Imatges de pÓgina

I have heard nothing further of Girault: probably he thinks it best to lie upon his oars for the present, watch events, and in the interim employ himself in the secret business of his mission. I mention this as likely to ensue, only in the case of his not being immediately ordered off. It is a remarkable circumstance, that his arrival has never been returned under the Alien Act by the master of the vessel in which he came.

Gen! Pinckney was at Lyons on the 15th June. His daughter was then much better, and he hoped to be at Bourdeaux and imbark by the July. This intelligence came by the way of London. It is true that he was arrived.

You will see from the newspapers that Ireland is tranquil. It remains yet to be known, whether Admiral Nelson has had the honor of capturing the Great General of the Great Nation. The Convent[ion between] the Knights of Malta and Buonaparte was signed by the Charge d'affaires of the King of Spain as mediator. I entertain no doubt that the taking possession of that island was a preconcerted arrangement, and concerning which Buonaparte did no more than receive the Seizin in the name of the Directory

with perfect respect & esteem

I have the honor to be dear Sir,
Your most obed Serv

Honble Col? READ,

Old Captain Anthony it is said has died of the Yellow Fe[ver. You] will have seen the Prince Edward County address in the newspapers; it has heen sent to Col: Pickering to present; he will return it [with a request] to the addressers to find somebody else capable of debasing himself by insulting the President in handing it to him.


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