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for a time for sin, hath here a promise oftyvo main confolations.

1 Their ovvn deliverance frona dangers, into a reftitution of them into Gods favour:!..

2 Their eye shall have their desire also upon their enemies, they shall see the vvheel of vvrath go over them, and the Lord shall let out of their throats the bloud of his people, with vvhich they have made themselves drunk: all this is matter of joy, and vvhat needeth this fear?

Sol. Who can come without fear before hiin, that can and will do all this? for if he be angry,yea but a little they are blesfed that trust in him, fear is a proper passion of a true believer, and is inseparably joyned with saving faith. ***

For seeing the bond of our union with Christ by faith, whereby he dwelleth in us is.

Partly, the hold that he liath of us by his Spirit :

Partly the hold that we have of him by faith. Joh.10.27.

The first is firme, There shall not any one pluck them vist of my hund, he giveth a strong reason for it, for my Father who

gave them me is greater then all

, and none is able to take them out of my Fathers hand. we are his gifts and his gifts and calling are without repentance. . But the flesh doth put the Spirit to it fo hard some times, even in the elect of God, that the hold.on our part is weak, which breedeth fear, and that fear makes ushold so much the faster.

From hence it comes, thar all the intelligence between God and nan doth begin at fear in us.

This is nor the fear of an evill conscience as it was in Adim, when he hid himtelt from God, but the fear of reverence of God, and the good conscien e of our unworthinefle being fallen from our originall righteousnelle.

The Shepheards that were keeping watch by night, because of their locks were sore afraid, when they saw the light shining at that time of night, thauthe Angel began with, Nolite timere, fear not, yet were they in the law full busineffe of their

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calling. The blessed Virgin, no doubt, wel and holily employed, Zecharie the Priest in the Church about the occasions of his office, yet all afraid.

This is the seasoning and preparing of the heart for God to be cast down before him, it is humbling our felves under the mighty hand of God, and we cannot pray as we ought withoucit.

When the Apostle faithy we cannot pray as Werought, and that the spirit helpeth our infirmities, he shewech that such as he have infirmities and they feel them, when they come to appear before God; and where infirmities are, there must needs be fear, if they that have then be sensible of them.

Yea, I dare say, that they chat come to prayer without fear, come without faith and all their prayers are turned into fin.

ob. We read of comming with God. Because we have an high Priest iphịch lis touched with the feeling of our in- Heb.4.15, firmities, in all points tempted like as wee are yet without fin. Let us 16. therefore come!boldly to the throne of grace be chart wee may obrein mercj; ande finde grade schelpin time of need... mi? 11017

Sol i Tihisis deored by the fame Authour in chei fame. Epit ftle; declaring how manyi considerations must concurre, as, ing grediences in this our fpirituall boldness! evraisi 27,01 Das

I Lct us draw ncer with a true heart. soit birojnoon Heb. 10.22 2 In fields assurance oficFaith a divnoos:19?!; 3 Having our hearts sprinkled

from an evill Confcoence se I 9.4 Oir bodies pavedimith pure water: pingis

Ś Let us hold fafti the profeffion of our Faith without wavering. 16 Let us consider ved another, to provoke to love and good works.

7 Nut forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, oc. 8 Exhorting opdangthenedigo957agim..210220

Let a man before he pray try his vvayes and examine his soul, upon those interrogatories, and I dare say the best of us (if we fin not allojn presumption).vvill..finde himself short in every one of these perciculars of that perfection that should accomplish boldnesse sodba siin fut having thole things in some meafure, and more in de



Did 3

12 Dom.

fire and endeavour, our boldness muft needs be as much fhaken with fear as these graces in us are shaken with infirmity.

And upon this fear our Church teacheth us to pray to God in these words.

Pour down upun us the abundance of thy mercy , forgiving us those pujt Tririt, things whereof our conscience is afraid, and giving unto us that

which our prayers dare not prefume to ask, through tof us Christ our Lord:

And this some of our brethren have quarrelled, as a contradi&tion in our prayers, because we say, we pray for tha we dare not pray for.

To whom, i answer, in these words of my Text 3 O Lord, I heard thy voice and was afraid; In thyword, I see how corrupt I am, for that sheweth me what thou requirest: my conscience feareth those fins of which it is guilty, for which I come to thee for mercy, : Ogive me through Iefus Chrift odr Lord, that which my prayer without him dare not presume coask. Hi ais fpirituali boldness through lefu Chrift our Lord, here is fear in refpe& of our selves; for we must serve the Lord in fear, and rejoyce in trembling: it is vvell that that is not branded with a mark of contradiction.

We have to do vvith three sorts of persons.
1 The prophane and carnall.
2 The generation the Wife man nameth, of fuch as are
wife in their own eyes, yet want washing.
3 The truly zealous faithfull ones that do worship God
with fear and treinbling.

First, concerning the prophane and carnall.
These do not pray arall

, the reason is, because they do not Pfa.9.25. fear, of such David fáich, Put them in fear, 9. Lord, that they may

know they are buat mien: for when they know that, they will fee and confesse, that they have need of help..!

Thus was Saul converted, there suddenly fhoon a light from heaven upon himna yoycei fpake to him, he was cast down to the earth.



Then trembling and astonished he said, Lord, what wilt thou have AA.9.6. mee do? then was hee fit to be wrought. To such wee must preach as Paul did to Felix of righteousnesse, tempérance, A&.24.25. and the judgment to come : to put them into trembling, bercer to put them between the two mil-stones of the law of Moses, and the lavv vvritten in their hearts, and to grind them as small as the dust of the earth, then to let them make sinne out of measure sinfull, by holding out to be abominable, and to every good work reprobate.

We cannot open the gates of hell too wide for such to shevv them the anger to come, a fit text for a generation of Vipers, vve cannot lift up our voyces too loud in the deaf ears of such, to tell them their transgressions, and to put them in fear.

Davidvvept rivers of vvaters for such, and that is a good remedie, let the faithfull vveep for them, for xazio which lignifieth to vveep, comes of xác, frango.

So vvhen the man of God looked on Hazael, and fore-favv , Reg. 8, the cruell butcheries, which his bloudy hand should perform, 11. he

vveps, this vveeping of the Prophet brake the heart of Hás Kael for the time, and he said, Is thy Servant a dog, that he Should do these things ....

So St. Paul putteth them together. what mean you to weep, and to break my heart, their vveping brake A7.21.13. his beart.

The hearts of the prophane are hardened with the custome of finning. St. Bernard.

Aperiatur veni ferro compunčtionis, we must draw bloud of them, by the preaching of the terrour of the Lord to them.

This bloud is the tears of compunction, of which David, Myfonl melteth, or drippeth for heavirefs. St. Augustine faith, that Lachryma compunčtionis be fanguis vulnerati cordis, vvhen Epift.193. the remembrance and consideration of their fins hath vvounded them, and left them half dead, then the good Samaritan vvill come with his Wine and Oile, even the Oile of gladnesse, and the poor patient vvill say, Thou haft put gladnesse into


my heart.

This was Sauls hard heart broken in pieces first, and he that before did carry the grolfe of Christ to torinent others, now rejoyced in nothing but the crosse of Christ himself, whereby the world was crucified to him, and he co the world.

Thus vvhen the lavv hath humbled the prophane under the mighty hand of God, he turneth all into tears full of the fear of God, and vovyeth vith himseife as he did in the Poet, ..In fontem frontent, atque in flumina luniwertum, then is he fit to pray, and to call upon the name of the Lord, saying, Sana animam meani, quia peccavi contrate, heal my soul, O Lord, for I have sinned against thee. - 2 Wee have to doe yvith that generation, who are vvise in cheir ovyn eyes, these have a good opinion of themselves that chey know more then others, and they are not in conversation like to the Publican, and therefore they look God in the face, they dravy neer to him, they stand and pray, these are so ful of the spirit,that theyneed no help in their prayers, they can pen their own petitions, their hearts endite good matters, their tongues are the pens of ready writers, they can talk with God Almighty ex tempore. Dabitur illa hora..

Self-opinion is a kind of spirituall drunkenesse, and therein of like effect, it maketh men daring and fool-hardy, the prophane care not for God, there is no fear of God before their eyes, these make tvvo bold vvith him, they also must rake a little phyfick to purge the exuberancy of their presumption, vve must give them a doze of fear, and teach them to drink of the cup of trembling next their hearts, there is no such antidote against tumor, as timor : swelling, as fear.

It is the Wise mans counsell.

Be not rash with thy mouth, and let not thy heart be bafty Eccle.s...

ter any thing before the Lord, for God is in heaven, and thou spon

earth, therefore let thy words be few. Verf. 3 He addech, a fools voice is known by multitude of words, that is

further urged. Prøv.10. - In the multitude of words there wanteth not fin.

For this Christ teaching us to pray, beginneth at Our Father

to ut



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