Imatges de pÓgina

1695 Ovid. Publii Ovidii Nasonis de Arte Amandi, or the Art of Love, frontispiece, by Visscher.

1696 de Arte Amandi, with Annotations, by F. Wolferston, 1661. The Art of Love and Remedy of Love, by several Hands, cuts. Tonson, 1709. Another Edition, 1719. Another Edition, 1735, together 4 vol.

de Arte Amandi, and the Remedy of Love, Englished, as also the Loves of Hero and Leander, A mock-Poem. Together with Choice Poems, and rare pieces of Drollery, portrait by Marshall, 1662

· Elegies, 3 Bookes by C. Marlow. Epigrams by J. Davis, in 1 vol. Middlebourgh. Ovid's Heroicall Epistles by Saltonstall, with cuts, the date cut off, with Ovid de Tristibus, by Z. Catlin, 1639, and Festivalls, by John Gower, 1640, in 1 vol. Ovid's Epistles, 1639. Ovid's Epistles, by the most Eminent Hands, with cuts, 1688. Another Edition, 1725, together 5 vol.













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Festivalls, or Romane Calendar, in Verse, by J. Gower, R. Daniel, 1640. Heroical Epistles, by Saltonstall, 1677. Another Edition, 1686. Metamorphosis, by G. Sandys, 1656. Epistles by Several Hands, 1712. De Ponto, translated by Saltonstall, 1640, together 6 vol. Ovid, his Invective against Ibis. Translated into English Meeter. Wherunto his added, by the Translator, a short draught of all the Stories and tales contained therein very pleasant to be read.

Imprinted by Henry Bynneman, 1577 · Ovid's Invective, or Curse against Ibis, faithfully and familiarly translated into English Verse, by John Jones,


His Invective against Ibis, by J. Jones,
Metamorphoses, published by Sewell, 2 vol. cuts,

1733 Metamorphoses, translated by Dryden, Pope, &c. published by Garth, 2 vol. cuts, 1751


de Ponto, foure Books of Elegies, by W. Saltonstall, 1640. Invective, or Curse against Ibis, faithfully and familiarly Translated into English Verse, by J. Jones, 1658, 2 vol.

Publ. Ovid. de Tristibus, or, Mournefull Elegies, in five Bookes, translated into English Verse by Zachery Catlin. Printed by T. Cotes, 1639 Tristia, containing Five Books of Mournful Elegies, by T P. 1713

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Tristia, containinge five Bookes of mournfull Elegies which hee sweetly comp ed in the midst of his adversitie, by W. Saltonstall, frontispiece, 1637. Another

Edition, 1672. Ovid's Tristia, newly translated, by T. P. 1713, together 3 vol.


1709 Ovidius Exulans, or Ovid Travestie, A Mock-Poem in Five Epistles, 1710 Owen's (John) Latine Epigrams, Englished by Tho. Harvey. Printed by Robert White, 1677 (W.) The Heroic Elegies of, the Prince of the Cumbrian Britons, with a Literal Translation, 1792 1712 Oxford. Academia, or the Humours of the University of Oxford, in Burlesque Verse,



Sausage, adorned with Cuts,



Sausage, Poetical Pieces, with cuts, 1715 Oxinden's (H.) Charls Triumphant. Solstitium Britannicum, seu Majestati Reduci Apodecticon. Icon Basilice, or an Image Royal, in 1 vol. russia, wormed, 1660 **This Poem is dedicated To the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His best Vicegerent Charls II. The Author wisheth All the Blessedness and Glory'; All the Love and Power; All the Majesty and Dominion that an earthly God is capable of."

1716 P. (L.) The Vertuous Wife is the Glory of her Husband, 1676

1717 Pack's (Major R.) Whole Works, 1729. T. Parnell's Poems, 1722. Passions Personify'd in Familiar Fables. Patrick's Poems, 1719, together 4 vol.


1718 PALINGENIUS (MARCELLUS). The Zodyake of Lyfe, The first thre Bokes, newly translated into English, by Barnabe Googe, First Edition, dedicated to Lady Hales, Imprinted by John Tisdale, 1560

The firste syxe bokes of the mooste christian Poet Marcellus Palingenius called the zodiake of life. Newly translated out of Latin into English, by Barnabe Googe. Black letter, very fine copy, formerly Steevens's.


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Imprinted by Jhon Tisdale for Rafe Newbery, 1561 The Zodiake of Life, newly translated into Englishe Verse, by Barnabe Googe. The title page damaged, Imprinted by Henry Denham for Rafe Newberye, 1565 1721 Poems upon divers Emergent Occasions, by I. Howell, Printed by James Cotterel, 1664 *** This copy contains many MS. additions by Park. From the Bibl. Anglo-Poetica.

1722 Parnassus Biceps, or, Severall Choice Pieces of Poetry, composed by the best Wits, in both Universities, edited by A. Wright, 1656

1723 Parnell's (Thomas) Poems on Several Occasions, red morocco, Dublin, 1735 1787

1724 Parson's (W.) Poetical Tour,

1725 PARROT (HENRY). Laquei Ridiculosi, or Springes for Woodcocks, very beautiful copy, in venetian morocco, with joints, richly gilt, by C. Lewis.


Printed for J. Busby, 1613 OF EXTRAORDINARY RARITY. The author's motto is caveat emptor, and it was not ill chosen, considering his propensity to appropriate to himself the literary property of others. This copy contains a duplicate leaf Epigrams 213, 14, 15, with a variation in the last, also several leaves of annotations at the end, by Mr. Park. 1726 Parson's (W.) Poetical Tour, 1787 1727 Patch Work, or the Comprehension, in four Cantos, very scarce. It was most likely printed abroad.

Printed by Mark'em Merrywise, for serious Seeker and Company, at the sign of the Looking Glass, opposite to the Cameleon, in Little Britain. 1728 Pattison's (W.) Poetical Works, 2 vol. 1728. M. Pilkington's Poems, 1731. Persius, translated by Howes, 1809. Phillips's Cyder, 1708. C. Pitt's Poems and Translations, 1727, together 6 vol.

1729 Paul's Church-Yard, sive Librorum qui prostant venales in vico vulgo vocato, Little-Brittain.

1730 PEACHAM (HENRY). THALIA'S Banquet. Furnished with an hundred and odde dishes of newly devised Epigrammes. Whereunto (beside many worthy friends) are invited all that love inoffensive mirth, and the Muses, by H. P.

Printed by Nicholas Okes, for Francis Constable, dwelling in Paules Church-yard, at the signe of the white Lyon,




It was purchased at Mr. Lloyd's Sale for 281. 10s. Among others, there are Epigrams to Drayton, Selden, Ben Jonson, Bird, and Dowland, and not a few of them are interesting, as they relate to the biography of the author, who, in a note to the following Epigram, tells us that he was born at Northmims.

"I thinke the place that gave me first my birth
The genius had of epigram and mirth
There famous Moore did his Utopia wright
And thence came Heywoods Epigrams to light.
And then this breath I drew wherewith (our owne)
These shaken leaves about the worlde are blowne."

He subsequently became the master of the Free-school at Wymondham, and several of the Epigrams are addressed to his scholars.


1731 Pearch's Collection of Poems, 4 vol. 1732 Pecke's (Tho.) Parnassi Puerperium in the Translation of Six Hundred of Owen and Martial's Epigrams, and the

most select in Sir T. More, portrait of Pecke, imperfect at the end,


Another Copy, in red morocco, wanting the portrait, 1659


1734 Peck's (F.) Sighs upon the never enough Lamented Death of Queen Anne, large paper, T. Hearne's Copy, with his Autograph, 1719 1735 Pembroke (Earl of) and Sir Benjamin Rudyard's Poems, Venetian morocco, 1817

1736 Pennecuik's (A.) Streams from Helicon, or Poems on Various Subjects, 1720


Streams from Helicon, 1720. Margaret Pennyman's Miscellanies in Prose and Verse, 1740. Pendragon, or the Carpet Knight, his Kalendar, 1698, 3 vol. 1738 PENNY HISTORIES. Vol. I. The Famous History of Hector, Prince of Troy. Don Bellianis of Greece. St. George of England. Seven Champions, 2 parts. Guy of Warwick. Sir Bevis of Southampton. Jack and the Giants, 2 parts. Thomas Hickathrift, 2 parts, The Valiant London Prentice. Fortunatus. Argalus and Parthenia. Dorastus and Faunia. Patient Grissel. Bateman's Tragedy George Barnwell. The Children in the Wood. Thomas of Reading. Sir R. Whittington. Fair Rosamond. The Blind Beggar of Bethnal Green. Friar Bacon. Edward the Black Prince. Wat Tyler. Vol. II. Chevy-Chace. Jane Shore. King and the Cobler, in 2 parts. Jack of Newbury. Johnny Armstrong. Queen Elisabeth and the Earl of Essex, 2 parts. Captain James Hind. Robinson Crusoe. Charles XIIth. Bampfylde-Moore Carew. Tom Thumb, 3 parts, in verse. Adam Bell, &c. Robin Hood. Friar and Boy, 2 parts. The Lovers Quarrel. Welsh Traveller. Jack Horner. The Unfortunate Son. The Unfortunate Daughter. The World Turn'd Upsidedown, with cuts, in verse. Doctor Merryman. Long Meg of Westminster. Vol. III. Tom Long the Carrier. Tom Tram, 3 parts. John Franks. Wanton Tom, in 2 parts. Courtier and Tinker. Comical Cheats of Swalpo. Simple Simon's Misfortunes.


Old Woman at Ratcliff-Highway, 2 parts. Lawrence Lazy. Sir J. Barley-corn. Reynard the Fox. Joseph and his Brethren. Judas Iscariot. Dr. Faustus. Witch of the Woodlands. Lancashire Witches. Mother Shipton. Beauty in the Wood. The Master Cat. Fairy Stories. Four Kings. Canterbury Tales. Wise Men of Gotham. Vol. IV. George Buchanan. Joaks upon Joaks. Rochester's Joaks. Cambridge Jests. The Jester's Gimcrack. 1772. Conundrums. The Nutt's Crack'd. The

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Cockney's Miscellany. The Art of Courtship. Pleasures of Matrimony. John and his Mistress, with pleasant Songs. Lilly's new Erra Pater. Mother Bunch's Closet, 2 parts. Dreains and Moles. Partridge's Fortune Book. The Whimsical Lady. Card Fortune Book. Call to Great Britain. The Prisoner's Advocate. Description of Scotland. Of Ireland. Sir J. Mandeville. Histories of Human Nature. Historical Catechism. Together 4 vol.

A very curious Collection consisting of 91 in Number, in Verse and Prose, with wood cuts, and printed from 1770 to 1790. This Collection was made by Ritson and bound up by him in 1798.

1739 Penny Histories, in Verse and Prose, collected by Mr. Ritson. The History of Tom Thumb. Valentine and Orson. Leander and Hero. Dorastus and Fawnia. The Shoemaker's Glory. Roswal and Lillian. Bateman's Tragedy. The Lover's Quarrel and Loyalty. Adam Bell, &c. London Prentice. The Fryar and Boy, in 2 parts. Jack Horner. Welch Traveller. Sheffery Morgan. The Courtier and Tinker. Vol. II. The Four Kings. Jokes of George Buchanan, Fool to James I. in 2 parts. Love of T. Whittle, in Prose and Verse. Art of Courtship. Dialogue between two Country Lovers. York Dialogue. Academy of Compliments. New School of Love. Pleasures of Matrimony. Nine Pennyworth of Wit for a Penny. Whet stone for Dull Wits. Wit Newly Revived. King Charles I. in 2 parts, with portraits. Life of Nicholas Hart. In 2 volumes, with wood cuts.




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The Extravagant Wit. An Old Man's Experience. Simple John and Girzy. History of the Haverel Wives. The Old Woman Drowned at Rateliff Highway. Comical Cheats of Swalpo. Three Fingered Jack. Jack Horner. Laugh and Be Fat. Whetsone for Dull Wits, in 1 vol. Glasgow, 1800 Jack Oakum and Tom Splicewell. Robinson Crusoe. Jane Shore. The Captive American. Narrative of Four Russian Sailors. The three Crump TwinBrothers of Damascus. Wat Tyler. Emperor Manalay. Edward the Black Prince. Peter Williamson, in 1 vol. Printed at Glasgow and Stirling, 1800-1803 Chevy Chace. Seven Wise Masters. Seven Champions. Ramsay's Scots Proverbs. Scots Chronicle. Tale of Three Bonnets, in verse. History of Buck Haven. The Dominie Depos'd, by W. Forbes, The History of Montelion, in 1 vol.

in verse.

Printed at Glasgow and Stirling, 1801-3


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