Imatges de pÓgina


Ir has often occurred to the Editor of the following Pages, that in visiting the Sick it was desirable, whoever might perform that charitable office should have some book at hand, from which might be read, in addition to the usual Prayers, something suited to the condition of those afflicted by sickness. For this purpose nothing could be more proper than the Book of Psalms. But from the circumstances under which they were composed, and from other obvious reasons, there are few of the

Psalms which could, with advantage, be read throughout to the Poor and Unlearned.

The object, therefore, of this little Work, is to assist those whose charitable dispositions may incline them to attend to the spiritual, as well as bodily comfort of their poor Neighbours, by presenting them with a Selection from the Psalms, arranged in such a manner as, it is sincerely hoped, they will find convenient and useful.

It will be observed, some trifling alterations are made in particular passages. But they are alterations of the words rather than of the sense:-and such as they are, they have the sanction of some of our best Commentators.

The Prayers prefixed, are from the "Visitation of the Sick," though placed in a different order from that in which they stand in the Prayer Book.

Some few sentences are also added from that beautiful composition, the Litany.

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