Imatges de pÓgina



founds, stray sheep

An dtiobram airgiod Shall we give you money?

duit? Ca meud is coir daí a How much should I give?

" A dtiocfa tu liom? Will you come with me? An raça me leat? Shall I go with A bfuair se a leabair? Did he find his book ? A bfaic'tu an grian? Do you see the sun? A Þfuaras an caora seać Was the stray

ran? A bfaicear me an so? Am I seen here? A gcluin siad an toraạn? Do they hear the noise? A gcuala ţu an nuai. Did you hear the news!

deact? A ndearna tų mo leine? Did you make my shirt ? Nar gearr tu é? A dtug tu leat è: Did you bring it with

you? Nar cuir tu greim ann? Did you put a stitch in

it? A ndeaca si a nunn a Did she go over yester

nde: Nar fan si tall ?

Did she stay beyond? A dtainic si a ndiu: Did she come to-day? Nar ceannaig se an da- Did he buy any thing?

dam? A bfaca tu an ceannaid? Did you see the mer

chant? Nar diol si an snat? Did she sell the yarn? A bfuair tu án litir; Did you get the letter? Nar fiafraid tu uime?

Did you enquire about it? A gçuala tu an nuai. Did


hear the news? deact?


you cut it?



Niar buail me tu,
Ni buaile me tu,
Nil moran agam,

I did not strike you,
I shall not strike you.
I have not much.


* 9

go with

Ni tig liom labairt go I cannot speak woll.

mait, Ni tuigim tu,

I do not understand you. Nil fios agam, agus is I do not know, and I do cuma liom,

not care. Ni račam leat,

I will not

you. Na habair sin,

Do not say that. Ni creidim tu,

I do not believe you, Nac bfuil se sa baile? Is he not at home? Nac bifaca tu e?

Did you not see him? Nać ndearna siad an ni Did they not do what I

a dorduiġ me doib? ordered them? Ni biarram iomaduig, I do not ask too much. Ni tiġ liom ni is luğa a I cannot take less.

Nil tu com aosda liomsa ? You are not so old ás 1.
Na labair aon focal, Do not speak a word.
Ni cluinim tu,

I do not lear you.
Ni tig liom fuireac, I cannot wait.
Na leas com gasda as Do not read so fast.

Na bi gul,
Ni mise e,

I am not he.
Na te amać go faill, Do not go out yet.
Ni heigin dam a dul,

I must not go.
Naċ bfuil ocras ort? Are you not hungry?
Nil, nil gaile agam,

No, I have not an appe

tite. Nil fuaćt no tart orin,

I am neither cold nor

Ni bfuil an oidče dorca, The night is not dark.
Ni faic tu an gealac? Do you not see the moon?
Nior eirig si go sead, She has not yet arisen.
Ni dearna me e,

I did not do it.
Muna be go ndearnad If I had not done so.

me amluig, Ni habram sin,

I do not say that. Ni heigin duit a rad, You shall not say so.. Ni tug se go leor, He did not give enough.

Donut cry.

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Niar - dail me tairis uair I did not sleep over an no do,

hour or two. Ni dearna sib céilid fada, You did not make a long

visit. Niar iarr siad oruib a They did not ask you to

teact, Ni tainic Conn ar ais, Conn did not come back. Niar dubairt se a leitid He never said any such ariam,

thing Nac ndcarna tu mo ca- Did not you make my sog?

coat? Nacar èuir tu greim ann? Did you not put a stitch

in it? Nac dtug tu leat è? Did you not bring it

with you? Nać ar fan si tall? Did she not stay beyond? Nać dtainic si anall? Did she not come over? Nac geuala tu an nuai. Did you not hear the deact?

nezes? Nac ar geall se a teact? Did he not promise to


Naċ ndeaca tu nonn a Did you not go over yesnde?

terday? Nac ar dubairt me leat a Did I not tell you to rit?

run? Nać bfuair sib sgeula Did you get no tidings uad?

from him?


A mbeid dadam eile lib? Will you have any thing

else with you? Ca fada racas tu? Hove far will you go? Ta teas mor san grein, The sun is very hot. Ta se an naoi,

It is nine o'clock. Ta se leat uair andiaig an It is half past two.

do, Bhfuil se feartainn? Is it raining?


the story.


11 Na beir, greim' cruaid Do not take a hard hold air,

of it? Tabair fa deara briġ an

Attend to the import of sgeil, Ta an grian ann airde, The sun is up Go d' as a ritean tu? Why do you run? Abair leis eiriġ,

Tell him to rise. Ta an grian na luide, The sun is set. Feiceam do crob, Give me your hund. Beannact De leat, God's blessing with you. Manam a stiġ tu! My soul within you! my

darling! Ba maït liom a fagail


I would wish to meet

Go de fuair se air? What did he get for him?
D'iarr se an ìomadaiġ, He asked too much.
Abair leis go raib mise Tell him that I was here.

Na dean dearmud, Do not forget.
Cuir ort do brogad, Put on your shoes.
Bhi se a dtaisge agam,

I had it laid up.
Is cuma liom ciacą sin, I do not care whether or.

not. Bhfuil tu ar ti mo mar: Are you about to kill

bad? Na te amać go labaire Do not go out until I me leat,

speak with you. An leo fèin an carbad? Is the carriage their


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Beidmid lib go dti bur We will be with you to ndoras fèin,

your own door. Ma ġeibmid marcaigeact If we get riding in the sa gcarbad,

carriage. Nil fios againsa go de I do not know what he tą aige,

has. Beid me aguiþ dia dori- Į will be with you on naić,

Ta fion agam duit,

I have reine for you.


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Fuair mé tri piġin dèag I got thirteen pence for

ar gać ceann aca, each of them Is jonmuin leis an uile Every man is fond off

duine best seanmur, being prosperous. Do cuiread dun marbad He was accused of murina leit,

der. Ge gur b'iongnad leat é. Although you wonder ad Do indeoin sin uile, In spite of all that, Na bi gearan orrta, Do not complain of them. Leig doibi,

Let them alone. Rača mo deirbsiur fa na Mly sister will

Ny sister will go to her, dein, agus cuirfid misè and I shall send a let. litir leite,

ter with her. Bhfuil leinteaé go teor Have you enough of agad?

shirts? Dheanuino nios illo no

I would do more than sin air a sonsa,

that for her sake. Ta mo snatadsa agadsa, You have my needle. Ta siad na gcairdib maité They are good friends to

each other. Is i do sgiansa i, agus ni It is your knife, and not a sgiansan,

his knife. Ta fios do intin agamsa,

I know your mind. Cuirfead cuid de anoni I shall send some of it cugad,

over to you. Bhi aimsir fliuc an ur- We had wet weather last raig aguinn,

year. Ta fios agam ca mbionn I know where he lives,

se na cominaig, An te nać bfüil meas aige The person who does not

air 'foglaim, nil fios love learning, does not aige air a luać no a know his good or benemaiteas,

fit. Bionn siad ag eud le na They are jealous of each céile,

other'. Ta gać aon aca go mait Each of them is on good le cać,

terins with the other.

da ćèile,

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