Imatges de pÓgina


13 Niar leag me aon dona I did not read one of the leabraid a tug tu ar ia books that you lent saćt dam,

me. Tamoidae fa gnotais, We are about business. Ni mdr naċar maibad è, He was almost killed. Go mairead tu,

I wish you much joy. Céad mile failte duit, You are very welcome, Na naireasaca tu dam? Will you not tell me? Is truaġ liom è,

I am sorry for it. Is eigin a cur amac, He must be put out, Ta na flaiteas. os ar The heavens are over us,

gceann, Do la agus d'oidċe, By day and by night. Is cuma liom tu, no è l'do not regard you, or sean,

it. Nil neart agam air, I cannot help it. Bhfeall a teanga air, His tongue failed him. Ni le sin ceist,

That is not the matter in

question. An feadam an dadam Can I do any thing for:

deapari duit? Taim ro buideac duit, I am very much obliged


to you.

go hur,


Caiteann siad a maiq They live up to their in

come. Bhfuil amras agad ann Do you doubt what I

mo briatraib? D'indeoin do gearran, In spite of your crying: D'ionnsuid se'an namaid," He fell upon

He fell upon the enemy. Ni mor nacar dubairt me, I had almost şaid so. Thig buaidread air muiņ". One trouble' comes upon buaidrid,

another, Ta me dol a teagmhail air. I am going to meet my matair,

father. Teac ata suidte agcois

agcois. Å house

A house that stands bealaig,

alongside the road. Chonnaic metusà fos, I saw you also. Caite ne trid an cloig. I will shoot you through ean tu,

the head.


Nil coill air bit nac bfuil There is no wood that a losgad fèin do crion

has not sticks enough lac ann.

in it to burn itself. Ta sgeula iongantać a I have wonderful news

gam dib,

for you.



Hen eggs.

I. Gab a'lcït, a cailin. Come hither, girl. Go de an seort uigeac so What kind of eggs are leat?

those you have? Uigeaca cearc. Bhfuil siad ur?

Are they fresh? Rugad iad uile air an They were all laid this tseaċtricuiuse.

week. Ca meud ta sa cliab? How many are in the

basket? Ta tri duisin.

There are three dozen. Ca meud cearca atą Hore many hens have aguib?

you? Ta da cearc dèag aguinn. I have twelve hens. Nil ac uiğeača beag, They are but little, small min ionntuib.

fogs, Nil moran min uiğead sa There are not many small gcliab.

eggs in the basket Go de ġeabas tu orra? What will you take for

them? Cùig pigin air a dùişin.

Five pence a dozen. Is daoire sin na tri huib. That is dearer than three eaca air phiğin.

eggs a penny: An glaca tu sgilin air a Will you 'take a shilling bfuil ann?

for what is in it? Dar ndoiġ nac nglacam. Surely I will not. Go d'as? nao leor duit Why? is not a groat a teastun air a duisin?

a dozen enough for



Ta tri huigeaca tonnog There are three duck

eggs ann, os cionn an uimir. in it, over the number. Go de is luğa glacas tu? What is the least 'that

you will take? Ceitre piġin dèag.

Fourteen pence. So duit tri piġin dèag.

Here are thirteen pence

for you. Contuis amac iad.

Count them out.

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An bfuil eadac caol gorm Have you fine blue cloth?

agad? Та.

I have. Cuir cornn de a latair, Lay a piece of it before led toil.

me, if you please. Go de ta air a tslat de so? What is this per yard? Naoi sgilinne dèag.

Nineteen shillings. Is garb liom è, air an I think it coarse, at that airgiott sin.

price. Feiciom cornn is mine Let me see a piece finer na so, ma ta sé agad. than this, if you have

it. Nar mait leat leatad mor Would you wish to see a faiceal?

broad cloth? Bud mait liom.

I would wish it. Sin eadac caol go leor There is cloth fine enough

duit. Ca meud is luać de? What is the price of it? Ni tig liom sin a diol air I cannot sell that for ni is luğa na seact

less than twenty-seven sgillinne is fitée air shillings per yard.

a telat. Is mdr an luać sin. That is a great price. Go deimin is fiu an tair. Indeed it is worth the

giott è, a duine maït, money, Sir, according réir mar dioltar earrad as goods are sold now. anois.


for you.

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Cheannaiġ mise cadac do I bought better cloth

b'fearr na ē, air coròin than it, for a crown ni is luga na a bfuil tu less than you ask. ag iarrụig. B'feidir sin, act is fada That may be, but it is

o soin è, mo doig. long since, I suppose. Togar daṁ gur ro tana I think it is very thin an teadac e.

cloth. Tana, deir tu? breatnuiğ Thin, do you say? try aris air.

it again. Motaiġ mar so ann da Feel it thus in your laṁ è.

hands. Motaigim è go bfuil se

bfuil se. I feel that it is smooth min go leor.

enough. Nil sin tana, reir a čaoile. That is not thin, consi

dering its fineness. Is teanndluite an snaite It is firmer and closer in

ata ann, na an eadać the thread, than thickbud raime na è.

er cloth. Nač nglacfa da ġinid air Would not you take two da šlait de?

guineas for two yards

of it? Dar mo breïtir, a duine Upon my word, Sir, it is

soduil, ni liom fein not my own for that air an airgiott sin è. money. Abair, go de is luğa ġla

de is luga ġla- Say, what is the least cas tu?

you will take? Go dearbta d'airis me Truly I told you at the duit ar dtús.

first. Ni biann an dara focal I have not a second word.

agamsa. Matig leat a diol air If you can sell it for

cùig is ponta, beid se twenty-five shillings, agam, agus muna dtig I shall have it, and leat, ni biann.

if you cannot, I shall

not. Ni tiġ liom a diol air sin I cannot sell it for that

go deimin; oir se sin indeed; for that is the an tairgiott a cosain money that it cost me. se danii.


to you.

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you then

Biam atriall go bfiacam Let us go that we may ait eigin eile.

try in some other place. Fan a duine noduil, go Stay Sir, until I speak

labraim leat. Abair leat, ma 'tig tu Speak, if you abate any nuas an dadań.

thing. Bi dearbta a duine uasal, Be assured Sir, that I

gur ceannaiġ mise an bought this cloth, for teadać so, air airgiott ready money, as cheap reid, corisaor is bfeidir as I could buy it;, and liom a ceannac; agus

I could not get it for ni bfuiğim ni is saoire less than twenty-five

è na cùig is ponta. shillings. Is doiliğ damsa a ceannac I can hardly buy it from uait mar sin,

. Nil me ag iarraig ać pi- I ask only one penny per

ģin as an sgillinn, do shilling, of profit.

buntaist. Ni habraim nios mô; I shall say so more; but

acd" tomais amac è; measure it out; and I agus fagam a luać dod

leave the price to your deagitoil fein.

own goodwill. Sin agad anois adbar Now you have the makcasoige, d'eadać sar

ing of a coat of supercaol Shasanac.

fine English cloth. B'feidir ġo bfuil beist Perhaps you want a uait.

waiscoat. Ta cail do nuad seoirt I have some new patterns.

agam. Feiciom giota do sgar- Let me see a piece of laid.

scarlet. So duit cornn do leatad There is a piece of the moir sgarloide is fearr. best scarlet broad

cloth, Agus so sioda dub rọ And here is some elegant aluinn.

black silk. Bheirim mo deimin duit I assure you it will wear.

go mbeid caiteam maït

very well.


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