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Behold, the children of Israel are mere and mightier then we : Exod.1.10 Come let us deal wisely with them, left they multiply, cc.

You see vvhat the vvorld thinks of their plots against the Church of God, they think they do vvisely, vvhen they vex. the Church, this is that wisedonie which the Apostle doch call, carnall, fenfuall, and divelish.

And these be the wilemen, of which it is said ; ubi Sapiens, where is the wiseman, and God hath made the wifedome of the world foolishnefle.

The reason of this opposition is given by our Saviour, che Reafii. world hateth you because you are not of the world, and I have chosen you out of the world, and for this they weep at the joy of the Church, they joy at their weeping, the Prophets complaint

Trutb faileth, and he that departeth from evill, maketh himself Ifa.59.15. a prey. So David.

But mine enemies they are lively, they are strong, and they that. Pfal.38.19 hate wrongfully are multiplyed.

They also that render evill for good are mine adversaries, because Verse 2%. I follow the thing that good


. They began betimes, for Cain slue his brother : and wherefore i Job.3.12 jise he him? because his own works were evil, his brothers righteous. Ratio ra

I can easily bring you to the head of these bitter waters, fo tionis. Soon as Adam had fallen from grace when God kept his first aslife upon earth, and convented and arraigned the transgressours, the man, the woman; and the serpent, he revealed his eternall counsell of election and reprobation, and put a difference between the feed and feed, the feed of the woman, and the feed of the serpent,

Which is not onely to be understood of the unreconciliable enmity that is between Christ and the Devill. For Christ was the seed of the woman, quia folus ita femen mulieris, e non etiani viri femen fit.

But hee meant therein that enmity which should be betvvixt the elect, who are the feed of the vyoman by naturall generation, and the holy seed by spirituall regeneration,





so called, Semen fanétum, and the feed of the serpent, for Christ calleth the vvicked genimina viperarum, generation of vipers;

and to such he faith, Vos estis ex patre vestro Diabolo, you are of John 8.44. your father the Devill.

For this Rupertus faith, that the Bible is called the Book of the battails of the Lord, because it conteineth the story of the vvars betyveen these tvvo;the Church and the vvorld.

From this enmity vvhich God put betyveen the Church, and the world ariseth this hatred and opposition, so that the prosperity of the vvicked is Davids grief, the miseries of David be the vvorlds joy, the joy of the Church is the affliction of the yvorld.

God leftthe Devill in his fall, and took him not up again, thereby forsaking him, he put enmity into him, and he for the hatred that he beareth to God, hath ever since persecuted him in his Church, because his malice cannot extend to hurt him.

And herein he is the more cruel, because he knovvs his time

is but fhort. Real.2.

Satan is but Gods instrument in the afflicting of the Church, so it is said to the Angels of the Church of Smyrna, Behold

, Rewel.2.10 the Devil fball caft some of you into prison, that ye may be trped, and

ye shall have tribulation ten days.

He goes about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devom: if he be kept from devouring, he biteth and rendeth,

and doth what hurt he can, for he is a murtherer, but if God Thevy the light of his countenance to them whom he pursueth, he is fick of that mercie, and so are all the tents of Cujhan, the vvhole brood of vipers have this venome from the old ferpent, to be afficted at the prosperity of the Church.

For instance, I vvill prevent the time, David faith; one day telleth another, and one night certifieth another.

To morrovvs memoriall teacheth this day, this was the vigili of that popish holy day, vvhich the same -Papists here at home and many beyond the feas, hoped to have made festivall to all posterity


The children of darkness had provided to put out our light, to quench the light of our Ifracl: it was an affliction to the Papists to behold religion and peace setled under the government of a learned King, who knew what he believed, and why, and who had discovered himself an enemy to their Antichristian and hereticall fynagogue.

They saw a fair issue ready for timely succession, fo graciously seasoned with the salt of heavenly wisedom from the first of their capacity and apprehension; that there remained no hope for their politique religion to finde footing in these Churches.

Their fourishing state of Church and Common-welth was such an affliction to them that some Zealots of their Religion, the fons of thunder could no longer contein themselves, but their study was how to put their grief upon us, and to transfer our joy upon themselves.

They thewed us thé vvay of their rejoycing, their mercies vvere cruel, nothing could remove their grief at our yvelfare but the destruction ofthe head and body, root and tree, and all in a day. And they that vvould have destroyed us thought, and the Jesuites and Priests of the Roman Faith taught them co believe, that they should do God good service.

We see the mercies of that religion fo clearly in this horrible Treason, that all that know and serve the God of

peace; have just cause to esteem 'Papists disloyall subjects, secret enemies to the State; blaudy persecutors of the Gospell of peace.

Our stories are full of their malice, vyrackings, imprisonments, starvings, burnings, hangings, and many exquisite torments executed upon innocent and holy Marcyrs.

But vvhen vveremember the Povvder-Treason, that calleth all the tormentors of the Church before them mercifull: the Devilt did never roar so loud before, the Buls of Rome never bellovv'd such terrour to the Church, as in that damnable and desperate attempt.

The provocation vvas their affliction at our prosperity, and

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or Exposition griefe at our vvelfare, again, this venome of the generation of vipers boiled over, and they that bore evill vvill to our Siun, fayd, one unto another. Catesby to his confederates.

I have bethought me of a way at one instant to deliver us from all our bonds, and without any förriegn belp to replant the Catholique Religion, which is to blow up the Parliament-house with Gunpowder, for in that place have they done us all the mischief, and perchance-God hath designed that place for their

punishment : for this ftriketh at the root, and will breed a confusion, fit to beget new alte rations. E What alterations could be here meant but those that fub felc, that our Land and Church might complain : Thou haft turned my Harp into mourning, und my Organs into the voice of them that weep.

How did they swallow up the joy of this change, in hopeful expectation of successe: but the children came to the birth, and there was no strength to bring forth. ti ...Their own fear came upon them, For it was Catesbyes own Lenvoy, to his revealed Tréason ; But, Taith he, If this take not effect ( as most of this natüre miscarry) the scandal will be sol

great to the Catholick Religion, as not one lytorsr enemiess, båt our friends will with good reason condemn us. Thus did their minds-mifgive, and abodements of evil.did secretly call upon them, to fly from the anger to come, 2. This diverted them a while from this execution, and put them into a new project ; Thomas Winter was sent (as his confellion under his own hand reportech) to inform the Conftable of Spaine then coming in Ambassy from the King of Spain to our Sovereigne, of the state of the Catholicks in England, and to entreat his niediation to folicite our King for the revocution.offome penall laws, and the admittance of the English Catholicks into the ranke of his other Subjects. Winter met with him at Bergen neer Dunkirk, and by the meases of Owen, an apostate Traitor, he had accesse to him, mooved him in his. suite, and had a fair promise from him to do all good offices in that errand.


parts desired

peace with

But Owen discouraged that hope , saying, that he believed nothing lesse, and that they sought cnely their own ends : meaning the stace of Spaine, holding small accompt of Catholiques.

Owen animated the Treason, and promised to send Famix over to help to set it forward.

From thence Winter went to another of our fugitives, Sir William Stanley, to Oftend, where he asked his opinion, whether, if the Catholiques of England should do any thing in England to help themselves, the Arch-Duke would second them? he answered,no: for all those parts England.

After all these despairs, they had no remedy to cure their disease of envy at the gracious peace of this State, but their powder-plot, in which gone but profest Papists within the land had any

None that we can discover, but Priests and Jesuites, here or abroad did blow the fire.

No forreign Prince hath the dishonorable name of privacy with it, or abetment of it, onely the Church of Rome lent her help to this nefarious Treason, for there was here,

i The feal of Cathilique Confession
2 The bond of a Catholique Oath ;
3 The Vow by a Catholique Sacrament ;

4 The indiction of Catholique prayers, to be used for the profperons success of the Catholique cause in England.

Eut, I may be short in the Catastrophe of this whole danger, as God was sudden in his exceeding great mercies to us,

The nets were broken, and we escaped as a rhcle neast of Birds from the hands ofit God did so great things for this Land as on that day', never did the Sun shine in more perfect strength upon this Church then on that day, which God crowned with our deliverance.

-I It was and is a good use of this mercy,to fil our mouthes with laughter, and our tongues with joy; but that must not be all.

2 We

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