Imatges de pÓgina

1476 Maclaurin's (John) Works, 2 vol. in 1, Edinburgh, 1798 1477 Maclin, (H. G.) Poems on Various Subjects presented to

Sir J. Mackintosh, with note by him, privately printed. 1478 Macpherson's Ossian with notes by Laing, 2 vol. 1805 1479 Mallet’s (David) Works, 3 vol.

1739 1480 Poems, 1762. Beattie's Minstrel, 1779, in one

vol. Nature of Man, a Poem, 1711. Manning's Poems, 1701. Philips's Pastorals, 1710, in one vol. Dr. Marriot's Poems, privately printed, 1756. Martin's Poems, 1745. Mary Masters's Poems on Several Occasions, 1733. A. M‘Donald's Miscellaneous Works, 1791, together 9


In verse, &c. represented in Emblematic Folding
Plates, most curious and probably UNIQUE.

London, printed by E. Alsop, for T. Dunster, 1654 1482 Manley's (Thomas) Veni, Vidi, Vici, or the Triumphs of

the most excellent Oliver Cromwell, written in Latine and faithfully done into English Heroicall Verse, with

Elegy upon the Death of Henry Ireton, portrait, 1652 1483 The Affliction and Deliverance of the Saints, or The

whole booke of Job composed into English Heroicall

Verse Metaphrastically, wanting the portrait, 1 652 1484 Manlove's (Edward) Divine Contentment and Poems against Popery, &c.

1667 1485 Man-Mouse taken in a Trap and tortur'd to death for

gnawing the Margins of Eugenius Philalethes, 1650 1486 Mantuanus (Bapt.). The Eglogs of the Poet B. Mantuan

Carmelitan, Turned into English Verse and set forth with the Argument to every Egloge by George Tubervile, Gent. black letter, russia,

Imprinted, in Knightrider street, by H. Bynneman, 1579 *** Very rare.

The first edition of this translation appears to have been printed in 1567. 1487 Another Edition, imperfect at the end,

Printed, by John Danter, 1594 1488 Maphæus's Canto to Virgil, from the original Bombastic, done into English Hudibrastic,

1758 1489 Marino's Slaughter of the Innocents by Herod, newly Englished,

1675 1490 Marlow (CHRISTOPHER) Epigrammes and Elegies by

J.D. (John Davis) and C. M. (Christ. Marlow) at Middleborugh-Certaine of Ovids Elegies by C. Marlow, at Middleborugh, in one vol.

*** “ This is the original and genuine edition of extreme rarity, printed abroad and uncastrated.” MS. note

by Mr. Heber.

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1491 Marrow of Alchemy, being an Experimental Treatise,

Discovering the secret and most hidden Mystery of the
Philosophers Elixer,

1654 1492 Marrow of Complements, or A inost Methodicall and

Accurate forme of Instructions for all Variety of Love

1655 1493 MARSTON (John). The Metamorphosis of Pigmalions

Image and Certaine Satyres, printed for Edmond Matts, and are to be sold at the signe of the Hand and Plough in Fleetstreete, 1598, at the end of the Satyres is, Printed by James Roberts, 1598. The Scourge of Villanie, corrected, with the addition of newe Satyres. Three Bookes of Satyres, (by Marston), printed by J. R. 1599, in 1 vol.

red morocco, EXTREMELY RARE.

Insatiat, Cron.
Prodigall, Zodon.
Insolent, Superbia.
Cheating, Droone.

Wise, Innocent.
Imprinted by Thomas Creede, for Thomas Bushell, and are
to be sold at his shop at the North doore of Paules

Church, 1599 ** “ I know of no other copy. The present was bought (January 1819) at Mr. Bindley's Sale, (see Cat. p. 11, No. 1800), by Mr. T. Hill for Mr. J. Perry; price, £24. See Collier's Poetical Decameron, Vol. I. 282. Ritson's Bibl. Poet. Herbert's Ames, II. p. 1282." Note

by Mr. Heber. 1495 The Scourge of Villanie, corrected with the addition of newe Satyres. Three Bookes of Satyres, second edition,

Printed by J. R, 1599 *** The first edition was printed in the year preceding. 1496 The Whipper OF THE SATYRE, his pennance in a white Sheete, or The Beadles Confutation,

Printed for Thomas Pavier, 1601 *** In all probability UNIQUE. It was written in answer to Marston and his Scourge of Villainy. There are many personal allusions which it is now impossible to under

stand and relish. 1497 Tragedies and Comedies, collected into 1 Vol. 1633 1499 Miscellaneous Pieces of Antient English Poesie, 1764 1499 Martial. Sales Epigrammatum, being the Choycest Dis

ticks of Martials Fourteen Books of Epigrans, and of all the Chief Latin Poets that have writ in these two last Centuries, together with Cato's Morality by J.

Printed by T. R. 1664


1500 Martial's Epigrams, by Cotton, with some other Pieces,

1695. Martial's Select Epigrams by W. Hay, 1755, 2 vol. 1501 Marvell's (Andrew) Works, 2 vol. in 1,

1772 1502 Mason's (J.) History of the Young Converted Gallant, or

Directions to the Readers of that Divine Poem, by B.
Keach, intituled Warre with the Devil,

1676 1503 Mass. THE UPCHERINGE OF THE MESSE, (in Verse), black letter,

Imprinted by John Daye and Willyam Seres, n. d. *** Very Rare. From the Roxburghe Library. 1504 Massanello. The Rebellion of Naples, or the Tragedy of Massanello, folding print by Marshall,

1649 1505 Massinger (Philip) Three New Playes, viz. Bashful Lover, Guardian, Very Woman, never printed before, russia,

1655 1506 The Guardian, and a Very Woman, 1655. The

Tragedies of Cleopatra and Aggrippina, by T. May, 1654.
The Tragedy of Massenello, 1649. Modern Midnight
Conversation, n. d. Musæus, by Sir R. Stapylton, fron-

tispiece by Marshall, 1647, together 5 vol. 1507 Works, with Notes by Coxeter, 4 vol. 1759 1509 Dramatick Works, with Notes by Mason, 4 vol. 1779 1509 Matrimony, The Order of, black letter, Imprinted at London by Anthony Scoloker, dwelling in

the Savoy rentes, n. d. 1510 May's (Edw.) Epigrams, Divine and Morall,

Printed by I. B. 1633 1511 May (Thomas), The Reigne of King Henry the Second, portrait by Vaughan,

1633 1512 The Victorious Reigne of King Edward the Third, in Seven Bookes, (a Poem) portrait,

1635 1513 King Asa, a Poem, Henly, n. d. W. Meston's

Poetical Works, Edinburgh, 1767. Metellus, his Dialogues, containing a Journey to Tunbridge-Wells, 1693,

3 vol. 1514 Mayeres (Randulph), His Travels containing a True Re

capitulation of all the remarkable passages which befell in the Authors Peregrination and Voyages as namely in these Imployments following, viz. his Voyage for the wars in Ireland in Queen E. R. &c. wherunto is added a speech the Author held with great King Hunger in his journey over the Alpes, with frontispiece, and cut at the end, the date is cut off,

Printed by T. H. for Richard Harper. ** This very rare and singular Tract is in verse and proge alternately. 1515 Mayne's (John) Glasgow, a Poem,


1516 Melpomene, or The Muses delight, being New Poems

and Song's written by several of the great Wits of our present age, as I. D., T. F., S. W., T. S., C. O., I. B., &c. collected together, and now printed, very fine copy, Tare,

Printed for H. Rogers, 1678 1517 M. (Sir J. Mennis and J. Smith) Musarum Deliciæ, or

the Muses Recreation, conteining severall select Pieces of Sportive Wit,

1655 1518 Another Edition,

1656 1519 Mercer's Poems, in old red morocco, Imperfect. 1520 Merry Musician, or a Cure for the Spleen, being a Col

lection of the most diverting Songs and Pleasant Ballads set to Musick, adapted to every Taste and Humour, together with a curious Compound of State Pills to allay the Malady of Malecontents, 3 vol.

1716 1521 MERRY Tales. Love's True Oracle, by T. Boreman.

Partridge's and Flamstead's Fortune Book, and New Fortune Book ; Aristotle's Legacy; Mother Bunch's Closet, 2 Parts ; Nine Pennyworth of Wit; Lilly's New Erra Pater; Cheshire Prophecy; Life of Nich. Hart; Art of Legerdemain ; Hocus Pocus ; History of Mother Shipton ; Countryman's Companion; John and his Mistress; Love of Thomas Whittle; Academy of Compliments; Accomplished Courtier; Dialogue between Honest John and Loving Kate, 2 Parts ; Comical Dialogue between Two Country Lovers; Love Disarm'd, a York Dialogue; Sermon preached in St. Giles's Kirk;

Hidden Things brought to Light; Historical Catechism. 1522 Metastasio's Dramas, and other Poems, translated by John Hoole, 3 vol.

1800 1523 Patriot, by Hamilton, red morocco. 1524 Canzonettes, translated with Original Poems by

H. B. blue morocco. 1525 Mills's (Humphrey) Poems occasioned by a Melancholy

Vision, or a Melancholy Vision upon divers Theames enlarged, frontispiece by Droeshout, fine copy, in blue morocco, by C. Lewis, rare,

Printed for L. Blaikelocke, 1639 1526 A Night Search, Discovering the Nature and Con

dition of Night-Walkers, with their Associats digested into a Poem, printed by R. Bishop for L. B. 1640. The Second Part of the Night Search, with the projects of these times, in a Poem by H. Mill, printed for H. Shepard, 1646, 2 vol. very fine copy, blue morocco, by C. Lewis.

***. This set of Mill's Works, in 3 vol. is very difficult to be met with quite complete, like the present, with fron

tispieces and their explanations, &c.

n. d.

ing is “

3527 MILTON (Joan). Dante L'Amoroso Convivio, 1529–

Rime et Prose di Giovanni della Casa, 1563. Sonetti di Benedetto Varchi, 1555.

** This volume . belonged to Milton : At the com. mencement he has written the contents of the book, and on the first page of the Giovanni della Casa, is “ Jo. Mil. ton, pre. 10d. 1629.” The corrections of the text and the marks at particular passages (many of which are imitated in his Poems) shew that he had read the Sunnets of Casa with great attention, and at the end in his own hand writ

Segue un altro Sonnetto di M. Giovan, della Casa che si trova nell' Editione di Venetia, 1623.” It is unnecessary to enlarge upon the interest attached to this

volume. 1528 Milton's (John) Poems both English and Latin, portrait by Marshall,

1645 1529 Poems both English and Latin, printed by his true copies, portruit by Marshall, fine copy,

1645 1530 Poems upon Several Occasions, 1673. Bentley's

Emendations on Milton, 1732, 2 vol. 1531 Poetical Works with Notes by Newton, 4 vol. 1750 1532 Poetical Works with Notes by Newton, 4 vol. 1757 1533 Poetical Works with Notes by Cowper, 4 vol. 1810 1534 Poems and Life, 2 vol. with MS. notes by Edwards, Author of the Canons of Criticism,

1727 1535 Poems, English, Latin and Italian, with Notes by Warton,

1791 1536 Another copy, MS. Notes by Dunster,

1791 1537 Paradise Lost, by Newton, 2 vol. with numerous MS. notes by Dunster,

1763 1538 Mirrour of New Reformation, wherein Reformers by their

owne acknowledgement are represented ad vivum. The beauty also of their handy-worke is displayed.

Printed by John Cousturier, 1634 See note by Mr. Heber. It is said that only 134 copies were printed. 1539 Miscellanies. Miscellany Poems. Dryden's Collection,

1684. Miscellany, a Collection of Poems, 1685. Miscellany Poems upon Several Occasions, 1692. Miscellaneous Poems and Translations, see MS. Note by G. Steevens, 1712. Miscellany of Original Poems, 1720.

Miscellaneous Poems, n. d. together 6 vol. 1540 Miscellany Poems and Translations by Oxford Hands, from the Library of Harley, with his Arms,

1685 1541 - Miscellany Poems, In two Parts, Dryden's Collec

tion, first Edition, 1685. The Plague of Athens, 1709, and other Miscellaneous Poems. The Mitre, a Poem,

wanting title, together 3 vol.


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