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1 Because these inward convallions of the bid man of the Real.I. heart are joyned evermore in the godly, with an hærred of the sin that deserved them for from hence arisoth this confesion; Peccaujo Dii: E15.minioniss

Observe it in 705, he did not ask, Quid patior? buc Quid fa- Reaf.2. diam tibipfo it worketh in us a care and conscience of obedience hereafter, at

It also discernerh an issue but of trouble, for where fear Real. 3. doth not overgrow, there is a sweet apprehension of joy in the end as the Apostle faith, afterward it yieldeth, 7 be peaceable Heb.12.11 fruit of righteous meffe, unto thema mbich are exercized thereby.

wherefore, lift up the hands that hang down.; and tbe feeble knees. user.

Make ftreglat perbs far your feet, left that which is lame be turned out of the way, but let it rather be beated:1,",.

The way is there de fcribed FoHogy peace with all men, and holimeffe, without pelejcl mo man hall see the Lord.

Look diligently, hot any man fall from the grace of God, left iany, ropp of bitterne le faringing up in you, trouble for.

Que of this whole pahage, you may obferve å fweet description of a full repentance.

Here is the law of God, revealing both finne and the judgment due to it, called here, the hearing of the voyce of God.

2 Here is the conscience agonized with the fear of Gods judgments...)

3 Here is the fruit and benefit thereof, leven peace and rest
nthe day of trouble.

Here is sowing in tears, and reaping in joy, rather it is sun.
shine in a fenapelt, for the outward man is fhaken, and the
Hela suffereth, but the just do say with the ever blessed Virgiño r.11:
My spirit rejoyceth in God may Saviour.

Impii mon fic, not so with the wicked: for God hath faid it, that there shall be no peace as the last to them, but as the raging of the angry fea, which cafteth up nothing bue foam and dirt.

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2 The miseries of the land.'s role
This is described fully.

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;; 30 1 In the agent. 2. In the patient'stis.
en In the agent two wayesre si mong
: The primis motor, then füpitan lligent; God...?
22 The instruments of action: his croops, these are the

Chalilaanis 30.4.
In the patient iche land of Candandifrent; as you have heard
trees bearingfquis,2 The vine Rolling

! The figcrée.se9.. 2 In the field or arable: s as The' 1.5.3 In their Cattelli Such as Feed abroad

crisoscht is moviedo Big Suchras are stalled

Concerning the agert Supream, God. The fame hard thao gave them poffeffion of that good land, doch now remove them thence, here'is Mutatio destra.

It is a thing notable chat God is ever in Scripture described to us constant, yesterday and to day, and the same for ever, without variableneffe, or so much as a shadow of alteration, yer in his government of the world, he sometimes giveth; and sometimes be taketh away: sometimes he filleth, and sometimes he emptieth.

.39338qsı ilui $ 10 10 1? Reaf. 1. .,' The reason hereofis partly in our selves, for' as our obedi

. ence and fervice of him, doch both gain and affure to us aff 1a.1.19, good things, as himself

telleth us. If you consent and obey, yod Thalbeat the gaod things of the land envios al ei nii

So our disobedience and transgression doth lose us all these things, as he addech. If you refuse and rebell, you shall be deveria

red with the sword: for the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it. Real.2. Pardly it is in God, for his mercy in giving, must not destroy

his juftice in punishing of evill doers; for if it be a righteous :Thef.1.6 thing with Godto recompençe tribulation to them that trou


it must needs be as righteous to recompence tribulation, to them that trouble him. It is añi heavy complaint that God made of this people. I have nourished and bronght up

chil dren and they haueirabelled againft merindendirish

It is well obserðed in God that he is primus in amore, e por ftremus in odio: he loveth us before we can seek his face, and we are tender in sight, before weknow the right hand from the




left, as in the case of Nineveh, God pleaded with fonab for the infants.

But God never forsakech us, till we first forsake him, not then, if there be but animus revertendi, he is pacient and longsuffering, but when we come once to two evils.

To forsake him the Fountain of living waters, and to dig to our selves cisterns of our own making, then he can no lunger forbear, when we grow

A finfall nation, a people lader with iniquity, a feed of evill do- Ifai.1.4. ers, children that are corrupters, forsaking the Lord, provoking the Holy One of Israel to anger, going away backward.

No wonder, If he make our Countrey defolate, burn our Cities 7. with fire, let strangers devour our land in her presence, and lay it desolate, as overthroom by ftrangers.

Where we are guilty to our selves of provocation, of the use i. Lord against us, we have cause to lay all the blame upon our selves, and to say; We have gone away from thee, and have not hearkned to thy voice, therefore art thon difpleased with. 25.)].;!

Seeing the Justice of God doth set him against us, we are álso to acquite him ofany hard measure towards us and to say, just art thou, O Lord, and just are thy judgments. But especially, this stirreth us up to divert this wrath to come,

3 for to that purpose God giveth warning by threatnings, not in judgment to punish and corment us, before our time with the fear of them and after in their time with the sense of them,but to admonish us to fly from the anger to come; for Jeremy was sent on this very message to this people, and he threatned them from God, as Habakkuk here doth, yet with this caution of repentance.

ici bir) is For Jeremie being required by King Zedekiah to enquire of the Lord concerning Nebuchadnezzar, King of Babel, If the Lord will deal with us according to all bis wonderfull works that

Jer.21.2. bee will go from us.

Jeremie through the whole Chapter resolveth him, that God. is purposed to deliver his people and their Land, into the hand of King Nebuchadnezzar, yet in the next Chapter he bring

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test upon




eth this comfortable meffage, from God to the King. J4.12.1. Thus, Saith the Lord, go down to the King of Judah, aná speak

therethis word.
And fary, hear the Word of the Lord, O King of Judah, that fit-

the throne of David, thou and rhy fervants, and the people
ther enter in by these gares.
Thus, faith the Lord, execute you judgment and righteousnelle

, and deliver the spoiled out of the hand of the oppreffour, and do no wrong, do no violence to the stranger, the Fatherleffe, nor the Widow, meieber Shedinnocent blond in this place:

For if you do this thing indeed, then there shall enter in by ebe gates of this house, Kings fitting for David upon his throne, riding in Chariots, and on horses, he and his servants, and his people.

But if ye will not bear these words, y ywear by my self; faith the Lord, that this houfe Shall become a desolation, c.

This declareth thac the threatnings of God when he menacech our firs with judgments, are like fonathans arrows, shot rather to give us warning then to hurt us. 9. Whichadmonitheth us, that whenfuever any fear fürprizethus of wrath to come upon our land, either in the corruption of our religion, or in the pertarbation of oar peace, of in the fear of fair friends that may kiffe and betray, or in the dearth and Rareity of the necessaries of life, in any, in all these fearsiche change of our ways, the repentance of our fins, the amendment of our lives, will ever make our peace with our God, and turn away these threatned and feared evils from us, før godlineffe hath the promises both of this life, and of that whichois to come oba

2 Let us consider the instruments in this a&tion called

:9 Sisþis trooppis Doct.

The armies of the Chaldeans, by which Israel is to be pumilhed, are che troops of God

God owns them, as feremiah telleth Zedechiah; Thus, Jaith . ebat iare in your hands, wherewith ye fight against the King of Babylon, and against the Chaldæans which besiege you wishout the

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wals;and I will affemblethem into the midft of this City.

And I my self will fight against you mith an out-stretched band, and with a strong arm, even in anger, and in fury, and in great wrath.

So he told them before in this Prophecy. I raise mp the Chaldæans, a bitter and basty.nation, which shall Hab. 16 march through the breadth of the lands 10 poffefse the dwelling places that are mat their sa

From 'whence we have learnt. . That God ordereth this war against his people, which Do 7 drine we have at farge handled in the Prophecy of Obadiah.

We learnt also that God punisheth one evill nation by another, and those whom he employeth in the correction of his enemies, he protecteth and profperech in their wars, and he is very carefull to pay them wages, as in the service of Egypt against Tyrus, which Nebuchadnezzar did. I bave given him the Ezek.29. Land of Egypt, for the service woberemith'be served ugainst it, be- 20. cause they wrought for me, saith the Lord Goda

For God can make use ofwiekedmenro ferve in his troops, for the punifhing of fuch as rebellagainst him...

Therefore, let no man say the Turk is an enemy to God and to Religion, he ferveth Mahomct, he is an infidel, and .cherefore he shall not prevail against us.

Let no mansay, the Pope is a man of Sin, and a mainteiner of Idolatry, an usurper upon the royall prerogatives of Jesus Christ:lie advanceth himself above all that is called God, and is worshipped, hee is an incroacher upon the rigties and honours, and power of Princes, and ufurpeth a transcendent jurisdiction over them, a mainteiner of treason, and murther of Kings, a Coiner of Articles of Faith, an hider of the Word of God, a maker of counter-laws, against the Laxy of God: therefore neither he nor his religion shall ever prevail against the Profeffours of the truth of God.

For if these fins be found in our land, which God conditio-
ned again in fndah, that is;
If just judgment be not executed, and righteousnesle pra-
Aaaa -2


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