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zif a man be nie the deth, speke to him on this maner, and sai:

Man, 3if thou thou3thist and wel seie [saw] the mischeuis of this world, thou shuldest desire to dye and be wit God: holi writ seith, blessed be thei that die in God. Loke thi beginning of thi lif, care and sorwe; thi fothliuing, trauail and dene and disese, and so thu ledist thi lif. Now whether is it better, die wel or lif euele? Parde [truly] die wel, thou maist nouzt lif [live] fulli wel be no wai in this wrecchid world, for holi writ seith, eueri man is a lier, that is to seie, sinful; and also it seith that seuen sithes in the dai fallith a rithfulman; and that seith Seint Poul, that no man liueth witout sum defaute; and seith thus to God; I desire to be dede and be wit God, for the wickidnes of this world mai no man telle. Here is hunger and thirst, cold and hete, trauail and werinesse, enuie and wrath, glotonie and lecherie, pride and slouthe, couetise and falsnesse, manslauzther and thefte, and many other; and there is no man witoute alle these, that he ne hath som of these, for eueri man is sinful, and therfor those olde filosophurs maden euer sorwe when ere children were bore, and ioie whan thei died, and passid out of the wo of this world. And Seint Austin whan he shuld be ded, he spak to deth on this maner: A thou deth end of alle wickidnes, thou deth end of trauail, beginning of ese and alle ioie, what man mai bethenke the profitis and the blisses that thou bringist wit the? thou art desireful to me, for a Cristin may nou3t euil die, but wel die, and lif [live] wit Criste.

Whan thou hast told him alle this, or ellis zif thou haue no time to sai alle for hast of deth, begin here, and

speke to him on this maner, whan thou seest that he neiheth [neareth] the deth :

Brother, art thou glad that thou shalt die in Cristin feith? Resp. ze.

Knowleche that thou hast nou3t wel liued as thou shuldest? Resp. ze.

Art thou sori therfor? Resp. ze.

Hast thou wil to amend the, 3if thou haddist space of lif? Resp. ze.

Leuist thou in God, Fader Almighti, Maker of heuene and of erthe? Resp. ze.

Leuist thou in the Fader and Sone and Holi Gost, thre persons and on [one] God? Resp. ze.

Leuist thou that oure Lord Jesus Crist Godis Sone of heuene was conseiuid of the Holi Gost, and toke flesche and blode of oure ladi seint Marie, and was borne of hir, she being moder and mayde? Resp.


Leuist thou that he suffrid pine and deth, for oure trespas, and nou3t for his gilt under Pounce Pilate, and that he was don on the cros, and died for the on god Fridai, and was buried? Resp. 3e.

Thankest thou him therfor? Resp. ze.

Leuist thou that thou may nou3t be sauid but throw his deth? Resp. ze.

Tunc dicat sacerdos :

Wil [while] thi soule is in thi bodi, put alle thi trust in his passion and in his deth, and thenke onli theron, and on non other thing. Wit his deth medil the, and wrappe the therinne, nou3t thinking on thi wif, ne on thi children, ne on thi rychesse, but al on the passion of Crist, and haue the crosse [crucifix] to fore the, and sai thus:-I wot wel thou art nou3t my God, but thou

art imagened aftir him, and makest me haue more minde of him after whom thou art imagened. Lord Fader of heuene, the deth of oure Lord Jhu Crist, thi Sone, wiche is here imagened, I set betwene the and my euil dedis, and the desert [merits] of Jhu Crist I offre for that I shuld haue deseruid, and have nouzt.

Sey azen :

Lord, the deth of oure Lord Jhu Crist the Sone wiche was bore of seint Marie, moder and maiden, I sette betuene me and thi wrath.

And sai:

Into thi handes, Lord, I betake my soule, for thou God of treuthe bouztist me.

And sei it threis.

Seint Austin spake to God on this maner :

A, my Lord God, my mercy, my refute, the I desire, to the I fle, I hie to come to the, Lord despice nou3t me, thow I be wrecched and sinful, but be to me helper in theis my grete nedis, for I may nouzt helpe, and azenbie myself wit my dedis, but thou Lorde hast bou3t me, thou bring me out of care, and haue mercy on me. I trust nouzt on my dedis, but despeir of hem; saue 3it I trust more on thi merciis, than in the dispeir of my wicked dedes. Thou art my hope, thou art my God, thou art ful of mercy, azein the I have sinned thorw my grete defaute. I come and knouleche to the, I beseche the of merci, wiche deniest to no man merci.

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