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And the Lord set every mans (word against his fellow through- Ju18.7.2% out all the hoaft. Here it is plain, how God beat them with their own staves, and New them with their own swords. And of them we may well understand that which followeth. They that came out as a whirl-wind toscatter me, their rejoycing was to devour the puor secretly: for the Midianites by many direptions had made them poor, and by spoiling the increase of the earth almost starved them, and now they came as a whirl-wind in an army to destroy them.

Their secret comming to devoure the poor , it is well exprest in the story

And so it was when Ifrael had sowen, that the Midianites Judg.6.3. came up, and the Amalukites, and the children of the East, even they came up againft them. And they encamped againft them, and. Verse 4. destroyed the encrease of the Earth, till thou come to Gaza, and left nofuftenance, neither Sheep, nor Oxe nor Asse.

Here they assaulted them fecretly, by sudden incursious
upon them, and they came out as a whirl-wind by sudden
violence, and they made them poor.

The words thus expounded, we may in this part of the
section consider
S: The miracle of the station of the Sun and Mon:

The victory that followed.
3 The conquest of Midian:
I Of the miracle of the station of the Sun and Moon.

This example of the station of the Sun and Moon, as at- Do&t. I.
tending upon the wars of the Lord, doch further confirme the
former Doctrine, delivered out of the Verfe going before, that
the in-animate creatures do lerve the Lord, aud the will of
God is their onely nature, whether he guide them by his or-
dinary providence, or by his speciall dispensation of extraor-
dinary power.

It teacheth that God is above all second causes, so that his revealed determination of means, for his operations do not bind him, but his Non obstante, often inter-curreth by vertue of bis prerogative..] To espresse him absolute Lord of all, ru- Real.1, hing all things by the word of his power, that he may be both trusted and feared above all.


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To divert us from the over-weening of our fellow creatures, for many Nations having observed the good that the Sun doth on earth, have worshipped the Sun, and some Lunatiques have as wisely worshipped the Moon, others have adored some speciall Stars as the ascendents in their nativities.

The Ægyptians in respect, as is thought of the great profit that came of kine , did worship a living bullock, on calfe, and of them the Ifraclites learned that Idolatry.

Herodotus tels how Cambyses comming with his conquering forces into Ægypt, saw the Ægyptians worshipping their calf, he drew his sword, and cut him on the thigh, that he bled exceedingly, and shortly after died.

Cambuses seeing this, cried out in scorne of the Ægyptians: O Capitu nequam hujusmodi Dii existunt, carne e sanguine prediti, ferrum sentienter? dignus nimirum Ægyptiis hic Deus.

Thus came into the Church the worship of Angels, and the Mother of our Lord and Saints, and its because they were Benefa&ors to the Church. And after for their sakes, their images were worshipped, as at this day in the Church of Rome.

To divert us from this superstition and idolatry, and to teach us to know our fellow creatures, God doth alter fometimes the established order of his government, and faith, as Chrilt w hio Disciples. Are these the things you look upon.

Surely the Sun, of all things is that God hath made for the use and service of God, as the most glorious, the most comfortable, in respect of light, which it giveth us from its own body, and which it bendeth to the Moon and Stars; and in relpect of its influence, so that as Ambruse calleth it, Ornamextum Cæli, the ornament of Heaven, and Oculum mundi, che eye of the world; others have called it animam mundi, the foul of the world, as the quickner of all living things.

Three most memorable evidences of Gods power in the Sun are past, this of the standing of it for the space of a whole day.

The going back of the shadow upon the dyall of Ahaz in 2 Reg.20. the days of Hezechiah, 10 degrees, And the miraculous EII. clipse at the death of Christ. And Christ foretelliug the end



De Cirit,


of the world, saith thar, The Sun shall be darkned, and the Moon Marth.24. shall not give her light.

St. Augustine proves the Divinity from these things, which we call porcenteous, and he blameth the Mathematicians, for affirming those extraordinary effects in nacurall bodies, cæleftiall or terrestiallio be contra naturam, against nature, quomo- 21.8. do eft enim contra naturam, quod Dei fit voluntate, cum tanti Creatoris, Creatura natura sunt.

Pertentum enim fit non contra naturam, sed contra, quod nota eft

3 This station of the Sun and Moon at this time doth serve Rcaf.3. to justifie the lawfulnesse of a just war, for they attended the arrows and the fpear of God. This was a just war, for,

1 It had a warrant from God to poffesfe Gods Israel, of their own lane', which God had given them, this is the warrant of policy.

2 It was against Idolaters, whom they were sent to destroy: the warrant of Religion.

3. It was in the behalf of the Gibeonites, their confederates by oath. Lex Gentium, the Law of Nations.

It isa sin to set and look on, when either our Commonwealth, or Gods Religion, or the Oath of confederacy suffereth.

This war was here managed openly, and in the sight of the Sun, and God declared himself both of the Council of War, and an auxilary friend to his Israel, in the same, for none but he could have stayed the course of the Sun and Moon.

Now these extraordinary operations of God, as St. Austine Use. saith, are called, Monstra ut a Monstrando, so they are called portenta à portendo , & prodigia à porro dicendo : therefore let us see what they shew, and what they teach us.

1 They teach us the great Comandement of the law to love God, and to keep his Comandements. This power in doing so great things, and this mercy in doing the fame for Israel, doth well deserve that service from his Church, observe it in a couch, remember ic in the front of the law. I am the Lord thy God which brought thee out of the land of Egypt, for


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that leadeth "us into the full story of Israels peregrination, and is there used to move obedience.

And we cannot make a bettter use of our frequent commemoration of the manifold mercies of God to us, then to ftir up our selves to serve him: so Christs greater deliverance is urged by Zecharie, ut liberati serviamus.

2 It serveth to direct us in the estimation of the creatures of God, for the honour that we can do them lawfully, is but to glorifie God for the good we receive by them : honour is onely due to him that implyeth them.

Take heed of Idols, take heed of superstition, let not another Gospel bewitch any of us, when the Sun communicateth his light to all the world, every corner and part of the world, is not illuminate alike, there be some pretious stones chat reAed the light of the Sun more then others doe: we value these above other, yet we know that the liglic is all borrowed of the Sun.

And though in our fellow creatures the gifts and graces of God be in differing measures given, for which we value them abově an ordinary price, yet we reserve to our God the honour of the gift, of every good and perfect gift, who is the Father of lights, and we do him wrong if we draw any of our fellow creatures into the communion of his glory.

3 Let me adde this for caution, let not our thoughts be fo ravished with the contemplation of Gods extraordinary power, someti' es expressed in the service of his creatures, as that we do neglect his ordinary providence : which in true judge.' ment is more admirable.

It is Saint Austins note, Quæ funt rara , funt wira: But he faith, it is more admirable to behold so many faces so unlike in forme, feature and proportion , yet we do more wonder to see two faces alike.

It is not so admirable in true judgment to see the Sun stand still in heaven, as a glorious candle set upon a Candlestick, as to see it move and set,and rise in so constant manner as it doth.

Therefore,let the common providence of God loose nothing by his extraordinary lightnings of Power, and Aalhes of Prerogative.

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4 This serveth also co encourage us in the cause of religion, or in the juft defence of the oppressed, to awake our courage and to take pains.

It belongeth not to us who are Gods Ministers, to enquire what cause of wars we have at this present, what means must be used to commence and maintain ther..

This belongech to us to animate all that are called to just wars, to take courage from this example.

If the sun stood stil whilst Joshua did fight for the Gibeonites, because Gods oath had bound Israel to them is confederacy,

I cannot doutc, but the Son of righteousnesse, the Captain of Gods guards, the Lord of his Hosts; will cover their heads in the day of batcail, that fight for the oppressed Church of God, their brethren, the professors of the same faith, the worshippers of the same God

Whereas this miracle of the station of the Sun and Moon was done at the instance of Joshua, we are taught to behold the truth of Gods promises made to his fervants.

He had promised forbia to magnifie him in the light of Ibis people, and the blessing of the people on toloma was onely, the Lord be with thee, as he was with Mofes,

So he was in the division of the waters of Jordan , fo was he in the conquest of Jericho and. Ai, and never was there such a thing feen, that the Lord heard the voice of a man to make the day two days long

bito do i This was done to prevent Idolatry, that the people might not erect any memory to Moses, to honour him with divine honour, which also God feared, and therefore he buried Moses himself, and would let no man know where he was buried, to prevent Idolatry., Sonstiges

The Devil, no doubt, knew the place; that was the quarrell between Michael and the Devill, about the body of Moles; for the Devil would faine have discovered where it was, to have mil-led the people to Idolatry, but Michael resisted him : Now when the people see that he which was great in Mofes, is as great in Josua,and they have experience that fofbua hatly of of the fame fpirie that Moses had, this doth direct their judge




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