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ments not to look upon che instruments by whom wonders are done, but on God who doth them, and can do them as well by Joshua as by Moses.

2 This was done to assure the former promises of the quiet

and full possestion of the land, against the fear which the Julh.10.14 Spies suggelted; for if God declare by these signes that he

fightech for Israel, as it is said upon this signe, Israel need not fear the power of their enemies, they may go forth in the strength of the Lord, his word is their warrant, his cruth their

assurance. use.

When we behold the same power of God in the change of Ministers of his will, vve learn to know whatsoever alceration the vicissitude of time maketh on earth,yet, thou Lord art the fame, and thy gears do not fail. Therefore, as David faith, Put not your trust in Princes, nor in uny Son of man, for there is no help in them: there is help by them, but it is not in them our help w in the name of the Lord who hath made heaven and earth.

2 This shevveth the perpetual course of Gods favour to his

Church, the faithfull servant of God, Moses dieth, but the spiEliah. rit that God put upon Mofes survived him, and rested upon Eliha. toshua, he was confecrated to chat imployment. Num.27

1 By Gods own ele&ion and designation.

2 By the imposition of Mofes hands, and the devolution of fome of his honour upon him. 2.119

3 By Gods own gift of the fame spirit that vvas upon Mores · Thus vvhere God foveth a poople, the favour of God runeth in a full stream in the Chanel of his Church.

3 Seeing this constant truch of God in his gratious promises to to his Church, hath reference to our obedience : this much teach us to obey and serve our God in all things, that his fun may shine upon our Tabernacles, and that vve may anoint our paths with butter ; for as David faith, No good thing will be with-hold from them that serve the Lord. He hath shevved his people vvhat they shall crust too,

blefGngs and curlings, life and death.

3 Do&trine. This also ceachoth us, as the Apostle dotb. The


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Janics 3.16.


effectuak fervent prayer of a righteous man prevaileth much.

He proveth it by the example of Eliah, who though'he were a man subject to the like paflions, as we are, he prayed earnestly that it might not rain , and it rained not on the earth in three years,

and fix moneths. And he prayed

again, and the heaven gave rain, So this example of foshna praying, is a full example of the effectuall power of prayer, these examples, as that allo of Moses praying upon the Mount, when Josuah fought with Amalek, do ali seeme to prove the force of prayer. And great reason there is that this should be effectuall with God.

1 Because there is no service that man can perform to God, wherein he doch so much part with himself, and even lay himself down in prayer, for therein he openeth his heart to God,

and poureth forth his fpirit to him; and his faith doth bring y God to him face to face.

When men pray as they ought, they know God and thenselves, they know and confeffe him the faithfull Creatour, the mercifull redeemer, the gracious preserver, the bounteous rewarder of men. And they know themselves to be but men, that is indigent and needy, having nothing but what they receive from his hand, and of his free gift,immerent,deserving none, not the least of his favours. La

Which two considerations do serve to humble us, and to honour him.

We finde in Scripture watching and fasting often joyned with prayer, as outward means to tame and subdue the Aeth, that it may be the lesser able to resist the power of the spirit, for the fpirit is willing in the servant of God; but the Aeth is weak.

2 There is no part of Gods worship that hath so many prefepts to impose it on us, as prayer hach in both the Testaments, none that we have so many examples of great successe and prevayling with God,none that we have so good means to Perform as prayer; none that hath so many promises made to it in holy Scripture. 1 For precepts, so soon as God had established him an 1 Pr.csp:



house for his publique worship, he commanded it to be called an' house of prayer to all nations.

Solomon dedicated that house to God by prayer, it is Gods own Word, seeki ye my face, it is the Churches answer. Thy face, O Lord, will I feek. And Christ our Saviour often in the

gospel, the Apostles after him enjoyns it. 2 Example. 2 For example we have Abraham, Ifaac, and facob, Mo

Ses, David, Solomon, Hezekiah, Eliab, Manasseh, Nebemiah,
Job, Samuel, Daniel: all the Prophets, all the holy men, Chrift,

his Apostles, all with admirable successe, 3 Means. 3 For means, Christ taught us to pray, shewed us the way

to the Father, in his mediation, and by his name.

And the spirit which Christ left in his Church helpech our

infirmities. 4 Promise. Christ hath comprehended all in a few words, what sover

you shall ask the Father in my name, it shall be given you.
- Ask and receive, that your joy may be full petite , querite

, Use These great examples offucceffe do all seem to stirre us ap,

to the performance of this part of Gods worship boch.

I In obedience to the Commandement of God, who hath imposed this duty on us, whore Commandements are mighty and ought noț țo be light layed. 352. In an holy ambition of the best graces of God vvhich are this way obteined of him.

3 In an humble love to our God, to whole presence and conference we come by prayer.

-4. In an holy imitation of those great examples, which are so frequent in Gods faithfull ones, in the double Testament of God.

5 In a thapkfull use of the means by God ordeined to facificate this fervice that we receive not the grace of God in vain.

16- In a confident faith in Gods grațious and free promises, vvhich are yea and Ainen 8b). 3-2 In an humble fenfe and feeling of our ovvá vvants, and the necessicies of our breçhren, for fo vye do exercise both our piaty to God, and our charity to our felves and our brethren




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But this discourageth many, we read of great power of

Ob. prayer of old, as that Mofes prayer gave Jo huu victory. Fossuahs prayer'made the Sun fand still

. Eliah by prayer, shuc up heaven, by prayer he opened it. Daniel by prayer shut up the mouths of the lions in their den.

We fee no such effects of prayer now, and therefore we think prayer is not of such effect now, as heretofore.

To this our answer is, that great and extraordinary exam- Sol. ples of the fucceffe of prayer are but thinly scattered in the Book of God,to Chew the power of Gods Ordinance.

Neither may that be a rule to us, that prayer is not of force as it hath been, because we do not see such great effects thereof, as have appeared in former times.

For in the time of che fhadow, when Christ was seen in type, and under a veil, there was need of extraordinary examples to confirm faith, but to us that live in the cleer light of the

gospel, to whom Christ is made manifest to be our interceffor, this may seem to strengthen faith.

If God did hear the prayers of his faithful owns and answered them by miracles, they had speciall warrane to demand those things at the hands of God.

We have no such warrant, but look wee what we may pray for, and we shall finde that God doth answer us with success.

í That the name of God may be höllowed, doch not every faithfull fervant of God place his trust in this name? doth he not praise it for all chings?

2. That the Kingdome of God may come; Is not this King dome of grace in the Church ? doth not the believer feef Christ reigning in his heart, and ruling him by his fpirit? and doch he not expect his second comming in giory and believe everlasting life.

3 That the wilt of God may be done here as it is in heaven, is it not so?

Our conversation is in heaven; doth not the whole life of a faithfull soul spend it self in imitation of Christ, and of the Angels of God, and of the holy Saints chat are gone before us to praise God in heaven.


4. Have

4 Have we not daily bread ? doth not God feed us with food convenient for us?

s Dach not God assure our consciences of the free remission of our sins?

Doch not he in temptations save us from the evill one that seekech our destruction, and maketh them the exercises of our vertue, and are directed to the dilapidation of our faith ?

We may aske nothing else of God but what hath reference to one of these pecitions, and in all these God heareth us and granteth our requests.

Our own want of faith and zeal in prayer , our own neglect of the dutie, our own unthankfulness to God for benefits already received, our corrupt desires to spend the favours of God upon our lusts, may make many of our prayers miscarry.

Much more if we do ask any thing at the hands of God, which is not lawfull.

But let us aske as he commandeth, and the argument will follow comfortably

If the servants of God have heretofore prevailed with God, so far as to work miracles for their good, much more will God hear our ordinary suits, and grant them so far, as may stand with the glory of his name, and our good.

But at adventure he hath commanded us to pray, and let us do our duty in obedience to him, and leave the successe to his fatherly providence : prayer is the casting our care upon God, and is not that a great comfort to us, when our care is put off and so repose, chat we may serve our God without fear or care for things of this life.

2 The victory that followed the station of the Sun and Moon, contein two things. si Wla:God did in indignation to his enemies.

2. What he did in favour to his peop e. i What he did in indignation ?

Conteining, $1 His martiall march through the Land 22 His conquest of it,

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