Opportunities in Your Own Service Business

McGraw Hill Professional, 4 d’oct. 2007 - 160 pàgines

Choose your own adventure, and be your own boss!

Get started in a career that has a future and is financially rewarding. Opportunities in Your Own Service Business provides you with a complete overview of the job possibilities, salary figures, and experience required to enter the service industry field.

This career-boosting book will help you:

  • Determine the specialty that's right for you, from catering to innkeeping to tax consulting
  • Acquire in-depth knowledge of running your own service business
  • Find out what kind of salary you can expect
  • Understand the daily routine of your chosen field
  • Focus your job search using industry resources

Enjoy a great career as a:
Travel agent • Franchisor • Painter • Child-care worker • Interior decorator

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1 Service Business TradeOffs
2 Is a Service Business Right for You?
3 Getting Ready

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Robert McKay has written extensively in the field of vocational guidance.

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