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1769 Pageants. Jordan's (Thomas) London's Joy, or the Lord Mayor's Show triumphantly exhibited in various Representations at the Inauguration of Sir J. Moore, very rare,






The Kings Coronation, being an Exact Account of the Cavalcade, Triumphal Arches and Speeches, &c. published by W. Morgan, 1685

*** Very rare, not enumerated among the Pageants. Description of the Coronation of James II. with Fire Works on the Thames. Hint on the Coronation.

Poem on the same,


The Triumphs of London performed, 1691, for the Entertainment of Sir T. Stamp, by the Worshipful Company of Drapers by E. Settle,


Triumphs of London at the Entertainment of Sir J. Fleet, Lord Mayor by E. S. (Elk. Settle,) 1692. The Same at the Entertainment of Sir W. Ashurst, 1693, 2 vol.

1774 Palfryman (Thomas), The Treatise of Heavenly Philosophie conteyning not onely the most pithie Sentences of Gods sacred Scriptures but also the sayinges of ceretene auncient and holie fathers, black letter,

Imprinted for W. Norton, 1578 1775 Palingenius, The Zodiake of life written by the excellent and Christian Poet, and translated by Barnabie Googe, black letter, imprinted by Robert Robinson, 1588 1776 PARADYSE OF DAYNTY DEVISES, aptly furnished with sundry pithie and learned inventions devised and written for the most part by M. Edwards, sometimes of her Majesties Chappel; the rest by sundry learned Gentlemen both of honor and woorshippe, black letter, fine copy in blue


Imprinted by Henry Disle dwellyng in Paules Churchyard, 1576 1777 THE PARADICE of Daintie Devises, Contayning many pithy precepts, learned Counsayles and excellent inventions right pleasant and profitable for all estates. Devised and written for the most parte by Mr. Edwards, black letter, printed for Edward White, 1600. The Woorkes of a young Wit trust up with a Fardell of prettie fancies profitable to young Poetes, prejudicial to no man and pleasaunt to every man to passe away idle tyme withal, done by N. B. (Nicholas Breton), Imprinted by Thomas Dawson and Thomas Gardyner, 1577, black letter, wanting the Title. Soothern's Poems, wanting Title. The Ekatom pathia, or Passionate Centurie of Love divided into two parts whereof the first expresseth the Authors

sufferance in Love, the latter his long farewell to Love and all his tyrannie, composed by T. Watson, imperf. 1581 ** Four volumes bound in one, in russia, from the Roxburghe Collection. It was formerly in the possession of George Steevens, who has beautifully supplied the imperfections in MS. and made many annotations. Four such productions, so made up, this volume acquires particular interest. See article Watson.


1778 Paradise of Daintie Devises. Contayning many pithy precepts, learned Counsailes and excellent inventions: right pleasant and profitable for al estates. Whereunto is added, sundry new inventions very pleasant and delightfull. The last leaf supplied by reprint, russia, **An edition unknown to Bibliographers. 1779 PARADICE of Dainty Devises. Containing sundry pithie precepts, learned Counsailes and excellent Inventions with sundry new Inventions very pleasant and delightfull, an extremely rare edition, one leaf supplied in MS. and the last leaf damaged, russia.

Printed by Edward Allde for Ed. White, n. d. **This is the latest of the editions commonly mentioned by Bibliographers.

1780 Paradise of Dainty Devices, with Introductory Remarks by Sir E. Brydges. This copy contains corrections by Dr. Bliss from collations of MSS. in the Bodleian, and collations in MS. by Mr. Heber,


1781 Parker (Martin), The Nightingale warbling forth her owne Disaster, reprinted by Mr. Strettle, 1632 1782 PARKER (MARTINE). The Poet's Blind mans bough, or Have among you my blind Harpers, being A pretty medicine to cure the Dinme, Double and Diabolicall eyesight and Judgement of those Dogmaticall &c. Authors who have raylingly written a numerous rable of pesteferous Pamphelets, in morocco, rare.

Printed by F. Leach, 1641 1783 PARKES (W.). The Curtaine-Drawer of the World, or the Chamberlaine of that great Inne of Iniquity. Where Vice in a rich embroidred Gowne of Velvet, rides a horse-backe like a judge, and Vertue in a thrid-bare Cloake full of patches goes a foote like a Drudge. Where he that hath most mony may be best merry, and he that hath none at all, wants a friend he shal daily have cause to remember to grieve for, by W. Parkes Gentleman, and sometimes Student in Barnards Inne, fine copy in blue mor. by C. Lewis, Printed for Leonard Becket, 1612 **Mr. Douce esteemed Parkes a writer of great ability and poetical talents though undeservedly obscure." He likewise termed his "Curtaine Drawer" a work of



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very considerable merit," and which deserves to be mentioned for the good sense which it contains and the merit of some occasional pieces of poetry." Illustrations of Shakespeare.

1784 Parliament. A Modell of Truths, or a Discovery of certaine reall passages of this Parliament, A Madrigall, 1642 Diurnall of Passages more exactly drawne up than heretofore (in verse) Printed at Oxford for H. H. 1643 Last Will and Testament of that Monstrous, Bloudy, tyrannical Parliament dissembled at Westminster (in verse) 1648




The Fooles of Fate, or The unravelling of the Parliament and Army (in verse) 1648 1788 Parliament mended or ended, or a Philter and halter for the two Houses, 1648. The Parliaments Letanie for the more speedy composure of Differences, 1647.


WOOD CUT WITH THE MOTTO, MORDENTEM MOrdeo, folLOWED BY, UNI SI POSSIM, POSSE PLACERE SAT EST, very beautiful copy, richly bound in morocco by C. Lewis, ExCESSIVELY RARE, Printed at London for F. B. dwelling at the Flower de Luce and Crowne in Pauls-churchyard, 1606


*** This volume of Epigrams, many of which have great merit, is dedicated to John Buck. In a poetical Address the Author says,


I neither treat of stout Themistocles
Nor use I choise or quaint Hiperboles.
Onely unfold by way of borrowed rime
Some few fantasticke humors of our time.

Wherein (if ought thats pleasing) may content thee
Take it: If not suppose no harme was meant thee.

THE MORE THE Merrier conTAINING, THREESCORE AND ODDE HEAD-LESSE EPIGRAMS, SHOT, (LIKE THE FOOLES BOLT) AMONGST YOU, LIGHT WHERE THEY WILL, BY H. P. GENT. very fine copy, formerly N. Luttrell's, bound in morocco, with joints, by C. Lewis, from Bindley's Library. Printed by I. W. for Geffrey Chorleton and Thomas

Man and are to be sold at the great north doore of Paules, 1608 *** This excessively rare vol. has been assigned to Henry Parrot, but Qy. if it be not by Henry Peacham ? Certain it is that Epigr. 51 is very similar to lines in Peacham's "Emblems." The Emblems" were published four years after the date of these Epigrams.

1791 P. (H) HENRY PARROT'S EPIGRAMS, richly bound in venetian morocco, with joints, by C. Lewis.

Imprinted by R, B. and are to be soulde by John Helme at his shop in S. Dunstans Church yarde, 1608 This copy was formerly N. Luttrell's, and contains a MS. list at the end of Satirists and Epigrammatists, between the years 1547 and 1633, by Mr. Park, and additions by Mr. Heber. Also excerpts from Health's Epigrams, 1610. More Fools yet 1610, from Anton's Mastive 1616. Fitzgeffray's Epigrams, 1620, &c. and a quantity of valuable illustrative matter.


THE MASTIVE, OR YOUNG-WHELPE OF The Olde DOGGE. EPIGRAMS AND SATYRS, richly bound in morocco, with joints, by C. Lewis. N. Luttrel's copy.

Printed by Tho. Creede for Richard Meighen and Thomas Jones, and are to be solde at S. Clements Church, without, n. d. 1793 PERVULA. Here begynneth a treatise called Pervula, fine copy, in russia. Wynkyn de Worde (sine anno) **The two Editions of this tract described by Dr. Dibdin, differed from the present, which is no where mentioned,

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1794 Pasquils Jests, mixed with Mother Bunches Merriments. Whereunto is added a doozen of Gulles. Pretty and pleasant to drive away the tediousnesse of a Winters Evening. In black letter, calf, gilt leaves.

Imprinted for John Browne, and are to be sold at his shop in Saint Dunstones Church-yard, in Fleet Street, 1604

*** A very curious and humorous collection of jests and stories, selected from various sources, English and foreign. Not a few are from Domenichi's Collection of Italian Facetie, Motti e Burle, others from Sir J. Harington's Epigrams, turned into prose, one from Bishop Latimer's Sermons, and one from Peele's Jests, with some considerable alterations to avoid easy detection.

1795 PASQUIL'S PALINODIA and His progresse to the TAVERNE, Where after the survey of the Sellar, you are presented with A pleasant pynte of Poeticall Sherry, calf gilt, by C. Lewis. Printed by Thomas Snodham, 1619 *** Very curious, no other copy seems to be known. 1796 Passion of a Discontented mind, Poem, 1621 1797 Paterson (Ninian). The Fanatick Indulgence, granted

Anno 1679.

Edinburgh printed by David Lindsay and his Partners, 1683 1798 PAYNE (JOHN). Royall Exchange. To suche worshipfull Citezins, Marchants, Gentlemen and other occupiers of

the contrey as resorte therunto, Try to retaine or send back agayne, black letter,

At Harlem, Printed with Gylis Romaen, 1597 *** A very curious and singularly rare tract. See especially what is said of printers and booksellers. 1799 Peacham (Henry), MINERVA BRITANNIA. or a Garden of Heroical Devises, furnished and adorned with Emblemes and Impresas of sundry natures, newly devised, moralized and published, very fine copy, in russia, from the Bridgewater Collection,

Printed in Shoe-Lane by Wa. Dight, (1612) 1800 Peacham (Henry), A Dialogue between the Crosse in Cheap and Charing Crosse. Comforting each other as fearing their fall in these uncertaine times. By Ryhen Pameach, (Henry Peacham), Printed Anno 1641 *** With wood cuts of Cheapside Crosse and Charing Crosse as they then stood. This amusing tract cost Mr. Heber £2. 18s. in the year 1810. 1801 PEELE (GEORGE). AN Eglogue GratulATORIE. Entituled, To the Right honorable and renowmed Shepheard of Albions Arcadia; Robert Earle of Esser and Ewe, for his welcome into England from Portugall. Done by George Peele, Maister of Arts in Oxon.


*This Poetical Tract,

To welcome home that long hath lacked beene,
One of the jolliest Shepherds of our Greene.

is stated by Mr. Heber to be UNIQUE, and Mr. Dyce when
he published his reprint of Peele's Works could procure
no copy of it for inspection.




Printed by I. C. and are to bee solde by William Wright, 1589 *** Very fine copy, in russia. Extraordinarily rare; there is a copy in the British Museum.

THE HONOUR OF THE GARTER, Displaied in a Poem gratulatorie. Entitled, to the worthie and renowned Earle of Northumberland, Created Knight of that Order, and installd at Windsore, Anno Regni Elizabethæ 35 Die Junii 26, fine copy, in russia,

Printed by the Widdowe Charlewood for John Busbie, n. d.

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Printed by Richard Jones and are to be solde at the signe of the Rose and Crowne, over against the Faulcon, 1589

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