Primary Sources of Liturgical Theology: A Reader

Dwight Vogel
Liturgical Press, 2000 - 317 pàgines
Here, in a single volume, is selection of representative writings from seminal thinkers in the Euro-North American context who shape our understanding of liturgy. Included are excerpts from books, journal articles, and previously unpublished translations and essays. Each selection is introduced by a liturgical theologian.

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Romano Guardini
Evelyn Underhill

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Liturgia en contexto
Keith F. Pecklers
Previsualització limitada - 2008
Keith Pecklers
Previsualització no disponible - 2003
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Sobre l'autor (2000)

Dwight W. Vogel is professor of worship and preaching. He is also the director of the Nellie B. Ebersole program in sacred music at Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary. He lives in Chicago.

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