Imatges de pÓgina

1991 PLAYS. May (Thomas), The Old Couple, a Comedy, 1658.

Another copy, imperfect, and the Mayor of Quinborough, by T. Middleton, 1661. Love and War, a Tragedy, by

T. Meriton, 1658, in 3 vol. 1992 Middleton (T.), Michaelmas Terme. As it hath

been sundry times acted by the Children of Paules.
First Edition, rare.
Printed for A. I. and are to be sould at the signe of the

white horse in Paules Churchyard, 1607 1993 Another Edition,

printed by T. H. 1630 1994 Middleton (Thomas) A Mad World my Masters,

First Edition, printed by H. B. for Walter Burre, 1608.

Another Edition, printed for J. S. 1640, 2 vol. 1995 Middleton (Thomas) The Familie of Love. First Edition, the Roxburghe copy, scarce,

1608 1996 Middleton (T.) A Tricke to Catch the Old-one,

First Edition, last leaf supplied by MS. printed by G. S.

1608. The Mayor of Quinborough, uncut, 1661, 2 vol. 1997 Middleton (T.) A Game at Chæss, interleaved wilh

various readings from the other Edition, and the frontıs

piece supplied by a pen and ink drawing by Fillingham. 1998 Middleton (T.) A Game at Chæss, 2 copies, one wanting a portion of the frontispiece,

(1624) 1999 Middleton (T.) A Chast Mayd. A Comedy never before printed,

1630 2000 The Phoenix, 2 copies, one uncut, but imperfect in the Title,

1630 2001 Middleton (T. and W. Rowley) The Device called

the World tost at Tennis, the date cut off. The Spanish

Gipsie, uncut, 1653, 2 vol. 2002 Munday (Anthony) The Death of Robert Earle

OF HUNTINGTON, otherwise called Robin Hood of merrie
Sherwodde, half bound, morocco, interleaved, fine copy,

Imprinted for W. Leake, 1601 2003 Nabbes (Thomas.) Hannibal and Scipio. First

Edition, 1637. Totenham Court, First Edition, 1638.

The Bride, 1640, 3 vol. 2004 Nevile (R.) The Poor Scholar, a Comedy,

Printed by T. Johnson, 166 2005 Otway's (Tho.) Plays

1687 2006 Peele (George) The Love of King David and Fair

Bethsabe, with the Tragedie of Absalon. Two leaves in this very rare play are wanting,

Printed by Adam Islip, 1599 2007 PRESTON (Thomas) A Lamentable Tragedie mixed

full of plesant mirth, containing the life of Cambises

king of Percia from the beginning of his Kingdome


unto his death. The only edition, black letter, EXTREMELY RARE, it cost Mr. Heber, £15. in 1821,

Imprinted by Edward Allde (no date) 2008 PLAYS. Rawlins (Thomas) The Rebellion, A Tragedy,

1640. · Rowley (S.) The Noble Souldier, 1634. Row

ley (W.) A Shov-maker a Gentleman, 1638, 3 vol. 2009 Rowley (W.) A Woman never Vext

1632 2010 Rowley (W.) A Tragedy called All's Lost by Lust,

1633 2011 S. (J.) An Excellent Comedy called the Prince of Priggs,

1651 2012

SHAKESPEARE (WILLIAM) A Midsommer nights dreame. As it hath beene sundry times publickely acted, by the Right honourable, the Lord Chamberlaine his seruants. Written by William Shakespeare. First Edition,

Imprinted for Thomas Fisher, 1600 2013 Shakespeare (W.) A Midsommer nights dreame. A beautiful copy of this Second Edition,

Printed by James Roberts, 1600 2014 Shakespeare (W.) The most excellent Historie of

the Merchant of Venice. With the extreame crueltie of Shylocke the Jew towards the sayd Merchant in cutting a just pound of his flesh, &c. Written by William Shakespeare. First Edition, EXTREMELY RARE,

Printed by I. R. for Thomas Heyes, 1600 2015 Shakespeare (W.) The most excellent Historie of the Merchant of Venice,

Printed by M. P. for Laurence Hayes, 1637 2016 M. William Shak-speare. His True Chronicle His

torie of the life and death of King Lear and his three
Daughters. First Edition, EXTREMELY RARE, fine copy,
red morocco,
Printed for N. Butter, and are to be sold at his shop

in Pauls Church yard, 1608 *** “ There is a remarkable variation in the copies of this edition, in Goneril's speech on the verso of H. 3, fifteen lines from the bottom, where the present one reads, A foole usurps my bed." Mr. G. Steevens's (since Mr. Kemble's, and now the Duke of Devonshire's) reads, “ My foote usurps my head," so also does one, I believe, of Mr.

Malone's." Note by Mr. Heber. 2017

Second Edition, Printed for N. Butter, 1608 2018 Shakespeare. The Tragedie of King Richard the

second, Second Edition, red morocco, with joints, ;

Printed by Valentine Simmés, for Andrew Wise, 1598 2019 Shakespeare (W.) The Second Part of Henrie the

fourth, continuing to his death and coronation of Henrie

the fift. First Edition, the corner of one leaf in signature

E. is defective; signature E. in this copy has only four leaves,

Printed by V.S.for Andrew Wise, 1600 2020 PLAYS. W. SHAKESPEARE. The Chronicle History of

- Henry the fift, with his battell fought at Agin Court in

France. Together with ancient Pistoll, Third Edition,
fine copy


Printed for T. P. 1608 2021 Shakespeare (W.) The Tragedy of Hamlet Prince

of Denmarke, newly imprinted and enlarged, to almost as much againe as it was according to the true and perfect Coppy, red morocco, with joints,

Printed for John Smethwicke, 1611 2022 Shakespeare. The first part of the true and honor.

able history of the Life of Sir John Old-castle, the good Lord Cobham. Written by William Shakespeare. First Edition.

London, printed for T. P. 1600 2023 Shakespeare. The London Prodigall as it was

plaide by the Kings Majesties servants, by William Shakespeare, VERY RARE,

Printed by T. C. for Nat. Butter, 1605 2024 SHAKESPEARE. A pleasant conceited Historie, called

The TaminG OF A SHREW. As it was sundry Times acted by the Right Honorable the Earle of PEMBROOK his Servants. UNIQUE. In venetian morocco, by C. Lewis,

Printed at London by Peter Short, and are to be sold by Cuthbert Burbie at his shop at the Royall Exchange, 1594

*** “ This Edition is two years earlier than any hitherto noticed. It is anonymous, and has been supposed to be the Play used by Shakespeare as the foundation of his Taming of the Shrew. There is no good reason why it should not be considered as the first idea of his play, as the difference between the two is little more than that between the recently discovered Hamlet and the more perfect Editions afterwards printed ; and also between the first Edition of the Merry Wives of Windsor, 1602, and that in the folio, 1623. The variations in the names of the characters between the present Edition and that in the folio of 1623 will not militate against the supposition, as it was not an unfrequent practice among the Dramatick Authors of the time. Ben Jonson changed the names of the Dramatis Personæ of his Every Man in his Humour, as will be seen by comparing the 4to. Edition of 1601, and the folio 1616. In the Hamlet of 1603, Polonius is called Corambis throughout; and it is well known also, that Sir John Falstaff originally bore the name of Sir John Oldcastle. Mr. Malone assigns the year 1594, as the date of the composition of The Taming of the Shrew; and when the present play was republished in 1607, it had the name of

Shakespeare as the Author on the title-page. In whatever

light it may be considered, whether as the Play remodelled by Shakespeare, or as the first draught of his Comedy, it is unquestionably of the highest literary interest and curiosity in a Shakesperian Library." From Mr. Inglis's

Collection. 2025 PLAYS. Sharpham (Edward), The Fleire, The Second

Edition, N. Butter, 1610. Webster (1.), The Tragedy of the Dutchesse of Malfy, see MS. note by Mr. Bindley,

1623, 2 vol. 2026 Shirley (James) 26 Plays, The Wedding, 1629.

The Grateful Servant, no date. The Contention for Honour and Riches, 1633. The Wittie Faire One, 1633. The Triumph of Peace, a Masque, The two Editions, 1633. The Bird in a Cage, 1633. The Traytor, 1635. The Lady of Pleasure, 1637. The Young Admirall, 1637. The Example, 1637. Hide Parke, 1637. The Gamester, 1637. The Royall Master, 1638. The Duke's Mistris, 1638. The Maides Revenge, 1639. The Tragedie of Chabot, 1639. The Pastorall called Arcadia, 1640. The Humorous Courtier, 1640. The Opportunitie, no date. St. Patrick for Ireland, 1640. Loves Crueltie, 1640. The Constant Maid, 1640. The Coronation, 1640. The Polititian, 1655. The Gentleman

of Venice, 1655. 2027 Shirley (H.) The Martyr'd Souldier,

1638 2028 Tailor (Robert) The Hogge hath lost his Pearle, A Comedy,

printed for Richard Redmer, 1614 2029 Tomkis's Albumazar, A Comedy, interleaved, 1615.

Tourneur's Atheist's Tragedie, Imperfect, Webster (J.),
The Tragedy of the Dutchesse of Malfy, imperfect, 1623,

3 vol.
2030 Tourneur (C.), The Revengers Tragædie,

Printed by G. Eld, 1607 2031 Wapull (George) The Tyde taryeth no Man, A

moste pleasant and merry commody, right pythie and full of delight, A transcript of this very rare Edition and curious Play,

imprinted by Hugh Jackson, 1576 2032 Webster (John). The White Devil, or, the Tragedy of P. G. Ursini,

1631 2033 Webster and Rowley, Cure for a Cuckold, 1661 2034 Wilkins (George) The Miseries of Inforst Mariage,

As it is now pluyd by his Majesties Servants, First Edition, scarce,

printed for George Vincent, 1607 2035 A mery playe betwene the pardoner and the frere

the curate and neybour Pratte, Reprint, W. Rastell, 1533 2036

- A Volume containing Lingua or The Combat of the Tongue, 1622. Michaelmas Terme, 1630. The Spanish Tragedy or Hieronimo is mad againe, newly

Corrected and Enlarged, 1633. The Tragedy of Nero, Imp. 1633. Beaumont and Fletcher's Knight of the Burning Pestle, 1635. Mons. Thomas by J. Fletcher, 1639.

The Combat of Love and Friendship, 1654. 2037 PLAYS. Lingua or the Combat of the Tongue, G. Eld.

1607. The Countrie Girle, 1647. The Love-Sick King,

1655, by Anthony Brewer, in 1 vol. 2038 The Northern Lasse, The Sparagus Garden, 1640,

The Antipodes, 1640. A Joviall Crew, 1652. The
Queenes Exchange, 1657. Five Plays by R. Brome,

in 1 vol. 2039 The Tragedy of Nero, Newly written, (by N. Lee.)

imprinted by A. Mathewes, 1624. The Tragedy of Hoffman or A Revenge for a Father, 163). An excellent Tragedy of Mulleasses the Turke, written by John Mason, 1632. The English Traveller by Thomas Hey

wood, 1633, in one vol. 2040 Anonymous. The Battell of Alcazar, fought in

Barbarie betweene Sebastian King of Portugall and Ab-
delmelec King of Marocco With the death of Captaine
Stukeley As it was sundrie times plaid by the Lord high
Admirall his servants, (By George Peele) RARE.

Imprinted by Edward Allde for Richard Bankworth, and are to be solde at his shoppe in Pouls Churchyard, at

the signe of the Sunne, 1594 204)

The V'aliant Welshman or the True Chronicle History of the Life and valiant Deedes of Caradoc

the Great, by R. A. Imprinted by G. Purslowe, 1615 2042 Another Edition, Title damaged

1663 2043

The Famous Tragedie of King Charles I. Basely Butchered, First Edition, Title damaged, 1649 2044 Edward the IVth, An historical Play in Two Parts,

by T. Heywood, 1626. If you know not me you know

Nobody, by T. Heywood, imperfect, in 1 vol. 2045 Anonymous. Edward III. (The Raigne of King,)

As it hath bin sundrie times plaied about the Citie of
London, First Edition,

Lond. C. Burby, 1596 *** The two last leaves of this rare Historical Play are

supplied in MS. 2016

The Raigne of King Edward the Third, As it hath bene sundry times played about the Citie of London,

Imprinted by Simon Stafford for Cuthbert Burby, 1599 2047

The Tragedie of Solimon and Perseda, blue morocco, indifferent copy, stained and cut into the Text,

Imprinted by E. Allde, 1599 2048

The Historie of the two valiant Knights Syr Clyomon Knight of the Golden Sheeld and Clamydes the white Knight, excessively rare, slightly wormed,

Printed by Thomas Creede, 1599

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