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*** A list of Jewish periodicals in the library was printed in the Bulletin for July, 1902, volume 6, no. 7, pp. 258-264.

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Sept., 1900. F°.
Journal hébdomadaire illustré, Organe officiel du "Grand
Occident de France" (rite antijuif). Fondateur: J. Guérin.
Comp. M. Schwab in Jewish Encyclopedia s. v.

Antisemitische Correspondenz und Sprechsaal für innere Partei-Angelegenheiten. v. 1-17. Leipzig, 1885-1902.


v. 1-8 (1885-93), edited by T. Fritsch; v. 9-17 (1894-date), by M. Liebermann v. Sonnenberg. The numbers run consecutively 1-749. Nos. 1-57 issued bi-monthly, monthly, and semi-monthly successively; from no. 58 (Sept. 1, 1889), issued weekly. Appears also under the title: Deutsch-soziale Blätter? In this set v. 1-4, 12-17 bear the title: Antisemitische Correspondenz, while v. 5-12 are entitled Deutsch-soziale Blätter. V. 12 is thus duplicated. Antisemitischer Jahr. 1889. 12°.

Volks-Kalender für das 2. Aufl. Leipzig: T. Fritsch, 1889.

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Gesellschaft zur Beförderung des ChristenSechzehnter thums unter den Juden zu Berlin. Bericht über das Jahr. 1838. Berlin, 1839. 8°. Gesellschaft zur Beförderung des Christenthums unter den Juden zu Berlin.

Roi (J. F. A. de le). Die Berliner Gesellschaft zur Beförderung des Christenthums unter den Juden. (In his Geschichte d. evangelischen Juden-Mission. V. I., 2. ed. Leipzig, 1891. pp. 142-157.)

Institutum Judaicum in Berlin. Schriften. no, 2 (2. ed.), 3, 5, 14 (8. ed.) Leipzig, 1894; Berlin, 1888 (2); München, 1900. 8°.

Institutum Judaicum in Leipzig. Schriften. no. 1-36, 39-46. Leipzig, 1885-96. 8°.

Great Britain.

British Society for the Propagation of the Gospel among the Jews.

DUNLOP (J.) Memories of Gospel triumphs among the
Jews during the Victorian era. London, 1894. 4°.
A jubilee volume, by the secretary of the society.
Roi (J. F. A. de le). Die Britische Gesellschaft. (In his
Geschichte d. evangelischen Juden-Mission. v. 2, 2. ed,
Leipzig, 1899. pp. 249-290)

Dibre ha-Yamim. A viertel jährlicher Blatt für Juden zum Erweckung un Belehrung in Inyane ha-Emunah. v. 5-7. London, 1900-02. 3v. 4°. Judeo-German. Edited by H. Goodman. In the paper the title is transliterated: Divre Hayomim.

Jewish Expositor and friend of Israel; containing monthly communications respecting the Jews, and the proceedings of the London Society. v. I−4, 6-14. London, 1816-1829. 13 v. in II. 8°. Continuation of Jewish repository.

Jewish Intelligence, and Monthly account of the proceedings of the London Society for Promoting Christianity amongst the Jews. v. I, 7. London, 1835, 1841. 2 v. 8°.

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Report on


the work for the year from April first 1871. [Leipzig,

1872.] 8°.


1. Origin and progress of the Society.

2. Foreign missions.

3. The mission-establishment at Palestine Place.


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An appeal to all lovers of Israel; with Constitution and by-laws. New York, 187-. 12°.

Same. (In: Tris (A. C.) Third annual report concerning missionary labor among the Jews... [New York, 187-.] 12°. pp. 1-12).

[Circular.] [New York, 1872.] 12°.
The constitution. n. t. p. F°.

The Star of Bethlehem. A pleading voice for the cause of Israel. V. I-3. New York, 1872-76. 8°.


American Society for Meliorating the Condition of the Jews. 19, 21, 23, 25, 41 Report of the board of directors. (1842, 44, 46, 48, 62.) New York, 1842-62. 8°.

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Salmonsens store illustrerede Konversationsleksikon. En nordisk Encyklopaedi.


-Pantheon.) Bind XIII. Kjöbenhavn, 1902. 4°.


Alphabetical, by subjects.

Armstrong (E.) The Emperor Charles V. London, 1902. 8°.

V. I-2.

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Bacon (Edgar Mayhew). The Hudson river. From ocean to source. Historical-Legendary-Picturesque. New York: G. P. Putnam's Sons, 1902. xii, 590 pp. 8°.

Currier (J. J.) History of Newbury, Mass., 1635-1902. Boston, 1902. 8°.

Dellenbaugh (Frederick S.) The romance of the Colorado river. New York, 1902. 8°.

Dye (E. E.) The conquest. The true story of Lewis and Clark. Chicago, 1902. 8°.

Fisher (S. G.) The true history of the American revolution. Philadelphia, 1902. 8°.

Hale (E. E.) Memories of a hundred years. New York, 1902. 2 v. 8°.

Lumholz (C.) Unknown Mexico. New York, 2 v. 8°. Mathews (A.)


New York, 1902.

Ohio and her western reserve. 12°.

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Durel (P.) La muse parlementaire. Paris, 1902. 12°.

Fleres (Uglo). Teofania. Dramma in quattro atti. Roma-Torino, 1902. 12°.

Fontanes (A.) Le porteur aux halles. Drame en cinq actes. Paris, 1902. 12°.

Gheusi (P. B.) Orsola. Paris, 1902. 12°. Grube (W.) Geschichte der chinesischen Litteratur. Leipzig, 1902. 8°.

(Die Litteraturen des Ostens in Einzeldarstellungen, Bd. 8.) Heaura (F.) Le tournant. Paris, 1902. 16o. Hennequin (M.), and Duval (G.) Le coup Paris, 1902. 12°.

Dernière gerbe.

Jullien (J.) La Poigne. Piece en cinq actes. Paris, 1902. 12°.

(Savoir-Pouvoir-Vouloir, II.)

Lavedan (H.) Le marquis de Priola. Pièce en trois actes. Paris, 1902. 12°. Lessing (Gotthold Ephraim). Sämtliche Schriften. Band 16. Leipzig, 1902. 8°.

Maikoff (A.) Poésies. Paris, 1902. 12°. Mérat (A.) Les joies de l'heure. Paris, 1902. 12°.

de fouet.

Hugo (Victor [Marie]), comte. Paris, 1902. 8°.

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Bailey (Florence Merriam). Handbook of birds of the Western United States. Boston: Houghton, Mifflin & Co., 1902. xc, 512 pp., 12°. 34 pl., I port., I map.

Lucas (Frederic A[ugustus]). Animals before man in North America. New York, 1902. 12°. Zittel (K. A. v.) Text-book of paleontology. Translated by C. R. Eastman. New York, 1902. 8°.

V. 2.


Bullock (T. L.) Progressive exercises in the Chinese written language. London, 1902. 4°. Giles (H. A.) Chinese without a teacher. Shanghai, 1901. 5. ed. 8°.

Harder (E.) Deutsch-arabisches Handwörterbuch. Heidelberg, 1903. 8°.

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