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In great losses as of our honours , and preferments of our libertie, of our wealth, of our dear friends : it is some time before'wee can recover from this shaking fit of feare', that God hath forsaken us, and we fav :::

why ftande fi t hou so far ojf, O Lord, and hidest thee in d::e time, P4.19.1. in time of affiiction?

But when we remember, thou art with me, it establisherh our footsteps; it strengtheneth our weak knees, and comforteth our forrowfull hearts, and biddeth us, Rejoyce in the Lord ; again, it faith, Rejoyce: fo David,

I waited patiently for God: and so he comforteth his soul. Wait Pfa!.43.5. on God, for I will get give him thanks, for the help of his presence, he is my present help, and my God.

So then, if present issue appear not out of affliction, let us not faint in our troubles: but perlwade us that God is with us; and the rock of our salvation will not fail us.

2 This sheweth that we need not seek further for salvation, vse 2. then to God himself, and his anointed, seeing they are al- ? ways

with us. It is a foolish and idle superstition and idolatry to seek our salvation from or by the means of Angels or Saints, or the mother of our Lord, when we have both him and his anointed Messiah, that is, both the giver and the mediatour of salvation with us.

This foolish devotion of the Roman Church of making way by Angelsand Saints, hach three great defects, which all the wit of Rome and hell, could never cover or conceal.

i It hachi no Commandement to require it. :: 2. It hath no example to lead us to it.

3. It hath no proinise in Scripture to reward it. whom have I in heaven but thee, and I have none upon earth, P11,:3.25 thóct I desire besides thee?

They be our glorious fellow ereatures, we honour God for the good that they have done in his Church

We believe that they pray for our happy deliverance from call amiseries of life, and the fociety of their lives. We imitace their holy-examples and do Atrive to follow VVV


them in their vertues, and pray for the graces of God that fanctified them on earth.

But for our salvation, we know that he is always with us, that saveth us, and his anointed doch never forsake us, that keepeth us from evill.

We hear him saying, Corne unto mi, and he calleth us not to heaven to him, but, Ls, I am with you to the end of the World: he is neer unto all that call upon him, and he is easily found

of them that seek him. wife ::

3. This doch give us fair warning to take heed that we do not leave our God and live in sin, for he is not so neer us, but that our selves may separate between him and us, for it is also true, that God pucreth a great deal of difference between an

ungodly and godly man, as Solomon saith; Pro.15.29.

The Lord is far from the wicked, but he heareth the prayer of the righteous. And as God is far from them, so is falvation, as David faith. Pfal.119:

Salvation is far from the wicked.

As we tender the favourable protection and love of God,

let us take heed of fin. I say 59.1.

Behold, the Lords hand is not shortned; that it cannot save, non

his ear heavy, that it cannot bear. Verse 2. But your iniquities have separated between you and your God, and

your fins bave bid his face from you, that he will not bear.

4. Seeing our salvation is of him, onely by his anointed, let us remember that we are called Christians after his name, not onely Chriftum: Lo, I am with you, and Spiritum Chrifti, whon. I will send you from the father, but we have reloud, the

very anointing it felf, left and deposited in the Church, as S.

But Je have an unction from the holy one. If we keep this Undion, we are sure of this salvation; therefore grieve not the spirit of God, resist not the holy ghost, receive not the grace of God in vain.

And so let the enemy of mankind, and his agents do their worst to annoy us, our salvation is bound up in the bundle of


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Johin faith.

life with our God for ever, we may go forth boldly in the strength of the Lord, both against the enemies of our tempo

rall estate, and the spirituall adverfaries of our souls, for who : canwrong us, if we follow the thing that is good ?

God who maketh in us both velle & facere, to wiland to do, and make us able for this work of our salvation.


Verse 14. Thou didt strike through with his staves the head of his

villages: they came out as a whirlwind to scatter me : there rejoycing was to devour the poor secretly.

His, asyou have heard, before in the exposition of the TH

words, hath reference to that victory, which God gave

against the Midianites, to his Ifrael. Judg: 7.22. wherein the Lord set every mans sword against his fellow throughout all the hoaft, for there he strook them with their own staves, and armed them against themselves to their own ruine. Wherein consider with me two things;

fi Their punishment.
22 Their fin.

In the punishment we are taught. That God in his just judgment maketh the ungodly rods to Doct. punish one another of them if they have no other enemies but themselves, they shall go together by the ears amorigst themselves, and fmite one another.

This is chat which God threatned against the finnes in Ifrael: no man fhall spare his brother. He shall snatch on the right l'ai.19.19. hand, and be hungry, and he ball eat on the left hand, and shall not be satisfied, they shall eat every man the fles of his own arm.

Manasseh, Ephraim, and Ephraim, Manasseh, and they tigether (hall be against Judah.

This was the burthen of Egypt. And I will set the Ægyptians against the Ægyptians, and 1(21.19.28 they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against bis neighbour, City against City, and Kingdome against Kingdome.

Vuu 2


In the first of the two places, the Prophet doth foretell how the Tribes thail fali out among themselves and how their greadinesse of wealth and honour thall make chem devour one another. For the Apostle giveth warning that we be tender, how we bite one another, Left we be devoured one of ancther.

This is sin and punishment both , wherein they offend, therein they are punished.

In the second example of the Egyptians deftroying one another, we' behold the uncertain state of ungodly nations,

and people, they can liave no constant peace. Reaf. I. 1 Because they know not, they serve not the God of peace,

and where true Religion doch not unite hearts, they may cry a confederacie, which may hold lo- long, as it may fome private turns, but the next great provocatión turns all into fury and combustion, for there wants the foundation of peace

within them." Real.2. 2 Pecause he would thereby maintain the equity of thatına

turall iaw Written in every mans' heart by the finger of God,

thou wouldest doneto 394. listo i?, Wouldest thou bee content to be beaten with those staves, that thou hast made to beat others, to be hewed and mangled with those weapons of violence? therefore, God in his justice employeth this preparation against themselves, and

scourgesh them with their own rods. Real: 3. 3 That we may know tharah things in the administration

of the world are directed by the wisedome and providence of God, who though he be a God of peace, yet he also caufeth divisions and contentions amongst men, and punishech tranígressours therewith.

The ten Kings in the Revelation, which are che io horns of of the beast, that is of Rome.

These at first joyn their forces against the Lambe, and ser Reve!. 17. up the beast. These have ozze mind, and shall give their strength 13. untu the bedst.

But in the end. And these ro horns which thou. Sawest upon the Ye le 16.

beast ,these skal hate the whore and shall make her desolate and naked,


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and Mall eat her ficand shall burn herwith fire. Fur Ged hath

pit in their hearts to fulfill his will, and 10 agree, and to give thir Kingdom to the beast, untill the words of God Hall be fulfilled.

From whence we gather, that that agreement which is :mongst wicked men, against Christ, and against his Church, is strengthened by tlie will and providence of God, for a time, till that time, the confederacies of the ungodly do holů, but when he pleaset! to diffolve them, they end in felf-woundings and intestine combustions.

This serveth to settle our judgments, concerning the com- Use I. binations of the wicked against the Church, they are of God, and he hath his secret and just ends therein, either to chaften tlie errours and transgresions of his people, or to bring their patience and piety to the test, to try whether any thing will make them forsake their hold, and relinquish their trust in him.

Or to bring the greater condemnation upon those, whom he useth as instruments in this tryall of his chosen feryants.

Therefore, now that we both hearthe news and see the effects of this new bloudy league to destroy the Church, and to root out the Protestant Religion, whereby much Christian bloud of Innocents is already shed, more is feared: let it establish our hearts, and sercle our judgments upon this rest. The Lord will have it. A Demino faltum eft hoc: Tu Domine fecifti: thou, Lord, hast done

Surely, there is much drosse in our gold, which must be purged, we have not fpared one another with schismaticall mouthes and pens to break the peace of the Church, and God in his just judgment suffereth the wicked to prevail aga nit us.'

This comfortech the Church against these tempeíts of su- vse 2. ry,

that her enemies do raise against her.

For though they weaken us thereby, and exale their own horn on high, yet when the waves of the sea do rage horribly, God that is on high is more mighty then they, and he will fmite them with their own staves that supported them, and wound chein with their own swords, that defended them.

3 This admonitheth us not to settle any confidence or ve 3. truft in the friendship of man, whose breath is in his no


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