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But Owen difcouraged that hope, faying, that he believed nothing leffe, and that they fought onely their own ends: meaning the state of Spaine, holding fmall accompt of Catholiques.


Owen animated the Treafon, and promifed to fend Faux over to help to fet it forward.


From thence Winter went to another of our fugitives, Sir William Stanley, to Offend, where he asked his opinion, whether, if the Catholiques of England fhould do any thing in England to help themfelves, the Arch-Duke would fecond them? he answered,no: for all thofe parts defired peace with England.


After all thefe defpairs, they had no remedy to cure their difease of envy at the gratious peace of this State,but their powder-plot, in which none but profeft Papifts within the land had any hand old an

None that we can discover, but Priests and Jefuites, here or abroad did blow the fire..

No forreign Prince hath the dishonorable name of privacy with it, or abetment of it, onely the Church of Reme lent her help to this nefarious Treafon, for there was here,

1 The feal of Catholique Confeffion;

2 The bond of a Catholique Oath;

3 The Vow by a Catholique Sacrament;

4 The indiction of Catholique prayers, to be used for the profperous fuccefs of the Catholique caufe in England.

Eut, I may be fhort in the Catastrophe of this whole danger, as God was fudden in his exceeding great mercies to us,

The nets were broken, and we escaped as a whole neast of Birds from the hands of the fowler. Never was there day wherein God did fo great things for this Land as on that day, never did the Sun fhine in more perfect ftrength upon this Church then on that day, which God crowned with our deliverance.

1. It was and is a good ufe of this mercy,to fil our mouthes with laughter, and our tongues with joy; but that must not be all.

2 We

2 We must tell the people what things he hath done, and once a year,at leaft we muft fay, this is the day, that the Lord hath made,exultemus & latemur, and his praise must be in our mouthes, we must give unto the Lord the glory due to his name, and praife him according to his excellent greatneffe.

3 But that is not all, wee muft being delivered from the hands of our enemies, ferve him in holineffe and righteoufneffe before him all the days of our life, and remember that if we do wickedly, we fhall perish, we and our King.


4 But that is not all, we must pray alfo for the peace of our Jerufalem, for we fhall profper if we love it: for our brethren and companions fake in the common faith,we must wish it now profperity, for the houfe of Gods fake, we must seek to do it good.

6 But this is not all,we must caft out the bond-woman,and her fon,that is,the fuperftition of the blondy Church of Rome, I may fafely perfwade, thus far, every one of us out of his own heart, and thus farre we may go without our felves to let our light fhine before men, that in our light they may fee light.

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The Minifter may go further, for he hath the warrant of a lawfull calling, to reprove the works of darkneffe openly, and to convince herefies, and to warne men to take heed of the leaven of the Scribes and Pharifees..

The Magiftrate may go further, to execute the juft laws of our land upon fuch, and let him fee to it, that he bear not the fword of God in vain.

The fovereign Defender of the Faith amongst us beareth that high title, which is proper to all godly Kings, to this end, accomptable to none but God for his vice-gerency herein..

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Verfe 8. Was the Lord difpleafed against the rivers? was thine anger against the rivers? was thy wrath against the fea? that thou didst ride upon thy horses, or thy charict of Salvation.

Ovv he procedeth to commemorate the vvonderfull

a friend to his people, in

their fafe conduct to the land of promife. I The power of God fhewed in the waters: 1 he made a paffage for his Ifrael, through the red fea, as on dry land, to bring them out of Egypt,

2 He made a paffage through Jordan, the river turned back, and gave them way to paffe over into the land of pro


The words of my text are eafie.

Doth any man conceive that God did take any fpleen at the river of fordan, that he drove it back: or that he was angry with the fea, that he made dry land to appear: furely, God was not moved thereto from any fury against the creatures, which keep their courfe according to his appointments.

And he faith,that God did ride upon his horfes, poetically, and figuratively, expreffing God in ftate, riding on, as the Pfalmift faith, profperously.


And he calleth the protection of God the chariots of falvation, because God took them up to him to preferve them. endi

Verfe 9. And this is well expounded in the next words; in a new figure.

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For here by the bow of God is meant the armour where-



Verse 9 Thy bow was made quite naked according to the oaths of Verse9. the tribes, even thy word, Selah. Thou didst cleave the earth with rivers, want crefeve

with God is furnished, for the defence of his Church. This bow is therefore faid to be made quite naked, because then God declared that all the wonders which he did in the divifion of the waters of the red fea, and of fordan, were wrought for the preservation of his Church.

This bow he always had, that is, this ftrength for his Church, but then he made it fo naked, that the Egyptians cryed, let us fly from Ifrael: and the tents of Cuban were afflicted, and the curtains of Midian trembled to fee this bow of the Lord.

Abraham faw this bow, but in the cafe, for it was under promife, the Patriarchs faw it fomewhat neerer hand, but yet not uncafed, in the deliverance from Egypt, it began to be drawn out in the poffeffion of the land of Canaan, it was made quite naked, and this was done.

According to the oaths of the tribes, even thy word, that is; All this was done that thou mighteft make good thy word, whereby thou hadit fworn to give this land to the tribes, the oath of God was worn to Abraham, as Zechariah remembreth it.


Luke 1.72 To perform the mercy promifed to our fathers, and to remember bis holy Covenant.


The oath which he fware to our father Abraham.

Selah, is a reft for meditation, for admiration, it is a confeffion of the goodneffe of God.

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Thou didst cleave the earth with rivers] This was another of Gods water-works.

Tremelius and funius read thus: flumina diffidifti terra: and fo it is no more but what before he faid, more plainly exprest that: he clave the waters to make way for paffage.

And to omit the various opinions of men, concerning this wonderfull work of God, I think it hath fpeciall reference to that story, where the people of Ifrael upon the way almost Numb.20. perifhing with thirft, and therefore murmuring, Mafes ftruck the rock, which by the commandement he should onely have spoken to ; and the waters gushed out and cut them



selves a channell, which here is called cleaving of the earth with rivers.

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Here was a double miracle, one in giving the water out of the rock, whence formerly none have iffued: another in the continuance of this full ftream, running along the way of their journey, in the wilderness to fupply them,fo the Pfalmift faith; He brought streames alfo out of the rock, and caused waters to run Pla'.78.16. down like rivers.

These words do contein three parts.

The wonders which God fhewed in the waters. 2 The motive that induced him.

3 The argument drawn from hence.

I The wonders here mentioned are three. fr He nameth the laft as fresheft in memorie, the divifion of the waters of Jordan, to give way to the paffage of Ifrael, into the promised land.


2 He nameth the firft,the cutting of a paffage through the red fea to bring Ifrael out of Egypt.

3 He nameth the miracle of giving his people vvater out of the rock, and loading the ftream along with the hoast. 2 The motive that induced him


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I There vvas internus motor,the invvard motive,his love to 1 AffirmIfrael, and his care to preserve them, vvhich is expreft in his riding on the chariots of falvation...



2 There vvas externum motivum, the outvvard motive, and that vvas the oaths of the Tribes, even his vvord vvhich he had put to Abraham for that land.

2 Non iratus, I am not angry.

2 The Argument dravvn from hence.

God hath fhewed himself marvelous to Ifrael, in exitu, in their going forth, then he divided a fea for them in via, in their way, then he made rivers to run in dry places after them, in introitu, in their entrance, then he divided fordan for them. Therefore vve may truft in him, and commit our felves to his care, he will never leave us, nor forfake us.

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