Imatges de pÓgina

nasserim, 181 ; character of the Burman, Swan's idolatry, a poem, 439, et seq.; the
181, 2.

author's statement of his design in the
Society, Royal, of literature of the United present poem, 439, 40; change in the

Kingdom, transactions of the, 220, el opinion of certain persons respecting
seq. ; institution of the society, 220; the innocence of the heathens, 440;
plan for effecting ils objects, ib. ; the causes that have tended to weaken in
president, royal and honorary asso- the minds of persons the odious na-
ciates, 221; the first paper, a manu- ture of idolatry, 441; influence of a
script, communicated by Granville classical education, ib.; and of the
Penn, 22; the subject, the dying de- antiquity of mythological vanities,'
claration of Henry Vth, that he had ib.; prevalence of an extreme senti-
intended to attempt the conquest of mental toleration of idolatry, 443;
Jerusalem, 222; some account of the existence of an unscriptural estimate
M.S. 223, 4; six papers, by Sharon of idolatry among the friends of Chris-
Turner, on tbe affinities and diversities tian missions, 444; extract on the true
of the languages of the world, and character of idolatry, 446, et seq.; de-
their primeval cause, 224 ; remarks scription of the death-bed of a heathen,
on his theory, 225, 6; the eighth 449, 50; on the Romish missions, 450,
paper, Sir Wm. Ouseley's observations 51; apostrophe to the individual in
on the river Eupbrates, 227, 8; the

whose mind Providence originaled the first
ninth paper, Archdeacon Nares's his- idea of the Bible Society, 451, 2.
torical account of the discoveries made
in Palimpsest M.S.S., 228; the tenth Tablets, Roman, by M. de Santo Do-
article, Todd's account of a M.S., by mingo, 32, et seq. ; design of the
Sir John Harrington, 228 ; epigramma- author to expose the corrupt state of
tical epitaphs on the queen of Scols, 228; society at Rome, 41 ; his defence of
the eleventh and twelfth papers, on

his work before the tribunal at Paris,
some ancient coins, 229; the thir- ib.; his remarks on the conduct of the
teenth paper, a description of a codex Jesuils, 42; on the religion of Rome,
containing several Greek M.S.S., 229; 43; Count Montlosier's reply lo M. de
the fourteenth, on political economy,

Bonald with regard to the Jesuits, 45,
by Mr. Malthus, ib. ; the fifteenth, an 6; character of the modern Roman cir.
edict of Diocletian on a maximum of cles, 47; solemnities celebrated
prices throughout the Roman Empire, Maunday Thursday, 48, et seq. ; por-
230; the sixteenth paper, on some trail of the late king of Naples, 49, 50;
Egyptian monuments in the British profane speclacle exhibited at the Sestina
museum, 230.


chapel on Good Friday. 50; indifference
Society, the advancement of, in know- of the modern Romans to the solemnities

ledge and truth, by J. Douglas, 165, of their church, ib. ; the three large pic-

tures in the Sestina chapel, exhibiting the
Stanza, from Habinglon's Castara, 83, 4. principle circumstances of the massacre of
Stewart's practical view of the Redeem- St. Bartholomew, 51, 2; the baker's
er's advent, 185, 314.

shops, &c. the property chiefly of the
Strutt's, Elizabeth, practical wisdom, dignitaries of the church, 52, 3; in-
368, et seq.

jurious consequences of the celibacy
self-advancement, of the Romish clergy on society, ih.

Tale, the Widow's, and other poems, by
triumphs of genius

Bernard Barton, 231, et seq.
and perseverance, 368, et seq.; selec- Taylor's, Emily, poetical illustrations
tion of names, 368 ; apology for the of passages of Scripture, 154, et seq. ;
present work, 369; life of Heyne, 370,

the hundred and third psalm, 159, 60 ;

Jonah, 160, 61 ; trust in God, 162.
Stomach and alimentary organs of the

Tears, 159.
human body, Hare's view of the struc- Tenasserim, the ceded province of the
ture, functions, and disorders of, 97, Burmese, importance of it, 181.

Thackrah's letters on digestion and
Subjects, biblical, Belcher's poetical diet, 197, et seq.
sketches of, 377, et seq.

Thirst, Dr. Paris on the sensation of,
Supper, as a meal, Dr, Paris's remarks on 268; M. Majendie's remarks on it
it, 285,

that it admits of no explanation, ib.

el seg.

el seq.

Thomson's letters on the moral and re-

ligious state of South America, 470,
el seq. ; his sentiments and feelings on
emburking in his enterprise, 471, 2;
his conversalion with a Romanist on the
subject of the pope's power to pardon sir,
472, 3; on the stability of the church
in regard to her doctrines, 473, 4; in-
genious jen d'espril in a Spanish paper at

Lima, 476.
Tolley's paraphrase of St. Paul's first

epistle to the Corinthians, 54, et seq. ;
origin of religious controrersies, 54 ;
remarks on the claim of the church of
Rome to be considered as an infallible
interpreter of scripture, 54, 5; truth
is to be ascertained only by an exa-
mination of its evidences, 55 ; design
of the present work, 55, 6; ils pecite
liarity esplained, 56, 7: the author's
peculiar apprehensions of the com-
mission, &c. of St. Paul, 57; be
states that the full knowledge of the
doctrine of salvation by faith was
taught to the other apostles by St.
Paul, 57; St. Paul considered inferior
to the twelve, ils cause, 58; the aulhor's
paraphrase of the second chapter, 59 et
seg. ; his paraphrase of the apostolic for
mula respecting the Lord's supper, 61,2;
his remarks on the lerm'broken' as mean-
ing p t lo death,' 62, 3; observations

on tbern, 63.
Tombs in the east, remarks on their

uses, 395, 6.
Toussaint l'Ouverture, hi elevation to

power at St. Domingo, 565.
Transactions of the royal society of lite-

rature of the united kingdom, 220,

et seq.
Trust in God, a poem, 162, 3.
Turner, Sharon, on the affinities and

diversities in the languages of the
world, and on their primeval cause,

224, el seg.
Turner's history of the reign of Henry

the Eighth, &c. 237 el seq.

Lloyd's inquiry into the important

question of, &c. 481, el seg.
Whitridge's memoirs and remains of

Joseph Brown Jefferson, 203, et seq. ;
his early pursuits, 208, 9; distribution
of his time, 209; observations on bis
supposed predilection for the church
of Rome, 210,11; his object in desiring
to become a minister among independent
dissenters, 211, 12; extract from a let:
ter by a fellow student to his biographer,
212; remarks on the senticients cone
veyed in it, 213; illness and death
of Mr. Jefferson, 214; SOKTCES of the
difficulty of understanding the scrip!ures,
215, et seq. ; extracts from a sermon on
being baptised for the dead, 217, 18;
subjects of his nine lectures on Hebrew
prophecy, 219; exlract from the lecture
on the prophecy of Balaam, 219.
Widows, distressed, applying within
the first month of their widowhood,
the secood anoval report of the so-
ciety for the relief of, 85. et seq, ; gene-
ral design of the society, 86 ; its progress
and present state, 86, 7; mude of
affording reiirs, 87, 8; statement of one
of the cases, 88, 9; insufficiency of pa.
rochial relief, 89, 90; remarks on
the operation of benefit societies, 90,

el seg.

Williams's cottage bible, and family

expositor, rol ii. 337, el seg. ; plan 1
of the work, 337 ; remarks on the
word leasing, ib. ; on the tendency of
the third verse of the eighteenth
psalm, 338; Mr. Hutchinson's system;
339; expusilion of the sixly-fisik psalm,

ib. et seq. ; notes lo il, 340, 1.
Wilson's selections from the works of
Bishop Hall, 574,

from the works of
Bishop Hopkins, 574.
Wisdom, practical, or the mapual of

life, 368.
Wither, George, stanzas by, 81, 2.
Works, the whole, by the Right Rev.

Edw. Reynolds, D.D. Lord Bishop of

Norwich, 1, el seq.
Worship, places of, list of, in London, 466.
Zehir-ed-din Muhammed Baber, me-

moirs of, 501, et seq.
Zoharites, Mayers's, brief account of

them, 477, et seq.

Various readings, on the nature of, 580;

inferences to be drawn from them, 331.
Vaud, canton de, M. Gardes' declaration

contre l'intolerance du, 300, el seq.
War, Burmese, Soodgrass's narrative of

it, 179, el seg.
What it is to preach Christ? &c.

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