Imatges de pÓgina


Printed by G. Eld for John Wright, and are to be sold at his Shoppeut the Signe of the Bible without Neugate, 1618

*** An extraordinarily rare and highly amusing, as well as instructive Tract, especially as regards the manners and employment at Court at the period to which it refers, together with Plays, Masques, Shews, Songs, Ballads, &c. Among the last,“ My mind to me a kingdom is.” It was perhaps printed earlier than the date of the present copy, but no other edition seems to be mentioned, and this is so scarce, that the title has no where been correctly given. The title also to the Taker and Mistaker (see No. 173) is sometimes “ A Mad World my Masters," but it was altered, perhaps on account of

the production of Middleton's Comedy with the same 188 Brewer (T.) The Weeping Lady, or London like Ninivie

in Sack-Cloth, Describing the Mappe of her owne Miserie, in this time of Her heavy V'isitation with her hearty Prayers, Admonition, and Pious Meditations, as the occasions of them offer themselves in Her Passion, written by T. B., some leaves inlaid.

Printed by B. A. and T. F. for Matthew Rhodes, 1625

*** This Thomas Brewer was doubtless the Dramatic Poet. His lines on the cessation of City Pageants during

the Plague are worth noting. 189 Brewer (Tho.)

A knot of Fooles,

Fooles or Knaves or both I care not,

Here they are ; Come laugh and spare not.
Calf gilt, by C. Lewis,

printed for Francis Grove, 1658 190 Britain's Triumph for her Imparalleld Deliverance and

joyfull Celebrating the Proclamation of Charles II. (in verse,) see MS. Note by Mr. Bindley.



191 Æsop's Fables, illustrated with cuts, and translated by Ogilby,

1668 192 Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, translated by Sir John Harrington, large paper, in the original binding,

Imprinted by Richard Field, 1591 *** This book is extremely rare on Large Paper. On the Title Page is “ For Sir Thomas Curmisbye by

the freandly geaste of Mr. Harrington the Autor. 193

Orlando Furioso, translated by Sir John Harington, calf, gilt leaves,


194 Ariosto's Orlando Furioso, translated by Sir J. Harington, with his Epigrams, frontispiece and plates,

1634 195 ARNOLD's (RICHARD) CHRONICLE. The names of the

Baylifs, Custos, Mairs, and Sherefs of the Cite of London, &c. No place, date, or printer's name, but supposed to be printed at Antwerp by Doesborch.

*** FIRST EDITION, VERY RARE. A very small portion of one leaf is lost, there being a hole in the paper. The Poem of the Nut Brown Maid first appeared in this

Chronicle. 196 The Names of the Baylyfs, Custose, Mayers, and

Sherefs of the Cyte of London, &c. no place or date.

*** “ This edition is printed in or about 1520, as appears from the list of the London Sheriffs, which in the original (Doesborch) impression closes with the 18th year of Henry VII. i. e, 1502.

In other respects the two Editions correspond page for page. Herbert says

the types are the same as those used by P. Treveris to the Great Herbal in 1526,” see Note by Mr. Heber. The last leaf has had a portion torn away, and the volume

is stained. 197 ARTHUR. The Storye of the Most Noble Kynge Arthur

and his Knyghtes of the Round Table, Fine copy, in russia, but it wants the Title and the fifth leaf containing part of the Table, russia, very rure.

Imprinted by T. East, n. d. 198 The Story of the Most Noble and Worthy Kinge

Arthur, the whiche was the first of the Worthyes Christen, and also of his Noble and Valyaunt Knyghtes of the Round Table, wood CUTS, EXTREMELY

This copy wants the Title, and the last leaf is MS. and not completed, and part of two other leaves are supplied with MS.


OF THE FOURE Sons of Almox.

Here finisheth the History of the Noble and va. liaunt Knyghte, Reynawde of Mountawban, and his three brethern. Imprinted at London by Wynkyn de Worde the VIII daye of Maye, and the yere of our Lorde MCCCCCIIII at the request and commaundement of the noble and puissaunt Erle, the Erle of Oxenforde. And now Emprinted in the yere of our Lorde MCCCCCLIIII. the VI daye of Maye, by Wylliam Copland, for Thomas Petet,

*** Wood cuts.' Remarkably fine copy of this ExTREMELY RARE Romance. The bottom inargin of one leaf has been cut off. Red morocco, from the Ratcliffe

and Roxburghe Collections.


200 BALLADS. I. The Age and Life of Man from Seaven

to Seaventy, in two Parts, printed for R. Burton. II. Birth
and Passion of our Saviour, in two Parts, pd. for F. Cole,
&c. III. The Glorious Resurrection of our Lord, in two
Parts, for the same. IV. The Lamentable Fall of Queen
Elenor, for the same. V. St. George for England, slightly
damaged, for the same. VI. The King's Tryal at West-
minster with his Speech on the Scaffold, with two wood cuts,
printed for R. I. VII. The Traytor's Downfall, printed for
F. Coles. VIII. England's rejoycing, printed for F. G.
IX. Gallant News, printed for F. Grove. X. The Loyal
Subjects exultation, for the same. XI. Trial of the Mur.
therers of the Royal Person. XII. The Covenant, or
no King but the Old King's Son, printed for Charles
Tyus. XIII. A proper New Ballad the Wandering
Prince of Troy, printed for F. Coles. XIV. The Royal
Subjects Joy, in two Parts, printed for C. Tyus. XV.
The Royall Oak, in two Parts, pd. for C. Tyus. XVI.
Ballad shewing how a Prince of England loved the
King's Daughter of France, in two Parts, pd. for F.
Coles. XVII. The Crowning of King Charles II. in two
Parts, pd. for Rd.Burton. XVIII. Here is some comfort
for Poor Cavaleeres, in two Parts, pd. for F. Grove.
XIX. Escape of the King of Scots from Worcester, &c.
pd. for W. Gilbertson. XX. England's pleasant May-
Flower, in two Parts, pd. for the same. XXI. Dying
Teares for the loss of the Duke of Glocester, in two
Parts, pd. for C. Tyus. XXII. The Queen's Lamenta-
tion, pa. for the same. XXIII. England's Great Prog-
nosticator, pd. for F. Grove. XXIV. The Hamshire-
Frigget's fight with six Spanish Ships, in two Parts.
XXV. The Valiant Seaman's Congratulation to K.
Charles II. in two Parts, pd. for F. Grove. XXVI.
New Ballad of Tobias, pd, for F. Coles. XXVII. Chevy
Chase, pd. for the same. XXVIII. The Dying Tears of
a Penitent Sinner, in two Parts, pd. for F. Grove. XXIX.
A Warning for all Worldlings, in two Parts, pd. for F.
Coles. XXX. A Looking Glass for all true Christians,
pd. for the same. XXXI. Hell's Master Piece discovered,
in two Parts, pd. for F. Grove. XXXII. The Cavalier's
Comfort, in two Parts, pd. for W. Gilbertson. XXXIII.
The King's Royal and Triumphant coming to London,
in two Parts, pd. for I. Andrews. XXXIV. England's
Joy in a Lawfull Triumph, on a large sheet with portraits
of the Royal Family, pd. for F. G. XXXV. The
Dutch Damnified, or the Butter-Boxes Bob’d, pd. for
F. Coles. XXXVI. The Manner of Proclaiming Charles

II. by I. W. pd. for W. Gilbertson. XXXVII. A Worthy (200) King's Description, in two Parts. XXXVIII. The Loyal

Subject's Resolution, pd. for T. Mabb. XXXIX. Good
News for England, in two Parts, by A. Starkey, pd. for
M. Wright. XL. London and England Triumphant at
the Proclamation, in two Parts, pd. for F. Grove. XLI.
The Royal Wanderer, in two Parts, pd. for F. Grove.
XLII. England's Joy for the Coming in of Charles II.
with portraits of the Royal Family, in two Parts, pd. for
J. Andrews. XLIII. The Londoner's Lamentation on
the Dreadful Fire of 1666, pd. for I. Clarke. XLIV.
A merry Wedding, or Brave Arthur of Bradly. XLV.
The bloody Butcher, and the two wicked and cruel
Bawds, in two Parts, pd. by E. Crowch. XLVI, Cupid's
Trappan, or up the green Forrest, pd. by E. Crowch.
XLVII. Wonderful Prophesie by Christian James, con-
trived into meeter by L. P. pd. for I. Wright. XLVIII.
The Noble Fisher Man, pd. by Alex. Milbourne. XLIX.
The Godly Maid of Leicester, pd. by E. C. L. The
Lamenting Ladies last farewell to the World, pd. for T.
Vere. LI. A Loyal Subject's Admonition, pd. for F.

LII. The Royall Subject's Warning Piece, in two Parts, by T. R. LIII. Strange Newes from Westmoreland, in two Parts, pd. for E. Andrews. LIV. Arabelļa, the 2d part only. LV. England's Captivity returned. LVI. The English Seaman's Resolution, pd. for F. Coles. LVII. The Royal Victory of 1665, in two Parts, pd. for F. Coles. LVIII. The Faithfull Lover's Farewell, pd. for S. Tyus. LIX. John's Earnest Request, pd. for G. Brooksby. LX. Song of the Love of young Palmus and fair Sheldra, pd. for F. Coles. LXI. Poor Robin's Dream, commonly callid Poor Charity, pd. for J. Clark. LXII. The Young-woman's Complaint, pd. for W. Gilbertson. LXIII. The Praise of Saylors here set forth, pd. for F. Coles. LXIV. News out of the Strand, or the Brewer's Misfortune, being a true Relation of a London Brewer who was taken by his own Wife and the Constable in bed with two strapping lasses both at once, he lying in the middle and they on each side, in two Parts, pd. for F. Grove. LXV. A most sweet song of an English Merchant born in Chichester, pd. for F. Coles. LXVI. The Dying Young Man and obdurate Maid, pd. for I. Andrewes. LXVII. God speed the Plow and bless the Corn mow, pd. for W. Gilbertson. LXVIII. The rarest Ballad that ever was seen, Of the Blind Beggar's Daughter of Bednall Green, pd. for. F. Coles. LXIX. A most excellent Ballad of an Old Man and his Wife, pd. for F. Coles.

LXX. England's Valour and Holland's Terrour, pd. for (200) F. Coles.

LXXI. The Sailor's Departure from his dearest Love, in two Parts, pd. M. Wright. LXXII. Warning for all such as desire to sleep upon the Grass, C. Tyus, 1664. LXXIII. The Country People's Felicity, by L. P. F. Grove. LXXIV. The Spanish Ladies Love, to a pleasant new tune, pd. for F. Coles. LXXV. Lamentation and Complaint of Mrs. Page and George Strangwidge for the Murder of Mr. Page, pd. for F. Coles. LXXVI. The Seaman's adieu to his Dear, in two Parts, pd. for R. Burton. LXXVII. An Admirable New Northern Story, in two Parts, pd. for T. Vere. LXXVIII. The Valiant hearted Seaman, by J. R. LXXIX. The Young Man's Resolution to the Maidens Request, pi. for Eliz. Andrewes. LXXX. An excellent Ballad of George Barnewell, printed in six columns, F. Coles. LXXXI. King John and the Abbot of Canterbury, Ch. Brooksby. LXXXII. The Jovial Crew, or Begger's Bush, W. Gilbertson. LXXXIII. The Benefit of Marriage, E. Andrews. LXXXIV. The Country Lover's Conquest, R. Burton. LXXXV. The Norfolk Gentleman, (The Babes in the Wood,) F. Coles. LXXXVI. England's Royall Conquest, in two Parts, R. Burton. LXXXVII. The Patient Wife Betrayed, J. Clark. LXXXVIII. The kind hearted Maiden's Resolution, J. Clark, LXXXIX. Natures Wonder, near Salisbury, E. Andrews, 1664. XC. A good Warning for all Maidens, F. Coles. XCI. Beauty's Cruelty, J. Deacon.

XCII. A Looking Glasse for Maids, T. Vere. XCIII. The Seaman's Song of Capt. Ward. XCIV. The Seaman's Song of Dansekar the Duchman,' F. Coles. XCV. The Two Faithful Lovers, W. 0. XCVI. The Valiant Commander with his Resolute Lady. XCVII. Loves fierce desire and Hopes of Recovery, T. Vere. XCVIII. A Potion for an Apothecary, T. Vere. XCXIX. Phillis forsaken in Pursuit of Coridon, W. Whitwood. C. The Most rare and Excellent Hist. of the Duchess of Suffolk's Calamity, F. Coles. CI. England's Triumph and Holland's Downfall, F. Coles. CII. Queen Eleanor's Confession, C. Bates. CIII. A godly new Ballad, Intituled A Dozen of Points. CIV. The Angell Gabriell his Salutation to the Virgin Mary, F. Coles. CV. The Green sickness greif, F. Coles. CVI. The Dead Man's Song, whose Dwelling was near Basing hall in London, imperfect. The second Part is transposed. CVII. A new Ballad, Intituled a Warning to Youth, imperfect. CVIII. The Green-sickness grief. CIX. The Batchellor's Fore.Cast. CX. The Knight

and the Beggar Wench, pd. for F. Coles. CXI. The

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