Imatges de pÓgina

loiel, agus


Geabad me beist do gac ļ shall take a waistcoat seoirt.

of each. (io de an meud is eigin How much mușt I have?

dam a fagail? Tii ceitream don scar- Three quarters of the

slat leit scarlet, and one yard dou sioda.

and half of the silk. Go de an scoirt cnaipead What kind of buttons

cuireas tu air an ca- will you put on the soig?

coat? Ta cnaipead orda fa do, I have double gilt, of beag is mor.

various sizes. Tabaii dam miončnaip. Let me have small gilt tad oida.

buttons. Beid siad agad.

You shall have them. Togbfaid an tailliur an The taylor will choose

limin, agus na pocaid. the lining, and pockets. Cia he do tailiiursa? Who is your taylor ? Scamus O'Concuir, James O'Connor. Is aitne dainè; is ro I know him; he is a very mait an fear ceird è.

good workman. Sinè, ay an taob tall d'on There he is, at the other tsràid.

side of the street. An giaoċa me air? Shall I call him ? Dheana tu gar damr

You will oblige me. Gab a leit, a Sheumuis James O'Connor, come ui Choncuir.

hither. Go mbeannaid Dia dib Your servant, gentlemen,

a daoine waisle. Glae mo tomas air culaid Take my measure for a eadais.

suit of cloaths. Go de mur is ạill leat iad How will you have them a beit dearta?

made, Šir? Do reir an mod is nuada. According to the newest

fashion, Ta dočas agam go sais- I hope I shall please you.

caca me tu. Laluair a biaşsiasi crioc-. II'hen will you have them 17!!şte?



Téacta tsataim so čug- On Saturday next, cik ainn, air an ceann is

farthest. foide. Beid sin luat go leor. That will be soon enough. Feidir muiniğin a ċur Sir, you may depend upon

ann m' focal. Bhfuil dadam eile uait? Do

you want any thing

else Nil an dadam eile anois. Beid samas liom socair a I will be happy to serve ceanaí duit

you, Slan leat, a saoi. Farcwell, Sir. Slan 'leat air maidin. Sir, I wish you a good


My word.

Not at présent.


you have

Go de an seort arbair so What kind of corn is this

agad? Coircé mait sil: ma tà Good seed oats: if you se dit ort.

want it. Foisgeola me amać è.

I shall open it out. Feiciom.

Let me see it. Feuc tusa sin.

Look at that. Nać glan, geal an coirce Is not that clean white sin ?

oats? Ta se air feabas siol. It is the best seed. Is fearr è go mór na It is much better than

grainne is toirteamla. larger grain. Go de mur diolas tu e? How do you sell it ? Ceïtre sgilline is ponta Twenty four shillings per air a bairille.

barrel. Gheaba

Voirce mait I will get good outs for air nios luğa na sin. less than that. Bhearainn fèin coirce I can give you good onts

mait duit, air da sgi- myself, for two shillinn nios saoire.

lings cheaper. Feuc an sac sin eile. Look at that other sochi. Bhfuil so uile air aon nds? Is this all alike?


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na sin è.

Is ionnan è uile is mar It is all such as you see

či tu a mbeul an tsaic in the mouth of that sin.

sack. Go de a luać?

IVhat is the price? An do is ponta.

Twenty-two shillings. Ta sin os cionn reacta an That is above the market margaid.

rate. Bheara me fitoe sgillinne I will give 20 shillings

an bairille, air a bfuil a barrel, for what you

agad don tseort sin. have of that kind. Bheara tu an taon is fitce You will give twenty-one air, agus tri is fitce air

for it, and twentycoirce sil.

three for the seed oats. Đ’ furail me go leor air I offered enough for that.

sin. Gheaba me uirid air, is I shall get as much for diarr me ort.

it, as I asked from you. Gheaba mise nios saoire I shall get it cheaper than

that. Ma geabair air nios luga, if you get it for less, it

ni bionn se co mait. will not be so good. Nil arbair mine is fearr, There is not better meal san tirse.

corn, in this country. Ca meud ta agad de?

How much have you of

it? Ta oċt mbairille dèag, There are eighteen bar

ann sna naoi saic sin; rels, in those nine sacks; agus sè bairille, sna and sir barrels, in the tri saic eile.

other three sacks. Na diult m"furail, agus Do not refuse my offer,

ceappača me uile uait and I will buy it all è.

from you. Cuirfe tu leis tri piğinn You shall add three pence an bairille, air an coirce

per barrel, for the gcal.

white oats. Se sin tri sgilline is ponta. That is twenty-three shil

lings. Ca mend airgitt tig se How much money does it uile cuige?

all come to?




Is furas sin a contas. That is easily reckoned.
Ceitre ponta is fitce, agus Exactly twenty four

oćt sgilline dèag, go pounds eighteen shil-

lings. Cuir sac de sna meada- Put a sack of it in the

gaib, agus tosaigim scales, and let us begin air a nieadaćain.

to weigh it. Mas aill leat cruitneact If you wish to buy wheat no orna ceannac, ta

or barley, I have both siad araon agam go

very good. flor mait. Go de an seort cruit- J!'hat kind of wheat have

neacta ta agad? I Ta sean agas ùr agam.

I have both old and new. Bfeidir go mbeid sin uaim Perhaps I may want air an tseactmuin so

some next week. čuguinn. San am ceanna bud rait At present I intend to

liom tri no ceitre sạic buy a few sacks of rye.

siogail a ceannać. Creidim. nać bfuil an I believe there is none in

dadam de san margaid. market. Go de ta tu iarraid air What do you ask for this an minse?

meal? Seact sgillin deag, agus Seventeen shillings, and naoi piğine, air a céad. nine pence, per hundred

weight. Şaoilim go bfuil se tais; I think it is damp; the niar cruadad an tarbar corn has not been well

dried. Dearbuiğim duit gur tri- I assure you it is very omad go mait e.

dry. Meilead go ro nin è. It is ground too fine. Feidir nias gairbe a fag. You may get coarser, ail, act ni bfagain tu but


will not find nios fearr.

better meal. Bheara me sè sgillin dèag I will give you sixteen air céad duit.

shillings per hundred

weight. Ni tig liom a glacad. I cannot take it.


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go mait.

IV. An raċa tu cum an aon- Will you go to the fair?

aig? Ta mise ro buideac. With all my heart. Maisead dean deifir, no Make haste then, or we beidmid mall.

shall be late. Beidmid am go leor. We shall be time enough. Anois, ta me reiä.

Now I am ready. Deanam.

Let us set out. Bhfuil dúil agad cean- Do you intend to buy, nac no diol.

or to sell ? Ta càil bo le diol agam, I have some cous to sell, agus bu maït liom càií

and I wish to buy some caorac a ceannac. sheep Ta dùil agam eac astair And I propose to buy a a ceannac.

saddle horse. Ta caċraiġ flor mait sa

There are very good tirse.

horses in this country. Tamaid


bfuil siad ro Yes--but they are very daor.

dear. Nać mór lion daoine ta What a number of people

dul cum an aonaig! are going to the fair! Ni faic tu a leit.

You do not see the half

of them. Beid neart eallaiġ le tais. There will be a great bein ead.

shew of cattle. Ca bfuil do cuidse eal. Where are your cows?

laig? Ag sud, ag an ceann Yonder, at the lower end

ioctarać don tsràid. of the street. Chim iad; ta faiceal orr- I see them; they appear

ta beït a gcrut mait. to be in good order. Nil nios raime san tir. There are none fatter in

the country. Go de meud a bias tu How much do you cxpect brat orrta?

for them? Da ġinid deag air a ceann At least twelve guineas go hàirig.

per head.

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