasts.

Men partners with chem of the same nature, shall be fearfull and terrible to chem, they shall lay aside all humanity, and thalt arme themselves with malice and cruelty to destroy them ; they shall sec that God can put mettal into them, and into their horses, and make all their

military provisions mortal codefrog them for wbois fo greaç a God as our God?

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Edom had made peace as you heard out of Obadiah, with his neighbour nations, yer the men of bis confederacie put a wound under him.

Let us not trust our peace with all the world, especially with them whose religion is a warrant to them to break with us when they fee an advantage.

Let us make and keep peace with our God, and put our fins to filence which cry out for judgments against us; for if he be on our fide, we need not feare the arme of flesh: the horse and the rider too will fall,& fail, as in the example of Israel he hath a red sea, a judgment of vengeance to follow them: one shall chasc a thousand.

A thousand shall fall on thy side, and ten thousand at the right

band, but shall not come near thee, Pfil.91.7.

There is, there can be no danger to them that have the
God of facob for their refuge.

When armies fight his battels, they are terrible and dreal-
ful; when' he is on our side, there are more with us then a-
gainst us.

The name of the Chaldæans, their fierceneffe, their hasty vio.
lence, their number, their horses, their riders, their whole Pre-
paration for warre,' do all borrow terrour from ego excitabo, I
will ftir up; it is God that setceth chem a work, which putrcih
this mectal into them.
- Let me learn of the Apostle Saint Paul to apply tbis terrour,
to the common use of all thote that are despisers of the threat-
nings of God.

Beware therefore least that come upon you which is spoken of by

And there he citeth these words, ver. 5. I will do a Work in your days, whicb jee will not believe, óc. whereby he sheweth,

1. That the Provocation which moveth God to this severe judgment is contempt ; therefore Saint Paul faith, Heare

despisers, for it was spoken at first to such as did slack the law of
God, and had no alte or reverence of his threatnings and judg-

2. That this was no lingular judgment proper to that nation of
the lews, bat common to his people all the world over;for God


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AQs 13. the Prophets.




seeing Religion contemned, and Justice corrupted, that neither
a Christian, nor a moral conversation is regarded, he will find
Chaldæans more fierce and hasty and yiolent nations, to over-
run and destroy sucha. People.
Our lins are the edge and point of their weapons.

3. The intention of the Cbaldaans.
God worketh as he professech, in this invasion, and his end is,
to punish the over-growing lins of the Jews, the Chaldæans
they work, their end is spoil and enlargement of their dominjon.

God for his own end giveth way to chem and suffereth, thạc is not all, he worketh with them and accomplish their desire,

The Papilt and the Anabaptist do both charge the Processo Atant Church chat we maintain God to be the Author of Gin. Campian faith, for us, Volens, Suggerens, Efficiens, fubens, 0.

Rea 6.8. perans,

& in hoc impiorum scelerata confilinm gubernans. Andi this is one of our paradoxes,

Cardinal Bellarmine doch maintain, that all evils are done on earth, only permittente deo by Gods per million Our answer is,

Thar in all finful actions, two things are to be considered, as Aquinas well teacheche' 1. ]pfa actio, the action. 2. Vitium aétionis, the fault of che action. Weconfelle chat God is vilens,

fuggerens, efficiens, jubens, operan', and gubernans in actione, for omnis aétio quatenus altio eft bona; for deus omnia operatur. Inhim we live and move, and without his power no action can be performed.

It is blafphemie to say or think that any, or can be done against the will, or without the power of God, or that God doth lend his powerco any against himfelfe, and his Will, for thac destroyech the Omnipotent Providence of God. - . But for the evil chat is in a wicked action, chat deriveth ic felf from the corrupt cooc of mans Grful nature.

Saint Augustine handling this point doch,thus exemplifie it.

Qum pater tradiderit fitum, & dominus corpus fuum , fu- Ep1.48 ad das dominnm curin hæc iraditione deus juftus eft'e komoreus, nifi vincert. quia in re una quam fecerunt.carla nan una est ob quam fecerunt?

In the example in my text God himself hach cleared this ErgthFor here are the Chaldæans...) niin

1. Quc

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