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whole again.

That place is plain, that the habitation of Jerusalem, that is, Domus vestra, and the temple of which our God said, Domus mea, now become by abuse Domus vestra, shall be defolate till che second comming of Christ.

2 The Prophesies do speak plain. Jer. 19.11. Thus faith the Lord of hoasts, even so will I break this people

, and this city, as one breaketh a potters vefsell that cannot be made

My conclusion therefore is, that Though the argument drawn from the free gift of that land to the people measuring out the fame to the tribes, do serve to comfort their captivity'in Babylon, with hope of restitution, yet now in these times, and ever since the dispersion of the Jews for the cause of Christ, this cap minister no comfort at all to that nation, to promise them their land again.

I come to matter of instruction: I Thesewords aime nut at the generall scope of this Section, in which is declared that,

The remembrance of Gods former mercies is a sweet con folation of prefent afflictions,

2 Because he nameth the measuring out of the land of Canaan, to the tribes, the driving in sunder the nations, the scattering of the mountains, the bowing of the hils.

i Docemur, We are taughc, The best form of thanksgiving is that which maketli perticular commenigration of the mercies of God to his Church, or to any member of it.

2. That the matter of thanksgiving is an acknowledgment of all benefits,as received from the hand and free gift of God.

3 From the phrase and manner of speech here used, we are taught, that figurative forms of speech, are in use in holy

Scriptore. I Doct. In thanksgiving, let us be perticular in our commemoration,

we have Davids example for it. Psal, 103.2. Prayse the Lord, my soul, and forget not all his benefits: fo he ftirreth up himfelf to remember them, to remember them all

. The two Psalmes 105. 106. are full examples of this perticular thankfulnesse , and they are good guides to such as would learn it.




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This is necessary. 1 Because the more perticularly we re- Reaf.i. compr the favours of God to us, the more we discerne Gods love to us, as in the example of this people, Moses faith.

Du.4. That God had done much for this people, never so much for any, read from Verse 32. ad finem 38. And all those favours grew out of one root, Because he loved thy Fathers.

It is the Apostles note. Ecce quant am charitatem, behold, how great love. Sic Deus dilexit mundum, God so loved the world.

2. Seeing Gods temporall favours are not always bestowed Reaf.2. in love, but are made rods to whip the ungodly, this is a certain rule, that these favours of God are evermore tokens of his love to such as are thankfull for them, and to none else.

3 They that keep an inventorie of their receipts, and are Reaf. 3. always reckoning and reporting the bounty of God to them, fhall finde that their receipts of favours have been more and greater then their issues of prayers.

For how many great blessings have we from God, that we never prayed for, so that God

giveth us much more cause of thanksgiving and prayse of his name, then of prayer and fupplication:

7 4 Thanksgiving is a work of justice: as David, it well be- Reafox. commeth the just to be thankfull, and again, give to the Lord the glory due to his name, that is for every perticular benefit, perticular prayse and thanks.

Thanksgiving doth put us in mind of our unablenesse to Real.s. require God, we cannot make him amends for his favours done to us, we shall finde, that our wel-doing extendeth not to him, we must therefore do good to all, propter Dominum, for the Lord.

6 Thanksgiving doth put us in mind of our unworthinesse, Real.c. as Mephibosheth to David; what is thy servant , that thon shouldst look, upon such a dead dog as I am. Jacob, Non (um digrus, I am noc worthy. David himself, what is man, that thou 2 Sarr.9.8. art so mindfull of him

7. If we will forget, God will retħember us, as to David: Real:7 I anointed thee King

over Israel, I delivered thee out of the band

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of Saul, I gave thee thy Masters house, and thy Mafters wives into his bosome: Domus Ifrael. Domus fude.

Surely, we have not well taken out the lesson of thankfgiving to God, for to shuffle it up with generati

. God be thanked, for all comes, if but coldly, and is a poor rependam, for all the benefits bestowed upon us.

St. Auguftine upon those words of David: And forget not will his benefits , faith, pro quibus bonis? primo quia es, cam. non effes

, Sed eft & lapis, deinde quia vivis, sed vivit & pecus, sed fecit te ad fimilitudinem suam, sunm exigit retribne ei fimilitudinem fuam

Look to the common bleflings of the God in generall : opon the Church in which thou livest, pay God his debe for the good he hath done, before thou finde fault with the defect in it : recompt what he hath done for the Common-wealth in which thou livest.

Looke home to thine own family, to thine own person : recompt thy spirituall graces, thy temporall bleflings : consider what God hath given thee,what he hath forgiven thee, the preveations, the subventions of his love : what spirituall, what temporall evils thou hast either not felt by his keeping of thee, or escaped by his delivering of thee : and to all, and to each of these say; The Lord be thanked.

It is a small duty that is required of us, to repeat what God hach done for us.

2 Dott. Hee stood and measured the Earth, he drove afunder the Nations, bee scattered the everlasting mountains. Here wee are taught to give the whole glory and prayse of all good to God.

We know that Joshua brought this people into the promised land, that he caufed the land to be meafured, chat he led them against the Inhabitants of God, and that the people of God did valiantly; yet, Not unto us, not unto us, but to thy name give the praise.

We need no other reafon for this Doctrine then that of St. fames, For every good and perfect gift cometh from him




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Thanks are given to creatures as the ministers and instruments of God, by whom he worketh the good pleasure of his will, but none hath a proper right to them but God onely. The Lord giveth, the Lord forgiveth : in both he useth the ministeriall means, for both he must be thanked.

i This serveth to inform our understanding in the truth of user. . this Dodrine, because the ignorance hereof is the mother of anchankfulness : It is Gods complaint : The Oxe hath known his own, the Affe his mafters Crib : but my people do not know, 6c. Ifa.1.3.

It was charged on them in Hosea. She did not know that I gave her corn, and wire, andoile, and Hof.z.8. multiplyed her silver and gold.

Jer.2.8. 2 This serveth to reprove all those that ascribe the benefits which they receive to themselves, like them in the first Chapter of this Prophecy,that did Sacrifice to their net ,and.burn incense to their dragge, because by them their portion is fat, and their meat plenteous.

3 This reprovech them that murmur, for seeing God is the Author and giver of all good, we must seek all from him, but we must not be our own carvers, we must learn to abound if the Lord giveth, and to want if the Lord taketh away.

4. This chideth those that repine at common blessings,when they do abate any thing of their own perticuler profits.

Of this God hath given us a fearfull example, for the last year our portion was fat, and our bread plenteous, great was che anthankfulness of many to God for it.

Then the Landlord complained he could not have his rent: the Tenant that he could not pay it, plenty had undone him.

Such is the unconscionable rack of rents generally through the Common-wealth, that plency isa punifhment to many, even a sharpe and smarting rod. And doth not God begin to visit our land with sudden dearth , how mnch of the hope of the earth doth now lye in steep in the drowned earth, never likely to pay the feed that the earth borrowed. It is time for the Lord to pull thy hand out of thy bosome,



and to whet thy sword, when thy mercies become burthens to the sons of men.

s This reproveth all those that study men, and tender all their addresses to them, seeing their advancement and eltablishment here on earth by the purchased love and favour of men, they seek not the Lord.

Did ever age low precedents so thick for posterity,of drooping, declining and falling greatness. Truly God is the Lord, and his name onely is excellent ; If God must have the glory, all that is done for us, whatsoever is done for us must be done by him, else it must needs miscarry.

6 This serves to establish the hearts of those who have ob téined any competency for the support of this life with contentment, for if God be the giver of my daily bread, and if his hand do minister to my necessities, he knows best what state of life is fittest for me, I will not aspire higher: he knows how much will serve me, I will not covet more; this resolution wil give thee much peace, For it castęth all thy care upon God, who will never leave thee, nor forsake thee.

7. This also stirreth us up to walk in the obedience of the Laws of God, for if we consent and obey, we shall eat the good things of the land ; let us seek the face of God, and depend upon his providence for all things : let us consider the fowls of the air, and the lillies of the field, and wherein we are better then they even in our reasonable service of God,& conclude that God will not let them want any thing that lead a godly life : so will he furnish us with matter of praise that we may ever be telling of his goodness from day to day.

Únlawful and indirect means of bettring our estates,by corrupting of our consciences, do break our bags, and.fpring leaks in our Ships, that we and our goods perish, but the fear of the Lord maketh us rich; and what wanteth in the peace of the world, is fupplied in the peace of a good conscience.

3 Doff. Figurative speeches are in use in holy Scripture : this Text is full of them, so is this whole Pfalm.

I wilt onely note these figures, which in this verse do offer themselves to us, for a tast,

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