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Num. 11.


Ifrael did fo: Remember the fish that we ate in ffgypt for nought, the Cucumbers and the Melons, and the Leks, and the Onions and the Garlick.

I deny not, but when the people of this Land vvere fewer, and the vanity of the pride of other Nations, and many of their foul sios kept home and were not imported hither, there were better times for the belly then these are.

But let us see the stace of souls at that time, they were then in the house of bondage, under Pharaoh of Rome : Beef and Mutton, Wheat and Bariy were cheap : but the two Testaments, the two breasts of the Church, vvere like a Fountain fealed up, and like a Garden enclosed.

But when Queen Elizabeth began to rest in this Hemifphere,like the Suh to run her race,

the turned that night into day, and maintained this fight till the vvas taken up into heaven; and fhie that vvas a shining star on earth, and blest the Church of God Heré vvith benigne asped and influence, vvas made a glorious evér Blefred Saint in heaven. ion. Holy one from mount Paran; God came from. Teman: The rious Sun-line of his Gospel of peace, :: 3 They are affo reproved, vvho out of too much fore-casting fear of the times to come, do quite forget both the former and the present mercies of God, and åstonish theniselves vvith representations of hideous formes of ensuing dangers.

The God that gave us his light of Truth, and hath continued it fo many happy years of peace amongst us, hath begun, he will also make an end; by this light, no doubt, many faithful souls have found the way to the throne of grace, whose continuall prayers to God for the happy estate of his Church, are able to make this Sun stay his course, and not withdraw his light from us ; their prayers and devotions know the

way to heaven so well, and plead the cause ofthe Church fo effe&ually, that we have cause to hope, that the goodness of God which endureth, yet daily will not fail us, but that we fhall see it and tast of it in this land of the living. Ggg 3


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Once, let us remember,under whose shadow vve liveją learned gracious King, who hath seen into the darkness of Popery, and laid it open, no Christian Prince so much, no Christian more: he hath puc his hand to the Plough, and he cannot for

get Lots Wife.

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Let us not make our felves certain afflictions, out of uncertain fears, and draw uqon us che evils of to morrow, For fufficient for the day is the evil thereof.

Queen Elizabeth, brought into this Church and Land, True Religion and Peace, King fumes hath continued it, let us be thankfull to God for it, and let us be ever telling what the Lord hath done for our souls : Let not our unquiet vyrang. the lings amongst our felves provoke the God of Peace against us, neither let our busie eves-dropping the counsels and intendments of State which are above us, and belong not to us make us afraid, our work is, In all things to give thanks, For what we have received already, for what we do polfelle and enjoy : and pray continually for that we would have, for all men;

especially for our King, that under him we may lead a quiet and Tim. 2. and peaceable life in all godliness and honestie : and then, Rejoyce e

vermore, Rejoyce in the Lord, and ugain, I Say rejoyce.

He that came from Teman and Paran, to a people that fate in darkness and in the shadow of death, and gave us light, hath ever since fo fupplyed us with oile, that we may fay, difficiunt vala, the wantis on our part, for truly God is good to Ifrael, to all such that have faithfull and true hearts.

To this end, let me stir you up to a remembrance of the times past, beginning at the Iritium regni November 17, in Anno, 1558. for so long hath this Sun of righteousness shined clear upon our Church.

2 Do{tr. The Church hath a speciall interest in the power and protection of God, gathered from hence, he had hornes coming out his hands, and there was the hiding of his power.

There is a power that God openly sheweth, and that is excended to an universall protection of all the works of Gods hand, but there is a power that he hideth, and that is his speciall protection of his Church.

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i He protecteth them, David gives them a good instance in the former mercies of God to this people.

when they were yet but few, and they strangers in the land.
And when they went from nation to nation,

from one Kingdome 16.19. to another people.

He suffered no man to do them any wrong, but reproved even Kings for their fakes, saying,

Touch not my anointed, und do my Prophets no harme.

And the Pfalmift can give no other reason of this speciall protection, but on Gods part, because he had a favour to them; and on their part, that they might keep his statutes, and observe his lawes.

And these be motives that establish Gods protection upon his Church, in all the ages thereof. [ His mercy and our obedience, which lesson if we take out i vvell, vve shall learne thankfulnesse to him for his favour, and

holinesse in our lives. And this is that godlinesse, vvhich hath : the promises of this life, and thạc vvhich is to come. -2. He hideth the horne of our Salvation.

i From his Church, in some measure, to keep us from prefumption, fo that we do often rather believe then feel the loving kindnesse of the Lord, and to stirre us up to prayer, for the more vve are made sensible of our vvants, the more are vve provoked to invocation of the name of the Lord.

2. From the vvorld, that hateth his Church, that they may fulfill their iniquity, and declare their uttermost malice a-gainst the Church, and when he had suffered PHAROAH and his hoast to follovv his people of Israel into the red Sea, and there taketh of their Chariot wheels, then they shall see it and say,we will fly from the face of Israel, for the Lord fight- Exod.14. eth for them against the Ægyptians.

Great is the profit of this point in the case of those spiritu- use. all desertions, vvhereby God for a time seemeth to forsake his own children.

Well are they described by Gods ovvn mouth.

For a small moment have I forsaken ther, but with great mer- Isa.s4.7. cies will I gather thee.




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In a little wrath, I bid my face from thee for a moment, but with everlasting kindnesse will I have mercy on ther, faith the Lord, thy Redeemer.

Which sheweth that the hiding of Gods proteđing power,
is not totall, but partiall, for it is in a little anger, and it is not
finall, but temporary, for a small moment.

i In outward things.
In the example in my text, God hid his hand in his bosome,
& the horn of his Salvation was almost all out of sight for the
space of 70 years, during the captivity of the Church.

So many of Gods dear Servants drink deep of the bitter cup of amiction, suffering the contempt and injuries of the world, in bonds, imprisonments, oppreßions, scourges, such as the world is not worthy of : yer do they not want a secret feeling of the power of Gods protection, quickning their patience, and reviving his own work in them, in the midft of the years.

2 In spirituall graces. Sometime God taketh away from his children their feeling of his love, and of the joy of the Holy Ghost, and that they finde with much grief.

1 In the oppression of the heart with sorrow, wherein they

feel no comfort, as David; My Foar ran, and ceased not; my soul Pial.77.2, refufed comfort. I did think upon God and was troubled,

z In the ineffectuating the means of salvation for a time. For many holy zealous souls desirous to do God good service, do complain, that they hear the Word,& do not profit by it,they

Sacraments, and do not taft how sweet it is; they pray, but they feel not the Spirit helping their infirmities; they

e thanks and praile to God, bur they do not feel that inward danci i of the heart, and jubilation of the soul, and rejoycing in God, that should attend his prayfe, yea, rather they perceive in themselves a going backward from God, as the

Church complaineth

O Lord, why hast thou made us to erre from thy ways, and har-
dened our heart from thy feers?
3. Sometimes when we have the zeal of Gods glory, and a




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strong desire to serve him, we feel a failing in the act of obedience, and as the Apostle complaineth, when we delight in the Law of God concerning the inner man: We finde another law in os:r Rom.7.22 members rebelling against the luw of our minds, and leading us captive to the law of fin, which is in our mimbers : for,

Sometimes, when we set and dispose our selves to the worfhip of God in prayer and thanksgiving, or to the hearing of: the Word, either a covetous or a wanton, or an envious, or

an ambitious thought thwarts us, and carries us,quire away (for a time, and we have much a doeto redeeme our selves from it.

4. Sometimes we do feel such want of the Spirit of God in us, that Satan takes advantage thereat, perswadeth that God :hath forsaken us : and thus many of Gods deare children

feel the bitternesle of despaire for a time, in which agony, i Job

, cries,

For the arrows of the Almighty are within me, the poifon where Job.6.4. of drinketh up my spirit, the terrour of God do fer them rivosin arBray against mee.

In this fit of deep agony fome have died despairing and blaspheming the name of God: some have done violence to themselves, and have died of their own hand, of whom let christian charity hope the best, seeing, that God hideth the horne of his salvation out of light.

Therefore David prayeth, Oferfake not me utterly, the word P1,119.8. is TN219, ufque valde, as our English over-long, for the word ut prly, is somewhat too full of tenr, and the hiding of this power, giveth hope to the distressed, the light will rest in darknesle,

3 Doftr. God is armed with instruments of vengeance to punish sin, pestilence, and burning coals.

apientit The 10 plagues of Egypt do prove this and the destruction of Phuroah & his heart in the red 'Sea And left the Church should presume too far upon his favor, the story of the passage of the children of Israel, from the Land of Egypt to Canaan is full of examples of terrour to evill doers, which the Apostle doth



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