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Gift of the Author.

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Gift of the Author.

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Gift of City of Cambridge, Mass.

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Gift of Geo. O. Holbrooke.

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Gift of Geo. O. Holbrooke.

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Gift of Geo, O. Holbrooke.

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Florida fancies. With New York: G. P. 120 pp., II pl.


Gift of Evening Post.

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Servia, Bosnia.

396 pp., 28 pl.


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Gift of the author.

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Gift of Mrs. James J. Conor.

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One of 100 fac-sim. copies printed for Archer M. Huntington from the copy in Biblioteca Colombina, Seville. The original contains MS. notes by Ferdinand Columbus.

Gift of A. M. Huntington.

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Briefe und Erläu-
Thl. I. Weimar:

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Gift of Archer M. Huntington.


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I l., I tab. 12°.

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Gift of the author.

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Repr. "Die Neuzeit." Schiff Collection.

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Epitaphs of Portuguese Jews buried in Hamburg. Schiff Collection.

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Schiff Collection.

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Schiff Collection.

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Schiff Collection.


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Gift of the Mutual Life Ins. Co.


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Modern civic New York:

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[blocks in formation]


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