A History of England Principally in the Seventeenth Century, Volum 4

Clarendon Press, 1875

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Pàgina 241 - I think them now fit to be employed under me; and I will deal plainly with you that after having had the benefit of their services in such a time of need and danger I will neither expose them to disgrace nor myself to the want of them if there should be another rebellion to make them necessary to me.
Pàgina 461 - And whereas it hath been found by experience, that it is inconsistent with the safety and welfare of this Protestant kingdom, to be governed by a Popish prince...
Pàgina 287 - GENTLEMEN, — I thank you heartily for your Address. Some of you know (I am sure you do, Mr Penn) that it was always my principle that conscience ought not to be forced, and that all men ought to have the liberty of their consciences ; and what I have promised in my Declaration, I will continue to perform as long as I live • and I hope, before I die, to settle it so that after ages shall have no reason to alter it.
Pàgina 185 - I shall make it my endeavour to preserve this government, both in church and state, as it is now by law established.
Pàgina 241 - Let no man take exception that there are some officers in the army not qualified, according to the late tests, for their employments. The gentlemen, I must tell you, are most of them well known to me, and having formerly served with me on several occasions, and always approved the loyalty of their principles by their practice, I think them now fit to be employed under me.
Pàgina 216 - Protestant religion, and of the laws, rights and privileges of England, from the invasion made upon them, and for delivering the kingdom from the usurpation and tyranny of James, duke of York...
Pàgina 207 - ... fit to declare to them that he would endeavour to follow his example, and especially in that of his great clemency and tenderness to his people ; and that, though he had been reported to be a man for arbitrary power, yet he was resolved to make it his endeavour to preserve the Government of England both in Church and State as it was then established by law. That he knew the principles of the Church of England were for Monarchy, and that the members of it had shewed themselves good and loyal subjects...
Pàgina 286 - By this grace he has relieved his distressed subjects from their cruel sufferings, and raised to himself a new and lasting empire by adding their affections to their duty. And We pray God to continue the King in this noble resolution ; for he is now upon a principle that has good nature, Christianity, and the good of civil society on its side, a security to him beyond the little arts of Government.
Pàgina 243 - And because the continuance of them in their employments may be taken to be a dispensing with that law without Act of Parliament (the consequence of which is of the greatest concern to the rights of all your Majesty's dutiful and loyal subjects, and to all the laws made for security of their religion...
Pàgina 241 - I will deal plainly with you, that, after having had the benefit of their service in such a time of need and danger, I will neither expose them to disgrace, nor myself to the want of them, if there should be another rebellion to make them necessary to me.

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