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will deferred; but by his revealed will present : and his revealed will doth not always make necessity of event, but sometimes it is a warning to escape it.

Thas God foreseech the spawning of finde in mans tife, in che seed or root thereof, which is lust, yet he reveilech means to keep che just from falling into these lins.

But for the wicked, he leavech them to the stream and current of their own free-will, and leadech them into temptation, For temptation is their punishment. This may

stirre us up to husband the means of grace, to the best advancage of our souls to keep us undefiled in the way, that iniquity may not have dominion over us.

For Gods certain knowledge of our evils, will bring forth a certain judgment to punish them.

4. Wberein he shall offend, imputing this his power to his God.

The Chaldæans were not without their God; Nebuchadneza zar their King had made them a god of the best mectal, and bad fec it up in the plain of Durah in the Province of Babel, and called all the People in his Dominions to worship the god which Nebuchadnezzar the King had set up.

This god must have the glory of the Chaldæans Conquest; and what greater dishonour can they do to the living God,chen to give his glory to livelelle and senselesse stocks?

1. Yet it appeareth, chac chose People, although they knew not the true God, yet they had a knowledge of the Divinity: and so we do hold, that no man is fimpliciter Atheos, thac is, without knowledge or acknowledgment of some divine pows er ruling and governing all things.

For this is the finger of God, in the heart of the natural man, who though he do not perceive que Dei, the things of God; yet he perceivech quod Deus, chac there is a God.

2. It appeareth chac they did confeffie a debe of glory due to the Deity;whattoever they would chink worthy to be esteemed their God, they would think it worchy of all afcriptions of ho Aour and glory; which is another truth of the law of God written in the heart of every man, and it is a good priaciple of natore, it is a lineament of the image of God in man.


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3. It also appeareth that they believed the ordinance and mo. deration of great affairs to depend on the power and strength of their god, because they give him the honour of this victory; for his power, che power which he calleth his, he confeffech to be borrowed, for he imputeth it to his God,which also is another beam and ray of heavenly light.

Býr the Lord sich here, they shall offend herein, for Gods glory is given away from him, and horrible idolatry is committed.

This light of naturc doch serve to convince the Chaldæans that Nebuchadnezzars golden image is not cannot be god, for that is fixed, it moveth not, what wealth it hath in the matter is the Kings gift, what proportion or forme it hach in the fabrick and forme of it, it hath from the hand of the workman,

Bur beloved,let me lay open to you.che true cause of all idolatry, not only that of the heathen, but even that of them chac call themselves Christians : it is want of faith,

For seeing God is an invisible essence, and they are loth to worship what they cannot sec, and they walk

by sense and noc by faith, che invisible Deity is by them worshipped in some visible forme, and I cannot judge more hardly against them then that * They have too much weaknefle in their understanding to make it necessary that their God must be visible: yet not so much weakneffe of fenfe as to judge that Idolto be God which is of their own making.

But see how God punishech them; for seeing they will not worship a God whom they cannot see, he leaveth them to-wor Ahip that which they can tee to be no god.

Yer give me leave to commend the Chaldæan for one thing ;, he doth not assume the glory of this victory to himself; and he findech the honour of ic above humane nature. c: Therein teaching us to give the glory of all our good fuccefiesco him whom we know and believe to be our God, and not to over-ween our felves herein;-for before this chapter Thall paffe as, we shall the Chaldæan-will dearne to be his own God, and thank himself for his victories; as it followeth, Wr. 26.


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Therefore they sacrifice to their net;. For, Nemo fubitò fit peso fimus.

Yet some Interpreters applying this to Nebuchadnezzar, do think, that this imputing of the power to his god, was assuming of it to himselfe, and that he was his own god : as we read of Alexander, that after his many victories, he was so full of him. felfe as to suffer himself to be flattered with that high appellacion.

And Daniels story showeth the pride of Nebuchadnezzar
high grown; and this facrificing to their own net, which follow-
ech doth favour this exposition.
When I put these things together, they fall offend, imputing
this their strength to their God. I find here,

Şi. Idolatry, imputing this to his God.
22. That idolatry is an offence co God.

1. Idolatry.
That the Chaldæan is justly charged with idolatry, bate' I
chus shew.Dr.Raynold. de Idol.whosoever gives Divine Worship to
A Creature, is an idolater.

Lib, 2.1-15 Quifquis creature divinum cultum exhibet idoluira eft,at Chaldens boc facit;buc the Chaldæan doch fo, Ergo

The Best Proposition is cleared, for whatsoever is honoured Major. with the honour of God, is put into the place of God, against that law non habebis Deos alienos , Thou shalt have no other gods.

That the Chaldæan is thus guilty,the text convinceth him; he im putech the force of his warre and victory to his god. This is Deus alienus, this is an idol.

It is the proper honour to the true God to be custos hominum the Preserver of men: 1 to be Dominus exercituum the Lord of Hoftes. This honour the Chaldæan gave to his God.:

When Rachel said to: faceb, Give me children or else I die, Jacob was very angry with her whom he loved dearly, that the should despoil Godof his due glory and seek it from a creature. Gen.30.2. And he anlwsred, Am I insteaidsof God is. Dois

For Plato an beachen Philosopher did confesse, quamvis in mortali animante fiat, res tamen divinasest Pragnatio, ab im

por. mortalibus el. ist 1-1894.KISHI


In Sym


• So when the King of Syriawrote to the king of Israel in the behalf of Naaman the leper, that he might be cured of his leprofie, the King of Ifrael rent his cloachs at that idolatrous de. mand,and faid, Amla god to kill and give life ? so that the ho nour of God given at ay from him to any creature is the fetting up of an idol in the place of God.

The Nicene Synod did condemne che Arrians ofidolatry, because they denied the Divinity of Christ, and yet acknowdedged divine worship to him.

And because Neftorius did a firm Christ to be meer man, and not God, both the Ephesian and Nicene Synods condemned them of Anthropolacry:

We do usually offend too much in oor afcriptions to the means of any good co us, wherein we wrong Gods glory if we look not up to him as the fupream Agent working in that means.

Thus in the Church of Rome, Angels by God employed for the service of man, by the over-doing thankfulncfle of man were honoured with the honour due to him that fent them.

Those that leave the lervice of God, and study men, and apply themselves wholly to their humours, to beter their eftates, do set up new and ftrange gods against the true God, and give his glory to creatures, and make their means their idols,do commic idolatry, and break the first great Commandement of the Law.

The Romaniâts cannot clear themselves of this trespaffe, though Bellarmine their Champion do his best to excuse it. 1 Ho diftinguishech between images, which he callech veras reTum fimilitudines, the true fimilitudes of things: but he calJech idols falfe Representacions of things that are not

But not to trouble our felves to examine his frivolous distin &tion, the image it felfe of a true thing fubfisting, is a creature;. - 2nd to give chat, the honour due only to God,

is groffc idolatry; for example, that in their Romane Breviary, which is-dires. ated to the Croffe, be it not to cho image and reprefentation of the Crosle before their eyes, budimit co the Crofle it felfe, is-ic net idolatry. 0.Cox ave fppsbemica, hoc paffionis.comapore duge pajisjuftitiam reifepe donna rianiAm. Its 2. This.exe chargeth-chem that they offend; whereby it ap


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peareth that idolatry is an offence; you fec how high it reach-
ech even to theungodding of the Almighty, and we shall short.
ly see how sore is smarterh upon the offenders.

1. The devil is the Authour of idolatry; for when God had Real. Ji
buried Mofas secretly to prevent idolatry, the devil woald bave
discovered the place to move the People to idolatry; that was
che strife which Saint Jude mentionech between Michael'the
Arch-angel and the devil about the body of Moses, wherein the
Arch-angel prevailed against him" 17
12. The devil is a great comprer co idolatry; for he aflaufced Real. 2;
Chrift fe; fiprocidens adoraveris me, ifchou will fall down and Matchi qi
worship me.

3. The devil is the chief Agent in the Ministery of the idola- Real 3. trous Priests, as the evil spiric offered his fervice to be a lying fpirit in the mouths of Baal's Prophecs, fourc hundred of them ac

1 Reg. 221
The promise of Satan is that which he profeft to Christ, to
draw men from the worship of God to worship him; and chiere
is no mean : all worshippers that do not worship the true God-
worship Satan ; fo the Chaldæan imputeth their force to Satan;
for he that is not with him is against him.

The ute ofchis point is taught by the Apostle Saint John, use:
Babes keep your felves from idols, give not the glory of Godto 1 Joha så?
: It is an admirable thing in the whole course of the story of
Ifraclig and after of the Tews; Mofes could tell them; for what
Nation is there lo great? who hath Godfa nigh unto them, as the Deu t. 4.7
Cordour Godis in all things that we call upon him for?

Yet was idolatry cheir national sinnc, although upon all'oco-
casions they might advise with God, though they had the pil-
lar of fire, the pillar of cloud, the Arke, the Law, the Priest-
hood, the Temple, and all the oracles of God committed to

Therefore no wonder if the Chaldæan who had none of this did commit idolatry,

These are examples for us; and becaufe we have no feare but af the idolatry of the Church of Rome, we must take warning: to keep our selves from their idols and their idolatry,


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