Imatges de pÓgina

Taim slàn fallain, go Very well, I thank you,

raib mait agad, a duine Sir.

uasail. Cionnas ta d' atair? How is your father? Nil se go mait.

He is not well. Go de ta air?

What ails him? Ghlac se pian cinn, agus He has got a pain in his tinneas beilgaile.

head, and a sickness at

his stomach. Ca fada breoite è ? How long has he been

ill? A dtimcioll deic la o About ten days ago he

soin, fuair se fliucla, got wet, in returning

ag fillead o Chorcaig. from Cork. Ann sin rinne se gearan He then complained of

fan teas, agus crit being hot, and yet fuact.

shivering: O soin a leït beigin do a Since that time he has leaba cuingbeal.

been confined to his


Nar cat se lus sgaoilte Has he taken physic or no aiside?

vomit? Nior glac, aċd gur bain. No, he was bled, and

ead fuil as, agus mo found himself worse taig se è fèin nios after it.

ineasa na diaiġ. Ta eagla orm go bfuil I fear he has got a fiabras air.

fever. Rača me da feucain air I will call and see him ball.

presently. Sead, a saoi, ci an doig Well, Sir, how do you Só ort?

do? Tainn go ro tin, a doc- Very ill indeed, doctor.

tgir. Motaiġiom do cuisle.

Let me feel your pulse. Faiciom do teanga.

Let me see your tongue. A bfagan tu socraideact? How do you rést? Ni fagam codla sàim air I get no refreshing sleep. bit

A bfuil

A bfüil gaile air bit Have you any appetite?

agad? No inbiopn tu Or are you thirsty ?

tartmar? Biann tart inor orm, aċd I have a great thirst,

ni tig liom a dadain but can eat nothing.

ite. Ta suil agam 'nać fada I hope you will soon be

go mbiad biseać ort. better. Aig Dia ata fios sin. God know's. I cannot

Nil fios agam go de tell what is the matter an cor ata orm,

with me. Na bi


Do not make yourself

Uneasy Chonnairc mise d'atair, I have seen your father,

agus ni togar dari go and do not think him bfuil se a gcontabairt

in immediate danger.

go sead.

Is eigin a ceann a bear. You must get his head

rad, agus ceirin mòr, shaved, and have a leatan do cuileoguib large blister applied to

a cur air. Cataid se fion go hùr. Let him take wine pretty

freely. Cuinnigtear an seamra Keep the room cool and

fionn fuar, agus aede well aired.

arta go mait. Na cuirtear miosuaint Let him not be disturbed.

neas air. Nar fiosaid tu moran Have you visited many

luċt galair, aniu? patients to-day? Is omda sin. Do glaoc Severat. In the morna

me, air maidin, dfeu ing I called to see two cain birt paiste san

children in the smallngalar breac.

por. Sa teac a bfoigse doib, In the next house: were

do bi an bruitineac, both the measles and agus an triuġ.

hooping cough. mod ni raib ann aon aca But none were dangerro angcrac.

ously ill.

Bhi oganac faoi inaoi A young man, in a concuim, a bifuair cuairt

sumption, received a . uaim mar an gceadna. visit also. Bhi sesean ro lag, aċd He was very weak, but

go raib speoir mait in good spirits.

ann. So cugainn bean, agus Here comes a woman with leanab na huċt.

a child in her arms. Go de so air do leanab, What is the matter with a bean macanta ?

your child, good wv

man? OĆ! a deaġ ġrad, is air Sir, it has terrible

ata na tarraingte aid, convulsions.

meala. A bfeictear go gcuireann Does it seem to pass any se piasta trid?

worms? A mbionn se crinn le na Does it grind its teeth

fiaclaib ina codlad ? when asleep? or pick ną piocad a srdin? its nose? Ni se gać cuid diobta It does both very often. Tabair asteac è; sgribe Bring it in; I will pre

me ni eigin do air ball. scribe for it presently. Naċ seanmar an said- What a blessing it is to

breas, slàinte mait fa enjoy good health

gail! Gidead is tearc a cuireas And yet few esteem it as

suim ann, mar edir they ought to do.

dòib. Chonnairc mise duine I saw a poor wretch todona aniu, a caill ra

day, who had lost the darç a da suil, tre na sight of both his eyes baodais fein.

by his own folly. Cionas sin

How was that? Ta an sgeul ro fada. Inn- The story is too long. I

seaca me duit aris è. will tell you again. Nil agam anois aċd cu- I have now only to visit

airt air duine, ar bri a man, whose leg was sead acos go deigio

lately broken. nac.

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go minic.

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you thanks.

Cionas ta Sean aniu? How is John to-day?
Ta moran nios fearr, a Much better, Sir, I give

deaġġrad, taim buideac

duitse. Nar oibriġ na hicead go Did his medicines operate mait?

well? D'oibrigeadar, agus nil They did, and he com

se gearan uirid fa pian plains less of the pain na coise.

in his leg Is dois go bfuil an cnaiṁ The bone must have uni

ag greimead, faoi an ted, before this time.

trat so. Chitear go bfuil biseac He appears considerably iomċubaiġ air.

better. Leistear suaimneas do, Let him be kept quiet,

agus is doig liom go and I hope he will be mfeidir leis a best na able to sit


in a few suid suas, faoi beagan days. laetib.

VII. Travelling, the Country, fic. Ca bfuil mo ģiolla ? Where is my servant? Taim annso a maigistir. Here I am, master. Bhfuil na heacraig reid? Are the horses ready? Ta siad go direac cur They are just finishing

deiriġ le na gcuid their oats, and will be coirce, agus beid siad ready in a few minutes.

reid a mbeagan aimsir. Beir cum an doruis iad. Bring them to the door. A ndeana tu do cead- Will you breakfast be

lonza brisead, sulfa fore you leave home?

rača tu as baile ? Ni deanad-aċd brise mę No, I shall breakfast in

ceadlonga san Iur. Newry. Is saim a beit marcais. It is pleasant to ride in

eact sa maidin čiuin. a fine morning Is avibinn an aimsir ta IVe have delightful weaaguinn.



Is ro maït agaid na tíre. The country appears very

well. Ta eagla orm go dtiuca I fear we shall get a cit orrain.

shower. Nil aċd neul, a racas It is only a cloud, that tort gan moill.

will soon pass. Sin fear air a mbotar There is a man in the romainn.

road before us. Deanam go mbearamois, Let us overtake him, and

air, agus go mbiam a enter into conversagcruadal leis.

tion with him. Gio mbeannaid Dia duit, God save you, good man.

a duine mait. Go mbeannaid an cead- May the same bless you.

na duitse. Naċ breaġ an maidin | Is not this a fine morn

so? Is breaj i, gloir do It is, thank God.

Dhia. Ca fada tainic tu air How far did you come maidin?

this morning ? A dtimciol cùig mile. About five miles. Hap, a duine, as tu rinne Hạ, man, you havearisen an moć eirig.

early. Nior codail me ro bfad, Indeed I did not sleep

very long. Car codail tu areir, le do Pray, where did you cead?

sleep last night? Do codail me șa Israid I slept in Dundalk.

baile. An ann sin a bias tu do Do you dwell there?

compaig? Ni head, acd a gcontais No, but in the King's

an rig. Ca bfuil duil agad a beit IVhere do you intend to a noct?

be to-night? Ta duil agam a beit ann I intend to be in Armagh

Ardmağa, mąs feidir. if possible. Beid tu ann sin am go You will be there soon leor.



go deimin.


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