Imatges de pÓgina
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Preaching not permitted to all persons. cxvj.

Priests, allowed to confirm by the
Greek church.
Their duties. cx.
ordination. cxj.

lxxxj. note. Unction, at Not to take

charge of a parish, for one year after ordination. cxiij. Not to wander about. cxiij. Always to communicate, if they celebrate. cxiv. note. Penalty on persons usurping the office. exvij. Not allowed to reconcile a church. exlix. Alone entitled to consecrate the Eucharist. 203. Have powers to confer benedictions. 204. Anciently anointed on the head. 212. To learn how to celebrate the Eucharist. 223.

Processions. 366. Banners used. 367.

Pulpit, at coronations. 68.
Pupilla oculi. lxxix. note.

Ray-cloth. 52.

Rectors to be in priest's orders. cxij. Reconsecration of a church: forbidden. cxlvj. Whether necessary, if the altar had been destroyed. cxlviij. Examples in the 17th century. cxlix. note.

Regalia anciently kept at West

minster. xxxviij. note. Registers of ordinations to be kept. xcij. note.

Restitution to orders. clvj.
Ring of S. Edward. xix. note.
Episcopal; claimed, after death,
by the archbishop. cxxxiij. 273.

Sacerdos: its meaning. cxiv.note. Sceptres. 33.

Seat, royal, in Westminster Hall. xlviij.

Seal, episcopal: how disposed of,
after death. cxxxij.
Serfs; not to be ordained. xcvij.
xcviij. note.

Sign of the cross. 189.
Simnel-cakes. 48.

Standards: anciently consecrated. cl.

Stephen omens regarding him. xxvij. note. Stole. 208. Stragulatus pannus. 52. Subdeacon office, performed by a newly crowned emperor. xvj.


Substratorium. 230.

Title: necessary before ordina

tion. xcix. Its meaning. xcix. note. Why necessary. c. Tonsure: an order? lxxxi. The Office, not primitive. lxxxiv. S. Peter's. Îxxxv. Might be conferred by priests. lxxxvij. Ordered, for scholars. lxxxvij. Not to be concealed. lxxxviij. Removed; as a punishment. - lxxxix. note. Traditores. 167.

Unction of kings: peculiar to the Church of God. iij. Its high antiquity in England. viij. Explained. xi. xij. note. Confers sacredness. xiv. A sacrament. XV. Of queens. xxiij. Of priests, and bishops. See priests and deacons. Of the thumb. 268. Extreme: ornaments removed. 379.

'Veni Creator:' of late introduction into the ordinal. 211. Viaticum. 378.

Women: not capable of ordination. xcv. note.

Wills; ancient form. 363. Canons, relating to. 365.

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