Imatges de pÓgina

They shine in his glory, and bask in his beams;
While Immanuel smiles on his Wife,
And leads her by pleasure's unchangeable streams,
Which flow from the Fountain of Life.

O, when shall I join the harmonious throng!
From corruption when shall I be free!
And sing that delightful, and rapturous song,
Of redemption, by Jesus, for me!

But I must withdraw from this ravishing scene,
For the boon is deny'd which I crave;
Mortality's veil is a dropping between,
And my soul must return to her cave.

I gradually sunk from the views of the Mount,
For my wings were too feeble to hold;
The pleasures of heaven I cannot recount,
Its felicity cannot be told!


Let weeping, and mourning, and sorrow, be
Bid adieu both to doubting and fear;
For Jesus, the head, hath ascended his throne,
And his members shall surely be there.

Thrice happy the soul that has God for his sire,
And his heart, with his treasure, above!
Who inwardly burns with that hallowed fire
Which proceeds from the fulness of love.

Let such with submission their station abide,
Till they rise from their cottage of clay :
On a cherub they mount, and to paradise ride,
And inhabit the regions of day!

Their journey from Egypt will clearly be view'd,
And the intricate paths they have trod:
They'll admire the methods that Wisdom pursu'd,
And the tender regard of their God.

The doom of a rebel they'll perfectly know;
And with love and amazement behold,
And acknowledge the story related below-
But the tale was imperfectly told.

What thought, or conception, or language, can paint,
Or describe this celestial estate!
This Solomon's fame, to a glorify'd saint,
Exceeds all that mortals relate!

How precious is hope at the end of the race,
While the Object of faith is in view!
It strengthens the heart, and emboldens the face,
In the perilous paths we go through.

The comforts of union, and foretastes of bliss,
Refresh and ennoble the mind;

All earthly enjoyments, compar'd but to this,
Are as empty and fleeting as wind.

In the path-way of life there can be no death;
Consecrated it lies through the veil:

Nor shall Death him destroy who travels in faith,
Till Faith and her Object can fail.

Assisted with strength, and enlarged with love,
And led by Omnipotent Hand,

He still eyes the city that's founded above,

And he longs for the promised land.

The presence of God, and his tokens for good;
The staff, and the chastening rod;

All sharpen his hunger for heavenly food;
And he thirsts for the vision of God.

This path is above to the man that is wise,
Who departs from the regions beneath:
The way that is hid from the vulture's keen eyes,
Is reveal'd to the children of Faith.

Each cherub of Jesus who preaches the word,
Guards the pathway that leadeth to life:
The Sixty that handle the spiritual sword,
Attend both the Lamb and his wife.

They cast up the road, with the banner display'd;
And their land-marks they set by the way;

And daily exhort her to cleave to her Head,
Lest she from her husband should stray.

The world may oppose, yea, and fiends may engage,
And dangers and threat'nings dismay;

But still they pursue, in defiance of rage:
The righteous shall hold on his way.

From the bondage of Egypt they slowly proceed, Yet the heavenly Canaan they find:

From the bond of corruption they all shall be freed; Nor a hoof shall be found left behind.





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