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Guide de l'acheteur de livres de chasse. Paris: Pairault et Cie [1898]. 44 pp. 12°. [Pond (A. E.)] Library catalogue: travel, adventure and sport. [New York 1898?] 17l. sq. 16°. Slater (J. H.) Illustrated sporting books. A descriptive survey of a collection of English illustrated works of a sporting ... character, with an appendix of prints relating to sports of the field. London: L. Upcott Gill, 1899. viii, 203 pp. 12°.

Wisconsin.-Free Library Commission. Some good books for boys. Out-of-door sports-Occupations. 1899. [Madison, 1899.] 21. 8°.

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Forst-Archiv zur Erweiterung der Forst- und Jagd-Wissenschaft und der Forst- und Jagd-Literatur; herausgegeben von W. G. von Froser. Ulm, Stettin, 1788-1807. v. 1-30. 8°.

ser. [1] 17 v. 1788-96; ser. [2] (Neues Forst-Archiv), v. 1-13, 1796-1807.

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Neue Jagd-Zeitung mit besonderer Berücksichtigung des Jagd-Betriebs in West-Deutschland... hrsg. von A. Gödde. Offizielles Vereins-Organ des Landesvereins Westfalen... Jahrg. 1-2. Münster i. W.: H. Schoningh, 1888–89. 2 v. 4°.

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United States.

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V. 14-15 have title: Chicago Field.

American turf register and racing calendar. V. 1-11, 15 -17, 19-23, 25-30, 41-42]. (1830-40, 1844-47, 1849-53, 1855-60, 1871-72.) New York, 1830-1873.


v. 1-15 have title, "Am. turf register and sporting magazine.' v. 1-8 pub. in Baltimore.


v. 30-date. San

Breeder and sportsman.
Francisco, 1897-date. F°.

Chicago Field. See American Field.
Country life in America. v. I-date (Nov.
1901-date). New York, 1901-date. F°.
Current. Monthly.

Field and Fancy. V. 10-date (1902-date). New York, 1902-date. F°.


Field and stream. v. 3, no. 1; 5, nos. 4-12; 6date; 8-12 (April, 1898, May, 1900-date). New York, 1898-date. Fo.

Current. Continuation of American angler.

Figaro; or, Corbyn's chronicle of amusements: a V. 57-75 also called new series v. 1-25; v. 76-81 called weekly journal devoted to art, music and the drama. second series v. 1-6; sub-title of v. 1-81 reads: 66 V. I-2. or, Monthly 4°. New York, 1850-51. calendar of the transactions of the turf, the chase, "" etc.; 1855-1860 sub-title reads: "United with the Sportsman, Sporting review and New Sporting magazine."

Forest and stream: a weekly journal devoted to field and aquatic sports, edited by Charles

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Gameland: a monthly echo from the woods and waters, the mountains and the fields. v. 6, no. 3; v. 7, no. 4; v. 8, nos. 1-2 (1895-96), v. 10-II, V. 12, nos. 1-2 (1896-97). New York, 1895-97. 8°. Merged into Land and Water.

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Spirit of the Times and New York Sportsman. The American Gentleman's Newspaper. v. 10111-39, v. 13-24, n. s., v. 1-5; 10-11; 16, nos. I, 22-27, V. 91-139 (1840-date). New York (1840date.) F.

Consolidated, in Dec., 1902, with "The Horseman," of Chicago and New York. New series, v. 29, no. 4-the end called v. 86, no. 4, etc.; n. s., v. 1-5, called Porter's Spirit of the Times"; n. s., v. 10-11, called "Wilkes' Spirit of the Times." In May, 1892, "The New York Sportsman' was consolidated with it. Edited by W. T. Porter (to 1859), G. Wilkes (to 1872), E. A. Buck.

Sporting life. v. 28, no. 2 (1897-Feb. 13). Philadelphia, 1897. F°.


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Les chasses princiéres en Paris: L. Hachette et Cie.,

Dunoyer de Noirmont ( ), baron. Histoire de la chasse en France dupuis les temps les plus reculés jusqu'à la Révolution. v. 1-3. Paris: Ye. Bouchard-Huzard, 1867-68. 3 v. 8°.

V. 1. Chroniques de la chasse.

v. 2. Droit de chasse.-Gibier.-Chiens.-Vénerie.

v. 3. Louveterie.-Fauconnerie.-Chasse atir.-Chasses di


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Archery, cont'd.


Boeheim (Wendelin). Bogen und Armrust. Eine vergleichende Studie über Gebrauch und Wirkung alter Fernwaffen. (Zeitchr. f. hist. Waffenkunde. Dresden, 1898. F°. v. 1, pp. 133-135; 161-164.)

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Roberts (Thomas).

v. 99, PP.

The English bowman; or, Tracts on archery; added, the second part of [William Wood's] Bowman's glory [by W. M., or W. H.] London, 1801. pl. 8°.

General Works, Manuals, etc.

Ascham (Roger). Toxophilus, the schole, or partitions of shooting. Contayned in two bookes. Written... 1544... Anno 1571. Imprinted at London... by T. Marshe. To which is added a dedication and preface, by the Rev. J. Walters. Wrexham: Repr. by R. Marsh, 1788. xxi, 2300

pp. 1 1. 16°.

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best advice for selecting the gun, shot, and powder. . . also a description of the implements for archery... by a sportsman. London: F. H. Munday [1835?]. I p. l., 32 pp., I pl. 24°.

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Albertus, Magnus. De falconibus. (In his : De animalibus. Venetiis, 1519. F°. pp. 187192.)

Traité de fauconnerie. Traduit d'Albertle Grand. (In: Livre (Le) du Roi Dancus. .. Paris, 1883. 12°. pp. 31-94.)

Livre (Le) du Roi Dancus. Texte français inédit au xiiie siècle, suivi d'un Traité de fauconnerie, également inédit d'aprés Albert le Grand. Avec une notice et des notes, par H. Martin-Dairvault. Paris: Lib. des Bibliophiles, 1883. 2 p. 1., xiv, 1 l., 136 pp. 12°. (Cabinet de vénerie no. 6.) no. 129 of 340 cops. printed. "Traité de fauconnerie " is printed from a MS, of the end of the 15th cent.

Demetrius, Pepagomenus. Hepì Tŷs Tŵv ἱερακῶν ἀνατροφῆς τε καί Θεραπείας. (In Elianus, C. De natura animal. v. 2, pp. 337-516. 1866.)

Thou (Latin Thuanus, Jacques Auguste de). Hieracosophion, sive De re accipitraria. (In Delicia poet. Gall. v. 3, pt. 2. 1609.)

The first edition was printed at Paris in 1584 by Mamert Patisson.

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