Imatges de pÓgina

Ni fiu e dod inginse,

IIe is not worthy your

daughter. It mor ata se tug'ta don He is greatly given to foglaim,

learning Nil si air son a dadaṁ She is not fit to do any deanam,

thing. Ta me dul a ceannać I am going to buy a bulbuloige,

lock. Ba mion liom bulog a I wonld wish to buy abulceannać,

lock. Credim andia atairuilećumaétać,

I believe in God the Father Creidim andia an ta- Almighty.

tair uilećumačtac, Do rinne Dia an talam God made the dry land.

tirm, Dorinne sean talanii tirin, He made the land dry. Is aige Brian ata an laṁ It is Brian that has the cruaid,

hard hand. Ta an laini cruaid le neart The hand is hard by the oibre,

force of work. Is olc a faras brèg élio Iii fitteth a strait shoe to

naing air cois 'fritir, a sore foot. Ni brog cumaing an cos The strait shoe makes the fritir,

foot sore. Bu mītid duit deoc d'ol, It were time for you to agus biad d'ite,

drink and eat. Ni msan liom a beitag ol I do not desire to drink

diğe, no’git bid anois, or eat now. 'Se so tiġ matara, This is my father's house. Agamárc air macnaois na Looking on the pastimes mban,

of the women. Do ceannais me cornn I bought a silver cup.

airgit, Reir baraṁla na huile According to the opinion

daoine cuiniollać, all men of probity. Is deise i na Teamar na It is more beautiful

than rioġ,

Tara of the kings.


are sick.

Ni faca tusa teaċ na You have not seen the Teamra:

house of Tara. Chuaid se cos lomnoct, Hewent barefooted to the

go haonać na Cairge, fair of Carrick.
Is glic na daoine iad,
Is daoine glioca iad,
Ta siad ina ndaoinib

They are prudent people. glioca, Is mian leite mil a cruin. She desires to gather niugad,

honey. Is mian leite beit cruin- She desires to be gathering niugad meala,

honey. Ta ar ngiolla, is ar gcailin Our boy and girl are very fir ditciollać,

diligent, Ta matair, agus mo ma- My father and mother

tair tinn, Is ro deas a suile, a beal Her eyes, mouth, and s'a muineal,

neck are very pretty. Biann se na compaig He dwells in a great er

idteać mor farsaing, tensive house. Is glan a bean tige i, She is a clean housekeeper. Ba maît a bean margaid i,

She was a good market Bhi si ina mnaoi mar

woman. gaid mait, Bhadar

ag ol diğe, ag ite They were eating, drinkbid, agus ag posadban, ing, and marrying, go tti an la a ndeacaid

until the day that

Noah entered the ark. Gạn gàir gadar no stoc, Without the sound of

hounds or horn. Gan coimead cuan no Nor guarding coasts nor

harbours as usual. Seandir crion ag tarraing Awithered old man drawcloc,

ing stones. Ta se dul a ceannac brata, He is going to buy malt. Chuaid an cailin amac a The girl went out to milk bleagan na mbo,

the cows,


Naoi san arc

cala gnat,


Bhi an cailin ag iarruid na The girl was seeking to ba't a bleagan,

milk the cows. Ta an cailin ag iarruid The girl is seeking the

na mbo, Ta an giolla beag ag iar- The little boy is seeking

ruid na cloice mòire, the great stone. Ta an giolla beag ag iar- The little boy is trying

ruid an cloc mòr ud a to lift that great stone.

togbail, Taid ciocrac air gloir is They are greedy of glory air saidbrios,

and riches. Ta siad santaċ air bla They are covetous of fame

agus maoin saogalta, and worldly wealth. Ta sin go mait air ni That is good for someeigin,

thing Ta seisean air son ni air He is fit for any thing.

bit, Brat urlar sè slata air fad, A carpet sir yards long,

agus trislata air leatad, and three yards broad. Teač mor trifitċead troise A large house sixty feet

air airde, agus a bu- high, and its foundanait seaċt dtroiġe air tion seven feet deep.

doimneact, Leabar da ordlač air tiu- A book two inches thick.

gait, Ta an aman da fitcead The river is forty feet

troise air doimneact, deep. Is lionmaire na caoiriġ na The sheep are more numena mic tire,

rous than the wolves. Tiomna uì Dhonaill aird The will of O'Donnel,

easpoic Thuaim, no an archbishop of Tuam.

tard easboc, Dul chum bainse Cho- Going to the wedding of naill an 'fir nuaposda,

Connal the new marno an fear nuaposda,

ried man. Is doilig obair cosmuil It is hard to see such a leis faiceal,

work. Is cosmuil e le caislean It is like the castle of the na craob ruaide,

red branch.




Ba mait liom fagail, I would wish to get it. An doilig leat siubal nios Would you not walk any 'faide?

farther? Niar cait se moran bide, He did not take much

meat. Niar caït se moran don He did not take much of mbiad,

the meat. Bhi an cornn làn don The cup was full of the leann,

ale. Bhi

làn The cup was full of ale. leanna, Is fusa duinne a deanam, It is easier

for us to do it. Bhi taob di com dub le Her side was as black as gual,

coal Is fada liom a dfan tu, . I think


staid long. A bfaca tu roime a leitid Did you see such a work sin d'obair,

before? Is doilig do e,

It is hard for him. Ise an fear is mò airgiott The man who has most is luğa cartantas, money has least friend

ship: Is fearr duit a fiacaint It is better for you to try aris,

it again. Ni dlam nios mo de anois, I will drink no more of it

now. Is giorra deoc na sgeul, A drink is shorter than a

story. Is 'truime or na uma, Gold is more heavy than

copper Ni truimide an loc a lac, The lake is not the heavier

for the duck. Ni maït liom a beitan so I do not wish to be here nios faide,

any longer. Is measa dam an fear is He is worse to me who is foigse daí an gaol, nearest to me in kin

dred, No an te is faide amać Than he who is farthest

uaim a gcliabnas, out from me in affinity.



1. Ua, or o, signifying a descendant, and mac, a son, are prefixed to the sirnames of men; as, Pattruic O'Neill, Patrick O'Neill; Seamus Mhac Seain, James Johnson.

2. But ni and nic are prefixed to the sirnames of women; ni, if the masculine be o ; and nic, if it be mac; as, Maible Ni Neill, Mable O'Neill; Caitrin Nic Seain, Catharine Johnson. (116) · 3. When a person's sirname is asked, the answer is given of the tribe, stock, or branch from which he has his name; as, car sloinnead duit? of what sirname are you? do, or de člann O'Neill, of the O'Neills.

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The construction of proper names promiscuously

exemplified. Car sloinnead do co- Of what sirname is your marsa?

neighbour ? Do cloinn mic Giolla Of the Fitzpatricks hippa

Phádruic e féin, do self, of the Kellys his šiol Gceallaig a bean, wife, of the M Årtans do clann Artan a ma- his mother, and of the tair, agus do cloinn M Eoins his mothermic Eoin a bainclia- in-law.

bain, Ca hainm ata ort? What is your name? Uilliam mac Neill, William Neilson. Ba oirfideac oirdeirc Torlach Carolan was an

Toirdealbać o Cear- eminent musician.

bullain, Ba aindear aluinn Eilin Ellen Ward was a fair nic a Bhaird,

damsel. Ba fear fearamuil Brian Brian Ward was a brave mac a Bhaird,



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