An Account of the State of Unitarianism in Boston, in 1812: By the Rev. Francis Parkman and Others

Pierce and Williams, 1829 - 13 pàgines
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Pàgina 16 - Therefore, whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light ; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops.
Pàgina 6 - For the right faith is, that we believe and confess, That our Lord Jesus Christ, the Son of God, is God and man; God of the substance of the Father, begotten before the worlds; and Man of the substance of his mother, born in the world; Perfect God, and perfect man, of a reasonable soul, and human flesh subsisting; Equal to the Father, as touching his Godhead; and inferior to the Father, as touching his manhood.
Pàgina 7 - Many of his people are widely different from him ; and with the exception of two or three, or, at most, four or five heads of families, I may safely say that there is scarcely a parishioner in Boston who would not be shocked at hearing his minister preach the peculiarities of Unitarianism.
Pàgina 8 - Unilarianism, he would not have been elected to that place. Unitarianism is too unpopular in the country, and his friends, who are at the same time the friends and governors of the University, with all the respect they most justly entertain for his exalted talents and character, and particularly for his candid and liberal mind, would, I believe, have deemed it necessary to sacrifice their private wishes, and consulted the interests of the University in electing a President, whose sentiments were...
Pàgina 5 - The benefits which we are to receive from Jesus Christ are, pardon of sin through his full atonement or satisfaction, for which the dignity of his person is sufficient, as he is one with God. The dignity of this union spreads itself over all that Christ did and suffered, and makes it divine and all-sufficient. This union enables him to raise his church out of this world ; to change the hearts of men, and turn them to himself; to give his presence to his people nothing here as to the propriety or...
Pàgina 8 - Had a decided Unitarian been elected, I really believe that the number of the students would have been diminished.
Pàgina 8 - Feb. 20, 1812, we have the following candid and explicit avowal. " You say that Dr. Kirkland is a professed Unitarian, and mention him, as if his election to the presidency of Cambridge University were a decisive proof of the prevalence of your sentiments among us. Dr. Kirkland was formerly one of the ministers of Boston, and whatever his particular friends may think of his opinions, he never preached these sentiments;
Pàgina 7 - There is now one more gentleman in Boston, who, with his intimate friends, may, perhaps, be considered a Unitarian ; but he maintains the same cautious reserve ; and from neither his sermons, his prayers, nor his private conversation, could I infer that he was a Unitarian.
Pàgina 7 - You see, that of our twenty-one churches, there are seven, at least, that are Calvinistic or Trinitarian. Indeed, you would hardly look for Unitarianisra among our Methodists or Baptists.
Pàgina 6 - The doctrine of the blessed Trinity, or of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost, with their peculiar characters and offices, is a special doctrine of the Christian religion. This sacred Three in the Trinity are plainly represented in Scripture, and have been generally represented by Christian writers, like three persons, or three distinct personal agents, as acting different parts, and sustaining different characters in the affairs of our salvation; and yet it seems to be abundantly evident also...

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