Imatges de pÓgina

Mary is called the firstcause of our salvation, the finder out
of grace, and putteth her before Christ, even in gloria.
Gloria Virgini

. Maria, & Jefu Chrifle.
"Whac think you? doch that Church wish che salvation of
ofany man in good earnest, that swerveth us from the God
of our salvation, and directeth us to seek it from a creature?

Yet this is the religion which is now grown in fashion with many in these donbtfull and giddy times, which as it robs God of one of his highest prerogatives, and doch divest him of his power of salvation: so the professours thereof will finde it a thief in their things temporall, for in ordine ad Deum, the Church will engrosse all, the Apostles of that Church wil not be concent, till all be laid artheir feet.

Let me commend co you the Kings Majesties confesion of his faith, published in Latine, and in English, directed to all Christian Kings, in this perticular, his words are.

For the blessed Virgine Mary, I yield her that which the Angel Gabriel, pronounced of her, that she is blessed amongst "women; and that which the prophecyed of her self in her Canticum; that all generations shall call her blessed: I remember her as the mother of Christ, whom of, our Saviour took bis flesh, and so the mother of God fince the divinity and bumanity of Christ. are inseparable, and I freely confeffe, that he is inglory both above Angels and men, ber own Son, that is, both God and man opiely excepted. But I dare not: mock her, and blafpheme God, calling her not onely Diva, but Dea, praying her to commend and controul her Son, ipbó is.her God and ber Saviour,

You see what opinion his Majefty hath of the Doctrine and practise of Rome, in this point, he doch call it mocking of her, and blaspheming of God, to ascribe salvation to her, or to seek it from her.

I hope you have lived too long in the light of the Gospel, to be taken with any of these baits,ani to te befooled with any of these inchantments of palpable heresię. I hope if an Angel from heaven should come and teach you this do&rine, to seek your salvation any where else but from God, you would Dddd. 3


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N 16.8. answer lim, as Nehemiah did answer Sanballat. There is no

thing as thus saiefti but thou feigneft it out of thine omon heart.

Beloved, let all that love Jesus Christ, and his holy truth, joyn as one man against popery, and seek to the light of the Word whilst it shinech upon us, that we may not lose the way of salvation, which that Word revealeth.

Popery robbeth the Church of this Word, and putteth this candle under a bushell, it fendeth us the wrong way for falvation, and like the blind Aramites, it leadeth them into the midit of Samaria, even putteth them into the hands of their enemies.

God did much for this land when he gave us this light, let not our unthankfulnesse to him, or our peevith

wajwardnesle amongst our selves, or our evill and unworthy conversations forfeit this fight, or remove our candlestick.

So long as we know where our salvation is setled, and who hath it in keeping for us, so long as we look that way, and direct all our obedience and worship, our thanks and prayse that way, we are safe: for, Blessed is the people that be in such a case: blessed is the people, whefe God is the Lord: for ipfe eft qui dat Salutem.

2 Ground of their hope: The Lord is my strength. This comfort supporterh in affli&ions, and this is chat which

is our ability, of which the Apostle faith......... 1 Cor.1o.

But God is fuithfull, whowill not fuffer you to be tempted above 13. that ye are able: for what are we able? surely of our felves, to

nothing that is good for us: the name of man ever since the fall of man, hath been a name of impotency and weaknesse.

Cease ye from man, iphofe breath is in his nostrils, for wherein is besto be accompted of? !.

Christ hath told us: fine me nihil poteftis facere. i Sam. 2.9.

For by strength shall no man prevail.

I will go in the firength of the Lord God, and I will make mention of the righteoufese, even of thine melye!..

The words of my textiáre Do&rinall: The Lord is the strength of his church.


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Consider this which way you will .
'1In eo quod sumus: in that we are. In him we live.

2 Ineo quod facimns, in that we do: the good that we do, he doth it himself: O Lord, thou haft wrought all our works in us. Ifai.26.12.

The skill that we have in our severall professions and trades and mysteries , it is his spirit that giveth it, the strength that we have to labourin our feverall callings is his strength, and that blessing was included in the curse of man. Thou shalt eat Gen.3.19. thy bread, in the sweat of thy fuce : that God would give man strength to earn his bread, and his labour should be his phyfiek, it should inake him breath out evill and noxious vapours in his body, which might offend health, in sweat. : And if we consider with what coarse fare, and little rest, and mean apparell, the labouring man doth paffe through great labour, we cannot but acknowledge that experience hach fealed this doctrine, that God is the strength of man; for man layeth on load upon man, and they that live at ease feel not the bürthens that they do lay upon their brethren.

God is our strength, in eo quod patimur, in that we suffer, for could we fore-think our felvs able to bear that forrow and misery, which captivity and war doth bring upon us? do

you not hear some say, they cannot eat such and such meat, they cannot rise early, they cannot prook the air, their tender flesh cannot endure any hardnesse.

Can such endure to spend their whole time in praysing the goodnesle of God toward them for his great mercy, that he putteth them not to it, to try what they can suffer, let them hear the Prophet Jeremie complain.

The pretious forts of Sion, comparable to fine gold, bow are they Lam.4.2. esteemed as earthen pitchers?

They that did feed delicately are defolate in the streets, they that were brought up in scarlct, embrace dunghils.

The women fed on their own aborrements and did eat their own unripe fruit, children of a span long. Such as were so tender, that they could scarce endure to touch the ground of the ftreet with the foals of their shoes, even to luch God sent

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D. ur 6.5.

word that, Her own feet should carry her a far off to fojourn.

When it shall please God to turn the wheel of providence, and to set Princes and high persons in the rank of common men, in the condition of miserable and distresfed men, tender hands will learn to labour, and God will give strength.

The ordinary, the extraordinary, the outward, the inward, bear them all with patience, to digest them with cheerfulnesse,

die of life, are manifold, to to turn them into the nourishment of our faith and hope, this is the strength of the Lord in us, our soul would soon grow weary of them, if God did not establish our hearts: for the sense of evils incumbent, and the fear of evils ingruent

, would soon distract and distemper us, if the strength of the

Lord did not fuftein us. vse.

This doctrine which informeth us whence, we have our strength, directech us also in the use of it, for so, God himself hath taught us.

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, with all thy Sonl, with all thy might.

We must put our whole strength to his service, and to the abedience of his Laib.

All other use of our strength for this life is subordinate to this, for they mistake their own creation, that think they were made for themselves, and employ their wits, and time, strength, to support, to adorn, and to make pleasant and easie this temporall life of ours.

Christ faith, thay this love of our God must be & oams tik çoxúos cô, with all our strength.

Some abuse their strength to oppression and spoil to wrong their brethren: lo Babylon is called the hammer of the whole eai... for God did use these Chaldeans as the rods of his fury, to punish the transgressing nations: but there came a time, when this hammer was cut asunder and broken.

How is the hammer of the whole earth cut asunder and broken? Jer.50.23

how is Babylon become a desolation among the nations?
I have laid a fnare for thee, and thou art also taken, o Babylon,





my vows?

and thou waft not aware, thou art found, and also taken because thou haft striven against the Lord.

Let the oppreffours of their brethren consider this, the snare of God is full of danger, for it hath three dangers in it.

1 To catch suddenly: thou wast not aware. 2 To hold fast: thou art taken.

3 To destroy, for they that are taken in the snare of God are at his mercy, in his power. Upon the wicked, he will rain Pfal.11.6 Snares, fire, and brimstone, and an horrible tempest: this fhall be the portion of their cup.

Some give their strength to women, and by unchast and lewd conversation, weaken those bodies, and defile the Temples of God, where Gods holy spirit should dwell.

It was the advice which Batsbeba the mother of Solomon gave unter beloved Lemmel, and the putteth it home in a mothers holy pasion

what my son, and what the son of my womb, and what the son of Prov.31.2.

Give not shy strength to women, nor thy wayės to that which deBrogeth Kings.

It seemeth that Solomon had taken out his mothers lesson, for he giveth all that fear God warning, to take hecu of the strange woman, for he faith. She hath cast down many

Wounded, pea many strong men have Prov.7.26. beea flain by her.

Her house is the way of hells going down to the chambers of 27. death.

Some give their strength to drunkennesse, they have a woe for their labour.

Woe sinta them that rise up early in the morning, thout they may Ilai.5.11. follow strong drink, that continue till night, till wine enflame them.

Some give their strength to covecoufnefle, fome to pride, fome to their bellies, fomewaft and consume their strength in idleneffe, God gave them not their strength to any of these evill ends.

It is his strength that they abuse, and he calleth for all of it in his service.


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