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urge and presse to the Corinthians, and giveth them warning

of the wrath to come. 1 Cor.1o.5

For he faith, first in generall termes, that with many of them God was not well pleased, for they were overthrown in the wilderness

. And in perticular, he namech some sharp judgment, Far

fórnication, there fell in one day twentie three thousand. Num.25.9 That the plague, and St. Paul speaks within compasse,

for we read 24000. Verse 9.

For tempting : of God, they were destroyed with serpents: these Num.21.6 Versero.

were the fiery serpents.

For murmuring they were destroyed of the destroyer, which I

understand the plague. Num.14.

Those men which did bring up the evill report of the Land, died

by the Plagne before the Lord. Pr.106.18,

David describing the judgments of God in those dayes, Num.16. faith; A fire was kindled in their company, and burnt up the

wicked: meaning the 250 that offered incense, who murmured against Moses and Aaron.

Thus you see, how the pestilence still walked before him, and burning coals at his feet.

Not onely without the pale amongst the enemies of his Church, but within foul amongst such, as were reckoned

with the Church. i Real In which course of powerfull justice, he hath still gone for

*** ward to put the sonnes of men in fear, that they may know

they are but men, and that they may nor dare to resist the right hand of the most High.

For Satan doth still suggest that God is mercifull, and so animates finners to do evill, by feeding their presumption. ** Therefore the children of God, who let God always before their eyes, do not only behold him as he is togatus in peace, or as he is rogatus ealily entreated, but as he is oculatus to be hold, and aculeatus toʻsting finners, it is the voice of the Church.

In the way of thy judgments have we waited for thee: this keepeth children in awe , this shewing of the rod faves them ma

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Verle 22.


wy.a swinging, and for the ungodly of the earth, it filleth them with the terrour of the Lord, they dare not do all that they would, for fear of the peftilence that destroyeth at the noon day, and for fear of ftirring these coals at the feet of God, which can fo foon overtake them. So God hath these judgments at hand, to put men out of hope of impunity,which is the greatest flattery to sooth up sin, that is;

The false Prophets seduced the people of God, saying, peace, peace: E20k.13. : and thereby,

They strengthened the bands of the wicked, that he should not return from his wicked way, by promising him life.

It is said of the Magistrates of the earth, That they do not bear the Sword in vain, and can we think that this fupream Lord of all doth carry these rods of vengeance fo near him ;

the Pestilence before his face, and these burning coals at his į feet for nothing

Hee nameth these two judgments for all, because they 2 Real. be offudden dispatch, and of quick execution : the plague we do know how speedy it is in a work of destruction, three days pestilence swept away threescore and Davids time.

We cannot forget what defolations it hath made in this our great City,and what terrour it made all the Land over.

Fire is a merciless Element, sudden and cruel in consumption of all combustible matter, the Apostle chose that resemblance to express God in a fury,Deus nofter ignis consumens,Qur God is a consuming fire.

Here is not onely the violence of wrath, but the suddainess i Thell.s. also expressed, the last fire that shall destroy the world, shall come as a Thief in the night, as that shovver of fire and Brimstone fell upon Sodom.

This teacheth the man of earth, vvho is but man to feare 1 Vse. vvhen the plague commeth, to consider that he is but stubble; and therefore not fit to encounter this fire, he is but man, and not fit to meet this devouring pestilence; therefore let him not provoke the God of this povver, let him not stir up these coals, nor avvake judgement, rather 'let him quench this fire with the tears of true repentance.

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As Christ said to the Church of Surdis Remember how thou Riv.3.3. haft received and heard, holdfast and repent, if thou wilt not watch, Amos 6.3. I will come to thee as a thief.

It is not the way of peace to put avvay the evilt day, rather fet us put avvay the evil, and break off our sins by repentance, that vve may obtein mercy in the time of need.

He that hath such ready instruments of vvrath to punish fin, is not to be dallied vvith, he may surprise us on the bed vvhereon vve study mischief; he may meet us at the doore vvhen vve are going forth to act it, he may overtake us vvhen we are upon the vvay, he may cut us off in the act of sin, and bring us from the fact to judgement.

Andhowsoever his mercy hath the name above his other works, and his patience and long suffering be the fruits of his mercy, yet he never had mercy enough to swallow, or consume either his justice or his truth.

He hath diverted his plague often, he hath sometimes called it in, and long he keepech it in, for that he expecteth repentance, but he hath never turned it out of his service, but hath it always before him, he hath also turned his fire another way, that it might not come neer the Tabernacles of the righteous; but he hath never quenched it, it is always at his feet

, if he moveth that moveth with him, the Rain-bow about his head is the joy of his Church, the coals of terrour at his fire,

are the terrour of the wicked. Vje 2.

2. We have also our lesson herein , for the Apoftle saith; 2 Cor.5.j. Knowing therfore the terror of the Lord we perswade men,but we are

made manifest unto God, and I trust are made manifest alfa in your consciences.

We find this danger in fin, and this severity in judgement ; thereupon we perswade men to a conscionable course of life, fuch as may keep them unspotted of the world.

If we do not acquaint you with the terrour of the Lord, and shew you the peftilence that walketh, before him, and the burning coals at his feer, God will right himself upon us,

for as he told his Prophet Ezekiel, so he will deal with us.


from me,


Son of man I have made thee a watchman to the house of 11rael, therefore hear the word from my mouth, and give them warning

E7.6.3.17. when I say to the wicked, thou shalt surely dye , and thou gives him not warning, nor speakest to warn the wicked from his evill way, to fave his life, the same wicked man shall dye in his iniquity, but his bloud will I require at thy hand.

This excufeth us to yon, when we preach the rod of God, even peftilence and coales of fire, that this is not our furie and railing, as some call it, but it is the wrath of the Lord against sin, and if we temper a bitter potion for you to drink, it is not poison but medicine, and it is ministred to you, as God himselfsaith,to save your lives, that you may not dye in your sins, it is the therapentique physick to heal your souls, it is prophilattique to us, to prevent disease, that we perish not for your unreproved sins.

The arrow's of vengeance are aimed at your fins , that you may

kill sin and save the finner alive, Cry therefore, Spare us 4. Doct. God is glorious in heaven and in earth for this : Heaven is covered with his glory, and the Earth is full of his praise.

This is the confession of David;

O Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the Earth, who haft fet Pf.8.1 thy glory above the heavens.

What need we any more reason to think this his due, then Reafir.

good Lord.

these two;

i His name onely is excellent, his glory is above the Earth and Heaven.

Here we are sure we cannot over-doe in matter of praise and glory : the Angels and Saints do him that service, and cover the heaven with the praises of God, for his love Pfa.148. fhineth to his Church; and we pray Sicut in Cælo,as in hea- 13.

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He also exalteth the borne of his people, the praise of all his Pfa.14.3.


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Verse 3:

Ule. Let not ussit out vvhen all joyn to glorifie God, let not any

of us like the fleece of Gideon be dry , when all the floore is Watered vvith the joys and jubilations of the Church. David is not content vvith a bare praising of the name of God, as

they that fay alway. The Lord be praised, but he requireth PC.149.1. borki a song, Canticum novum, a nevý song, and that in the

congregation of the Saints.

He also requireth a dance, he requireth also instruments of musique, he gives reason. He would

have us delight in the service that we do to God, therefore he addeth.

The Lord taketh pleasure in his people, he will beautifie the meek

with Salvation. Vares. Let the Saints be joyfull in glory, let them sing aloud upon

their beds.

Let the high praises of God be in their mouth.

This is that which this example requireth, not to be shallovv and sleight in the promises of God, but to strein our selves to the uttermost: the inward man of the heart, the voice, the hand playing, the feet dancing, till svecover the heaven, and fill the earth vvith his glory.

Verse 4.

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Verse 6.



Verse 6. He stood and measured the earth, he beheld, and drove in

Sunder the Nations, and the everlasting Mountains were scattered;
the perpetuall hils did bow : his ways are everlasting.

Ere is a commemoration of the power and glory of
God, in giving to his Israel the Land of Canaan, for

their possession.
Diverse judgments have made diverse constructions of
these words.

Mr. Calvine is of opinion, that they declare God in his glorious Lordship, over all the world, for as David, when he should come to be absolute Monarch of fudah and Ifrael, said, I mil rejoyce therefore, and divide Shechens , 'and mete out the val


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