Imatges de pÓgina

1670. Festivals represented at Aranwhez, to Celebrate the Birth-Day of that King Philip IV. 1670, 2 vol. in 1,

fine paper, in old blue morocco, gilt leaves. 1432 Another copy,

1671 1433 Mercer's (C.W.) Angliæ Speculum, or Englands Looking

Glasse, divided into two parts. The first part contain-
ing a brief description of these unnaturall wars in
England, &c. the second part consisting of severall
Speeches, Anagrams, Epigrams, Accrosticks and Sonnets.
This copy does not contain the portrait of Essex, see MS.
Note, Printed by T. Paine and are to be sold by Lawrence

Chapman, 1646 *** This Captain Mercer appears to have been a Captain of Horse in the Parliamentary Service, and this volume contains a curious account of the money expended by him.


1434 Halle's (Edward) Chronicle. The Union of the two

noble and illustre famelies of Lancastre and Yorke, FIRST EDITION, very fine copy, in russia, by Lewis,

R. Grafton, 1548 1435

Chronicle. The Union of the two noble and illustre famelies of Lancastre and Yorke, first edition, fine copy, in the original binding. See Mr. Heber's Note,

R. Graflon, 1548 1436 Chronicle, wants the title, R. Grafton, 1550 1437 Chronicle. The Union of the two noble and illustre

famelies of Lancastre and Yorke. Some leaves are mended and part of the text gone. It also wants some of the original blank leaves,

R. Grafton, 1550 1438 Heywood. (T.) Troia Britannica, or Great Britaines

Troy, devided into XVII several Cantons, intermixed with many pleasant Poeticall Tales,

1609 1439 Hryden's (RANULPH) POLYCHRONICON, imperfect,

IMPRINTED BY WILLIAM CAXTON, MCCCCLXXXII. *** “When I first bought it this copy wanted The Probemye consisting of 2 leaves, The Table 17 leaves. A leaf probably blank between the Epistle and beginning of the Polychronicon, Sign. 1, 5, Fol. 4, and all after Sign. 52, 5, or fol. 403, 25 leaves.

“ I have since added from fol, 404 to 423 inclusive 20 leaves." Note by Mr. Heber. The body of the book is

sound and good, the leaves added are in very bad order. 1440 Histoire et Ancienne Cronique de Gerard d'Euphrate, Paris, 1549. La Cronique

La Cronique de Dom Flores de Grece, ib. 1552. L'Histoire Palladienne, ib. 1555, in 1 vol. wood

cuts, ruled, Col. Stanley's Copy. 1441 Holinshed's (Raphaell) Chronicles of England, Scotland

and Ireland, 3 vol. in 2, the original edition, wood cuts,

very fine copy, with rough leaves, not uniform, 1577 1442 HOLINSHED's (Ralph) CHRONICLES OF England, Ireland

and Scotland, continued by John Hooker, 4 vol. best edition, WITH THE ORIGINAL CASTRATIONS, APPARENTLY ON LARGE PAPER, bound in russia by Roger Payne, 1586

*** This magnificent copy of Holinshed was purchased by Mr. Heber at the Sale of Col. Stanley's Library. It is supposed to be the finest extant. Title pages of vol. 1. and vol. 3. inlaid, vol. 4. has no title page, and vol. 2.

wormed in the text. 1443 Homer, The Whole Works of Homer, translated by

G. Chapman, frontispiece and portrait, fine copy, but wanting the Title page to the Odyssey, and Batrachomyomachia,

Printed for N. Butter, n. d. 1444 Iliad translated by Ogilby, with plates and a very

fine portrait of Charles II. by Cross, 1660. Odyssey,

translated by Ogilby, 1665, plates, 2 vol. fine copies. 1445 The Iliads of Homer, &c. by George Chapman, in red morocco,

Printed for Nat. Butter, n. d. *** This is a volume particularly interesting : it contains in the first place the following MS. dedication in George Chapman's hand writing, “ In wittness of his best love borne to his best deserving friende Mr. Henrye Jones : Geo. Chapman gives him theise fruites of his best labors and desires love betwixt us as long liv'd as Homer." Chapman has also corrected several passages in the Preface. The

copy afterwards belonged to Steevens who has enriched it with many MS. annotations. See also the Note of Mr. Heber respecting the number of Sonnets with which

the volunie should conclude. 1446 Homer Prince of Poets, translated according to the

Greeke in twelve Bookes of his Iliads by Geo. Chapman, frontispiece,

Printed for Samuel Macham, n. d. *“ The Sonnet addressed to Lady Arabella is left out in the after Editions, and as she was committed to the Tower in 1609-10, it is probable that the present Edition, the

third, was previous to that year." Ms. Note. 1447 Another and a finer copy. See MS. Note by Mr.

Heber, who considered this to be an Edition of very great rarity, frontispiece,

S. Macham, n. d. 1448 Twelve Bookes of his Iliads, translated by G.

Chapman, frontispiece by Hole,

n. d.

n. d.

1449 Homer. Iliades and Odysses, translated by Chapman, in

different copy, title to the Odyssey, damaged, 1450 Batrachomyomachia, Hymnes and Epigrams trans

lated by Chapman; wants title, with the following MS. dedication in Chapman's own hand,

“For the many noble favors receiv'd of the righte honorable the Lord Russell and desirous by all best services to crowne his Lordship's free graces

with continewance George Chapman humblie inscribes this Crowne of all the Homericall Graces and Muses to his Lordships Honor wishing the same crownde above Title ; and establishte past Marble.” This volume contains also

a title to the Odyssey, which is very scarce. 1451 The Crowne of all Homers Worckes, Batracho

myomachia, Hymns and Epigrams, by G. Chapman, frontispiece, scarce, fine copy,

by I. Bill, 1670


Octavo et Infra.

1452 Lover's Miscellany, or Poems Amorous and Gallant, 1719 1453 Lovibond's (Edward) Poems on Several Occasions, 1785 1454 Lower (Sir W.), The Noble Ingratitude, a Pastoral

Tragi-Comedy, 1659. The Enchanted Lovers, a Pastoral, 1658, presentation copy to Mrs. Elizabeth Lower

with Corrections in the Author's own hand writing. 1455 Lower (Sir William), The Amourous Fantasme, a Tragi

Comedy, Hage, imprinted by John Ramzey, 1650 1456 Lucan's Pharsalia; the whole ten Bookes, Englished by Thomas May, First Edition, frontispiece by Hulsius,

Printed for Thomas Jones, 1627 *** “ The Poetical Dedications prefixed to each book in this ed. were not repeated in the subsequent ones.

The present copy contains all but those to the first Part, which are not certainly known to have existed. Indeed, such an assemblage is rarely, if ever to be found, and to bring them together required much time and perseverance as they were partially annexed one or two only to each copy, perhaps merely such as were presented to the respective

Patrons." MS. note by Mr. Heber.

Another copy,

1457 Lucan's Pharsalia ; Englished by T. May, 1631. Con

tinuation of Lucan, Corrected and amended by T. M.

1633, with frontispieces, 2 parts in 1 vol. gilt leaves. 1458

1631 1459 by Rowe, 2 vol.

1722 1460 by T. May, portrait by Cross, see MS. note, 1650 1461 Lucian Burlesque upon Burlesque, or the Scoffer Scoft,

Being some of Lucians Dialogues newly put into Eng. lish Fustian, For the Consolation of those, who had rather Laugh and be merry, then be Merry and Wise,

1675 1462 Lucretius. The first Book Interpreted and made English

Verse by J. Evelyn; frontispiece by Hollar, 1656 1463 Lycidus, or the Lover in Fashion and other Poems, 1688.

The Gentleman and Lady's Library, 1739, 2 vol. 1464 LYNDESAY (Sır David). The Workes of the famous and

worthy Knight Sir David Lindesay of the Mount, alias Lyon King of Armes, Newlie corrected, &c. with wood cut portrait, black letter, fine copy,

Edinburgh, printed by Andrew Hart, 1634 1465 The Works of the Famous and Worthy Knight, Sir

David Lindesay of the Mount, alias Lyon King of
Armes, black letter, fine copy,

Glasgow, 1636 1466 Works, black letter, imperfect, 1670. Montgo

mery's Cherry and the Slae, &c. Edinb. 1682, in 1 vol. 1467 The Works newly Corrected, Belfast, 1714 1468

1714 1469 ANE DIALOG

COURTEOUR. Off the Miserabill Estait of the Warld,
Compilit be Schir David Lyndesay of ye Mont Knycht
Alias, Lyone King of Aries, And is Devidit in Foure
Partis, As efter Followis, &c. very beautiful copy, bound
in blue morocco, with joints, richly gilt, by C. Lewis, er-
cessively rare,
Imprentit at the command, and expenses of Maister

Sammuel Jascuy, in Paris, 1558 *** " There is a difference in the copies of Jascuy's Lyndesay, Puris, 1558, 8vo. which to the best of my knowledge has hitherto remained undiscovered, or at least unnoticed in print. In some the signature d, consisting of eight leaves, is followed, as might be expected, by sign. e, consisting of a like number. Such is the case with the present copy.

I am in possession, however, of another, in which sign. d, of eight leaves, is succeeded by sign. dd, of four leaves before the commence. ment of sign, e. These last are the most complete, the other sort being imperfect. The omission having been

discovered before the impression was finished, the whole

Another copy,




As a

of sheet d. seems to have been cancelled, and sheet d.d. added, the rest of the volume remaining the same. The chasm, or omission, will be found between the last line of d v recto. “Off large pas is of mesure bene," and the first line of d v verso, “He maid theme gret persuasioun," consisting of no less than 101 verses, besides titles of Chapters. As the present copy belonged to Mr. G. Chalmers, (from whom I obtained it in exchange) it is singular he should not have noticed it in the remarks and collations at the foot of the text in his edition. Perhaps he had not obtained this volume till after his own was printed. monument of this variation in the copies, I have thought it worth while to preserve one of each in my library.

Mem. To examine the 4to. edition of the same date and by the same printer, to ascertain whether the text is there given garbled or entire.

It is not impossible but that the omission above stated may have given rise to the severe remarks to be found at the end of the Copmanhoun (or Aberdeen) edition." MS.

note by Mr. Heber. 1470 LYNDESAY (Sir David). Ane Dialog BETUIX Expe

RIENCE AND ANE COURTEOUR: Off the Miserabill Estait of the Warld. Compilit be Schir David Lyndesay of ye Mont Knycht, alias Lyone King of Armes, And is Devidit in Foure Partis, As efter followis, &c. Very beautiful copy bound in blue morocco with joints, richly gilt by C. Lewis, Excessively rare. Imprentit at the command and expenses of Maister Sammuel Jascuy in Paris, 1558.

*** This is the more complete edition mentioned in the

above note. 1471 A Pleasant Satyre of the Thrie Estaitis, edited by Pinkerton,

Edinburgh, 1802 1472 The History of the Noble and valiant Squyer Wil

liam Meldrum umwhile Laird of Cleish and Bins. As also the Testament of the said William Meldrum.

Edinburgh, printed by the Heir of Andrew Anderson, 1683 1473 Lyster's (Thomas) Fragments. Taken out of a Manuscript

Pen’d by T. L. In the Soth year of his Age 1714. Portrait by White.

1714 *** “ This Booke let Elizabeth Huddleston keep in memory of her Grandfather, T. L.” It contains many

additional Poems in MS. by the Author. 14,4 M. (G.) The Praise of Yorkshire Ale, wherein is enumerated several sorts of Drinks,

1685 1475 Another Edition, to which is added a Yorkshire

Dialogue in its pure natural Dialect, York, 1697

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