Imatges de pÓgina
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P R E F A C E.

IN an age, when discourses on the doctrines and duties of Christianity are so generally diffused, the publication of another volume may be deemed unnecessary.

But though the Author admits this, he is persuaded that a series of discourses, exhibiting a concise view of Christian faith and practice, may still be useful.

For this reason, he has arranged his subjects in a systematic order; beginning with a summary of the works of creation, which may lead the reader to adore that Almighty Being, “ by whom all things consist.”

He has next explained some of the most essential articles of the Christian faith, which are revealed for our instruction, and illustrated a few of those particular precepts, the practice of which is necessary for our improvement in righteousness.

He does not pretend to have given original views of the various subjects treated of, as every theological topic has been so often discussed by men of talents and learning ;-but having pursued his own train of thinking, and availed himself of occasional hints from others, he hopes that his discourses will be found not unworthy of perusal.


Some may perhaps consider them long and tedious, but the writer is persuaded, they could not have been shorter, when designed to include the principal arguments on each particular topic, and their practical influence on human conduct.

If the Reader derive instruction from the volume; the Author will feel gratified, that he has been successful in his endeavour hereby to promote the knowledge and practice of true religion.

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