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viente W. Ward extra ecclesiam, etc.” Archdeacon Hale's Precedents, No. ccxliij. The learned editor seems to have been in error, in stating this to have been a case of "taking a book from the church." I do not remember any example of a prymer, among the service books of a church; nor would there have been any need of such a book, for the purpose of public and general prayer.

P. xlix. l. 8. The Prymer was not confined to the Church of England; it was authorised abroad also, for the use of the laity. These books are however of great rarity. The Dutch copies the most frequently occur: and I know one, in French, in a private library. A very remarkable printed Spanish Prymer, (Simon Vostre, 8vo.) has lately been purchased for the library of the British Museum.

Benedictus Dominus Deus: a saeculo et in


Inder to the Third Wolume.

Inder to the Third Uolume.

given to priests. 220.
Granted after death.


Admonitions: at ordinations. 162. Age, at which orders might be received. cvij.

Aidan his coronation. ix. note.
Altars: not anciently consecrated.
cxlviij. note.
Amice. 25.


Anne Boleyn: her coronation. xxv. Aqua benedicta,' different from 'consecrata.' cl. note. Aquæ bajulus. 382. Archbishop of Canterbury: his right to crown the kings of England. Ivij. To marry them. lxij. By whom, to be inthroned. cxxxj. Buried, with the pall. cxxxvj.

Archdeacon, to present candidates for orders. 160. Armillæ. 28.

Baculus. 272.

Banns, form of certificate. 376. Barons of the cinque ports. 53. Barefooted; its meaning at coronations. 67.

Bells, to be rung at bishops' visitations. cxliij. Delivered to the ostiarii. 163.

Bible, at coronations. 119. Bishops, styled themselves anciently, priests. lxxxiv. note. Might confer the tonsure anywhere. lxxxvj. 145. Bound to support clergy, whom they ordained without titles. cj. To be consecrated by, at least, three. To ordain, not without


priests. cxxv. To confine themselves to their dioceses. cxxv. Ancient rules of precedence. cxxviij. note. Forbidden certain vestments, for neglect of duties. cxxix. Summoned to coronations. 4. note. One, without priests, might ordain deacons. 195. Cf. 205. On what day, to be consecrated. 242. Anciently consecrated in their own churches. 253. Burial, of criminals executed. 381. Byry: bishop of Durham; his seal, and books. cxxxij.

Camisia. 19.

Canterbury, dean and chapter claim to have all bishops of the province consecrated in their church. cxxj. note.

Chair, used at coronations. xxxvij. note.

Chalice of S. Edward. 69.
Champion. xxxiij. note.
Chirothecæ. 270.

Chrism at coronations: Chrismale. xxj.

Citation to consecrate a bishop.


Clovis his anointing, etc. iv. Clergy: habits, dress, employ

ments, &c. cxx.

Collationum liber. 369. Colobium sindonis. 24. Communion at coronations. 1. 39. In both kinds. liv. 217. Of the sick. 378. Concelebration. 215. Confessions: not to be heard by deacons. cvij. 192. "Conficere." 204.

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