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That is our first lesson:ic follows so in the mission of our Re deemer, he was made of a woman,& made fubject to the law.

The law Mheweth us how much we are in Gods debt, and you may note it in the parable of the good Mr. in the gospel

. i He called his servant to accompt, and cast up the debt. . 2 Then he put him to it to pay it. 3 When he saw him willing but unable, then he forgave it.

God catleth us by the light of the Law, by the light of our fins, our sins are debcs, when we see them, how can we choose but together yvith them behold the danger of them, and che vvrath due to them, this cannot be done without fear, even great horrour ard dejetion.

The thief that vvas converted upon the crosse, when he had but a little time, he made an example of great mercy, the onely example in all the Book of God, of so late a conversion, yet in that short time, he began at the Lavv of God, and laid, to

his fellovy. Lu.2341.

We indeed are justly pisniffed, for we receive the due rewards of ug deeds.

And after that he fought grace: this Lavy was the School master, chat brought him to Chrift, faying, Lord, remenaber me, when thou commest into thy Kingdome : for · Until we compare ourselves

with phe law of righteousness, we cannot know how ünjust wee tare, and what need we have of a Saviour.), We

may see it in our first parents, who no sooner had finned but they hid themselves from God, because they favy their fault by the

light of the Lavv,which they had transgressed. Real: 2. .

- Thisfear bringeth us to repentance, it puccech our fins in our fight and fetcech before our eys che vrath to come: In the generation of vipers vvere first put in fear, by Warning given -them of the anger to come, and upon that foundation be buildech bis doctrine of repentance: ferte ergò fructus dignas poem Stentia, bring forth therefore fruits vvorthy of sepentance: it is time to amend when fin ftandech at the door, that is che Áv.ges of fin to punish all, or fome novu temptation to fig, ko make it more; fear vvill tell us tbat time is precious, yve mult


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lose none of it from our true repentance and conversion to God.

3 This fear serveth for caution against the time to come, Reaf.3. for piscis ictus sapit, one that hath been once foundly fhaken with a strong fit of this fear, will be the more weary to decline and avoid it another time. For there is nothing that fo much agonizeth the soul and body of man, as the sense and conscience of the wrach of God.

4. It is one of the arguments, as you have heard,, by which Reas:4: we do prove certain great Articles of faith; as,

1 Je proveth that there is a God, for that power which the conscience of man doth fear as an avenger of evilt, is God.

2 It proveth the resurređion of the body, for as the Apo-. stle faith,if in this life onely we have hope, fo we may say, if for this life onely we have fear, it can be no great matter, for the judgments of God cannot take fufficient vengeance of sin here.

3. It proveth the finall judgmant, for all the afflictions of a temporall life are but the fore-unner of the laft judgment.

But here it is objected that this may wel hold in the repro- Qu«ft. bate, but to see this earth-quake of trembling in the Church, and amongst the holy ones of God, as it is here described, this seemeth too hard a portion for Gods beloved & chosen ones. To this I answer, that judgment beginneth at the houfe of

Sol. God, and the righteous are hardly faved, they that have no. other hell buç in this terrour of the Lord bere, do most fmart in this world, and there is great reason for it.

1 In respect of God, to Thew him no accepter of the persons of men, but an equall hater of evill in all that commit it, as David faith; If I regard wickednese in my beart, God will not

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bear me

2 in respect of the sin committed by his chosen, that God may

declare the danger of it for terrour to others, and his justice in avenging it, that men may fear and do no more fo.

3 In respect of the wicked, that they may have example of fear in the Imart of others, to bring them to the obedience and fervice of God. This doth serve, firstfor exhortation to stir us up to confi- olen Z Z Z 2


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der our God, in the way of his judgments, and to bethink us what evill may hang over our heads for sin, the Church hath ever found this a profitable course:

In the way of thy judgments, 6 Lord, havé we waited for thee, the defire of our soul is to thy name and to the remembrance of thee.

The profit that growech hence, is there confest by the 9: Church: When thy judgments are in the earth, the inhabitants of the

world will learn righteousnesse. Use 2. This doth serve to put difference, between the children of

God, and the children of this world, for the ungodly are not afraid of the hand of God, but the finner contemneth, but the

righteous layeth it to his heart, fo faith the Church: Lord, when Verse 11. thy hand is lifted up they wil not see, but they shall see and be ashamed. vse 3. This also serveth for confolation of the Church, for let them

not be too much dejected with consideration either of Gods. revealed wrath, or their own just fear, no, though their fear do shake and stagger their very faith for a time, for God will not

forsake them unto despair, but will let some of the beams of .:: grace shine even through the clouds of fear to comfort chem, Pfal. 56.3. Davidfelt it, and confeftit, saying: what time I am afraid, i

will trust in thee. See how they grow together, fear and faith. Ob.

But this is objected as an argument against char doctrine of the assurance of falvation, that a child of God may have in this life, for it is urged: Cana man that standeth assured of the favour of God to him in Christ Jesus be so fhaken with fear, as the Church here confeffeth.

We answer.
1 That fear of temporall smart in this life is naturall

, and may

be in the fons of God, it was in the Sonne of God Jesus Christ, and it may be without sin, and the elect, although they fear the judgments of God on earth, yer they doubt that their names are written in heaven.

2 That fear is not againit faith, which is quick and sensible of the wrath and judgments of God: it is Cos fidei the Whetstone of faith, it purs a better edg upon it, and serves to teach us to lay so much the faster hold upon Jesus Christ. Courage either to 'resist an evill ingruent without a right



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knowledg of it, or to bear an evill incumbent, without a right
understanding both of the Authour of ie, the cause of it, or
the end of it, or the measure of it, is not.courage but stupidicy.

But when we do rightly know. God coi lay his hand on us
for sin, or hear him threaten us with the rod: isit not time to
fear, and to pray with feremie : Be not a terrour to me, fer thou Jer,37,17.
art my hope in the day of evill.

3 Fear and faith go together, in respect of the temporalt judgments of God, because the threatnings of temporall judgments are not always peremptory, but oft-times conditional, therefore the King of Niniveh proclaiming a generall Fast and repentance in Ninivel, had this encouragement: wbo can tell, Jonah 3.9. if God will turn and.repent, and turn iway from his fierce anger that we perish not? God himself hath puț us into this comfort.. i

At what inftant I shall speick concerning a nation, and concer- Jer.13.7. ning a Kingdome, to pluck up, and to pull down, and to destroy it.

If that, nation againf whom I have pronounced, turn from their 8. evill, I will repent of the evill that Arbought to do unto themo nisa's

So that this fear of the temporall judgments of God, doch no way weaken

the faithfull assurance that we have conceived
of eternall salvation, rather it strengtheneth it, yea, the more
that we either tast or fear the punishing hand of God here, the
more do we desire the release of us hence, which is reft from
all labours.

4 They that take this fear to be contrary to faith; and affu-}
rance of the favour of God do mistake it, for it is true, that
a doubtfull and despairing fear doth destroy faith, but the
faithfull cannot fall into that fear, because God presseth not
his temptations above that which his children are able to

And fear in them is but contrary to presumption, it is not
contrary to faith, which thas appears, because this fear doch
not make the servauts of God give over the work of their fal-
vation, rather it makes them double their endevours, and re-i
deem the time.

But in the reprobate their fear doth make them give hear
Ven gone from them, and professe iç loft labour to serve God.

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Te have said, it is in vain to serve God, and what profit is it that
We have kept his Ordinances, and that we have walked mournfully
befure the Lord of hoafts."
o's But they that feared the Lord fpake often one to another: that is,
encouraged one another, and it is said, the Lord hearkned and
heard it, &c.

3 The effect of this fear: That I might reft in the day of trou-

This also shewech that this fear of the Church was not feparated from faith, for it is, entertained of purpose to fetele the heart, and to give it rest in the day of trouble.

I cannot but often remember that fweet saying of Austine: Medicina eft quod pateris, thy fuffering is the Phyfick, for the Physick that we take to purg the iN humours of the body, doth make the body more fick for the time, and so do the chastifements of God

The fear of judgment threacned, is more pain to the children of God, then the sense of the judgment inflicted.

v It is a note of the just, thar they rejoyce in tribulations, yet you see they fear tribulations before they come, which thew's that the bitterneffe of that fup, is more in the cause then in the effect.

The righteous in these threatnings do behold God in difa pleasure, themselves in the guilt of provocation, and nothing goeth fo neer the heart of a godly man, as that his God should take any urkindnesse at him, for in his favour is life.

- To help this, when God threatneth, the just man feareth, and that fear doth bock remember him of the occasion of this judgment, and composeth him to repentance of his sin, and to prayer, to divert it, or to patience in it.

Fear joyned with faith, prepareth us for peace and reft in the day of trouble. 32,337,5".

An admirable work it is of wisedome and mercy to extract rest out of fear, but to him that brought light out of darkness

, noching is imposible, more togive rest in the day of trouble, when the soul 'refusech comfort, and even begins to take a kind of pride in the fulnelte of miserie, and faith,vidste fi dolor, ficut dolor meus.


I Because

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