The works of Samuel Johnson, Volum 10


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Pàgina 291 - Wilks, by whom he was pitied, caressed, and relieved. Sir Richard Steele, having declared in his favour with all the ardour of benevolence which constituted his character, promoted his interest with the utmost zeal...
Pàgina 136 - It is not uncommon for those who have grown wise by the labour of others to add a little of their own, and overlook their masters. Addison is now despised by some who perhaps would never have seen his defects, but by the lights which he afforded them.
Pàgina 103 - ... detection, a pang should be given to a widow, a daughter, a brother, or a friend. As the process of these narratives is now bringing me among my contemporaries, I begin to feel myself " walking upon ashes under which the fire is not extinguished," and coming to the time of which it will be proper rather to say " nothing that is false, than all that is true.
Pàgina 109 - From the coffee-house he went again to a tavern, where he often sat late, and drank too much wine. In the bottle, discontent seeks for comfort, cowardice for courage, and bashfulness for confidence. It is not unlikely that Addison was first seduced to excess by the manumission which he obtained from the servile timidity of his sober hours. He that feels oppression from the presence of those to whom he knows himself superior, will desire to set loose his powers of conversation ; and who, that ever...
Pàgina 118 - The events are expected without solicitude, and are remembered without joy or sorrow. Of the agents we have no care ; we consider not what they are doing, or what they are suffering ; we wish only to know what they have to say.
Pàgina 126 - Know, villains, when such paltry slaves presume To mix in treason, if the plot succeeds, They're thrown neglected by; but, if it fails, They're sure to die like dogs, as you shall do. Here, take these factious monsters, drag 'em forth To sudden death, [Enter Guards.
Pàgina 408 - ... nothing will supply the want of prudence; and that negligence and irregularity, long continued, will make knowledge useless, wit ridiculous, and genius contemptible.
Pàgina 402 - He was of a middle stature, of a thin habit of body, a long visage, coarse features, and melancholy aspect ; of a grave and manly deportment, a solemn dignity of mien, but which, upon a nearer acquaintance, softened into an engaging easiness of manners.
Pàgina 305 - Charingcross, and therefore went in. Merchant, with some rudeness, demanded a room, and was told that there was a good fire in the next parlour,, which the company were about to leave, being then paying their reckoning. Merchant, not satisfied with this answer, rushed into the room, and was followed by his companions.
Pàgina 268 - Stand emulous of Greek and Roman fame ? In living medals see her wars enroll'd, And vanquish'd realms supply recording gold ? Here, rising bold, the patriot's honest face ; There warriors frowning in historic brass. Then future ages with delight shall see, How Plato's, Bacon's, Newton's looks agree : Or in fair series laurel'd bards be shown, A Virgil there, and here an Addison.

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