Imatges de pÓgina

(200) Honour of an Apprentice of London, partly supplied by

MS. pd. for F. Coles. CXII. Love's Paradice, in two
Parts. pd. for W. Kendrick. CXIII. The Lancashire
Cuckold, or the Country Parish Clark betrayed by a
Conjurer's inchanted Chamber Pot, pd. for I. Blare.
CXIV. A new Ballad of the Souldier and Peggy, pd. for
F. Coles. ' CXV. Lamentable Ballad of Fair Rosamond,
on the reverse, Strange and Wonderful News from
Rome, in prose, pd. for J. Deacon. CXVI. The Down-
fall of W. Grismond in the County of Hereford, pd. for
F. Coles. CXVII. The Famous Sea-Fight between
Capt. Ward and the Rainbow, pd. for F. Coles. CXVIII.
The Famous Flower of Serving-Men, in two Parts, pd.
for J. Andrewes. CXIX. Strephon and Cloris, or the Coy
Shepherd and kind Shepherdess, pd. for J. Deacon.
CXX. A pleasant new Ballad of King Edward the fourth
and a Tanner of Tamworth, in two Parts, pd. for F. Coles.
CXXI. Amintas and Claudia, or The Merry Shepherdess.

Shewing whatever he from Vertue did not draw

She circumvented with a ha, ha, ha.pd. for W. Thackery. CXXII. A Jolly Company of Jovial Blades,

Who laugh and are as merry as the Maids. (in two Parts.) CXXIII. A True Character of Sundry Trades and Callings, (in two Parts,) pd. for P. Brooksby. CXXIV. A New Game at Cards, or The three Nimble Shuffling Cheaters. CXXV. An excellent new Song, or A true Touch of the Times, P. Brooksby. CXXVI. The Forlorn Lover. CXXVII. The Merry Hay-Makers, pd. for C. B.

CXXVIII. The Maiden's Delight, in two Parts, pd. for F. Grove. CXXIX. The Unconstant Shepherd, pd. for C. Bates. CXXX. The Arcadian Lovers, in Two Parts, pd. by T. Mabb. CXXXI. The Fall of Queen Eleanor, pd. for W. 0. CXXXII. The Triumphs of four Nations, (for the Peace at Breda), in two Parts. CXXXIII. Devol's Last Farewell, pd. for C. tes. . CXXXIV. The man's Compass, in two Parts, pd. for F. G. CXXXV. The Covetous Mother, pd. for J. Deacon. CXXXVI. Holland turned to Tinder, in two Parts, pd. for E. Crowch. CXXXVII. Flora's Farewell, in two Parts, pd. for A. Milbourn. CXXXVIII. Truth's Integrity, in two Parts, pd. for F. Coles. CXXXIX. The Merchant's Daughter of Bristow, imperfect, F. Coles. CXL. Another Copy of the same Ballad, W. 0. CXLI. Chevy Chase, F. Coles. CXLII. The Young Man's Answer to the Maiden's Resolution, J. Clarke. CXLIII. Fancies Favourite, or the Mirror of the Times.' CXLIV. A Turn Coat of the Times,

W. O. CXLV.' The Great Boobee, in two Parts, R. I.


(200) CXLVI. Poor Anthony's Complaint against his Miseries

of Marriage, I. Conyers. CXLVII. Prides fall, or A
Warning for all English Women, F. Coles. CXLVIII.
The Ladies Fall, F. Coles. CXLIX. Tragical End of a
Gallant Lord and Vertuous Lady, F. Coles, CL. The
Two Faithful Lovers, pd. for A. M. CLI. The Wife of
Bath, damaged, F. Coles. CLII. Sir W. Raleigh's Sail-
ing in the Low Lands, J. Conyers. CLIII. A Warning-
piece for Ingroosers of Corne, W. Gilbertson. CLIV.
Johnny Armstrong's last Goodnight, W.0. CLV. The
Devil's Conquest, or a Wish obtained, S. Tyus.' CLVI.
Robin Hood newly reviv’d, pd. for A. Milbourne. CLVII.
The Seamen's leave taken, in two Parts, pd. for F. Coles.
CLVIII. The Ballad of the Cloak, pd. for A. M. CLIX.
Save a Thief from the Gallows and heel hang thee if he

CLX. The Confession of George Sanders, pd. for F. C.

CLXI. The unfortunate Love of a Lancashire Gentleman, F. Coles. CLXII. Love in a Maze. CLXIII. The Bride's Burial, W. 0. CLXIV. The Vertuous Wife, F. Cole. CLXV. Neptunes Raging Fury, T. Mabb. CLXVI. Jane Shore, in two parts, W.0. imperfect. CLXVII. Love Lies a Bleeding, in two parts, F. G. CLXVIII. Ditty on the Death of the Earl of Essex, 1603. CLXIX. Ballad on the Earl of Essex, A.M. CLXX. A constant wife and a kind wife, F. Coles. CLXXI. Robin Hood rescuing Will Stutly, W. 0. CLXXII. The Sailor and his Lore, F. Coles. CLXXIII. Robin Hood and the Tanner, A. M. CLXXIV. Fancies Phoenix, in two parts, the second imperfect. CLXXV. Robin Hood's Progress to Nottingham, W.O. CLXXVI. Cupid's Golden Dart, in two parts. CLXXVII. The Seaman and Soldiers Last Farewell, F. Coles. CLXXVIII. Pleasant Song made by a Souldier. CLXXIX. A Noble Riddle wisele Expounded, F. Coles. CLXXX. The Ballad of the Cloak, A.M. CLXXXI. A most Notable Example of an ungracious Son, F. Coles. CLXXXII. The Low-Country Soldier, C. Bates. CLXXXIII. The North Country Maid's resolution, in two parts, F. Grove. CLXXXIV. The Three Merry Butchers, J. Bissel. CLXXXV. The Wandering Prince of Troy, A. M. CLXXXVI. Dr. Faustus, F. Coles. CLXXXVII. Titus Andronicus, F.Coles. CLXXXVIII. A new made Medley, P. Brooksby. CLXXXIX. The King's Health, J. Hindmarsh, 1682. CXC. Scotish Contract wanton Willy and mincy Meggy, R. Burton. CXCI. The True English Prophet, 1697. CXCII. The Scotch Man Out Witted, J. Deacon. CXCIII. John Robinson's Park, in two

parts, CXCIV. A jolly Company of jovial Blades, F.

Coles. CXCV. The World's Wonder in the wilde of
Kent, Grove. CXCVI. The Charming Bride, J. Deacon.
CXCVII. New Ballad on the Land Bank. CXCVIII.
A Caveat for Young men, by J. Wade, J. Andrews.
CXCIX. Flora's Farewell, in two parts. CC. The Late
Sea Engagement. CCI. The Young Lover's Enquiry,
C. Bates. CCII. The two Constant Lovers, in two parts.
F. Coles. CIII. The Devils Oak, C. Bates. CCIV.
The Constancy of Susanna, F. Coles.

*** A very extraordinary Collection in one Volume. Many of these Ballads are reprints of much earlier Editions and not written at the time of their Printing.


Octavo et Infra.

201 Bradford (J.) Two Notable Sermons, Made by that

worthy Martyr of Christ, the one of Repentance, and the other of the Lordes supper, never before imprinted, black letter,

Imprinted by John Awdeley, 1574 202 Bradstreate (Anne). The Tenth Muse lately sprung up in

America, or Severall Poems, compiled with great variety of Wit and Learning, full of delight. Wherein especially is contained a compleat discourse and description of the Four Elements, Constitutions, Ages of Man, Seasons of the year, together with an Exact Epitome of the Four Monarchies. Also a Dialogue between Old England and New, concerning the late troubles, with divers other pleasant and serious Poems. By a gentlewoman in those parts, first edition,

Imprinted at London for Stephen Bowtell, 1650 203 The same, second edition,

Boston, printed by John Foster, 1678 204 Brathwaite (Richard). The Golden Fleece. Whereto

be annexed two Elegies, Entitled Narcissus Change, and Æson's Dotage, with Sonnets or Madrigals,

Printed for Christopher Pursett, 1611 205 The Poet's Willow, or, The Passionate Shepheard ;

with sundry delightfull and no lesse Passionate Sonnets, describing the passions of a discontented and perplexed Lover. Imprinted by John Beale for Samuel Rand, 1614. Essaies upon the Five Senses, with a pithie one upon Detraction. Printed by E. G. for R. Whitaker, 1620, in 206 Brathwait (Richard) A Strappado for the Divell. Epigrams

1 vol.

and Satyres alluding to the time, with divers measures of no lesse Delight. Printed by J. B. for R. Redmer, 1615. Love's Labyrinth, or The true-Lover's knot, including the disastrous fals of two starcrost Lovers, Pyramus and Thysbe, by R. Brathwayte, printed for the

same, 1615, in 1 vol. 207 Remains after Death : Including by way of introduc

tion, divers memorable observances occasioned upon discourse of Epitaphs and Epycedes. This is the imperfect copy described in the Bibl. Anglo-Poet.

J. Beule, 1618 208 Nature's Einbassie, or the Wild-man's Measures,

Danced naked by twelve Satyres,' with sundry others, continued in the next Section.

Printed for Richard Whitaker, 1621 209 Times Curtaine Drawne, or the Anatomie of Vanitie,

with other Choice Poems, entituled Health from Helicon, fine copy, EXTREMELY RARE, one leaf torn,

Printed by J. Dawson for John Bellamie, 1621 210 Astræas Teares, an Elegie upon the Death of Sir Richard Hutton, wanting portrait, but uncut,

1641 211 Barnabees Journall under the Names of Mirtilus and

Faustulus shadowed ; for the Travellers Solace lately published, to most apt numbers reduced and to the old Tune of Barnabe commonly chanted.

First Edition, frontispiece by Marshall, fine copy, in

green morocco, with joints, 212 Drunken Barnaby's Journeys, two Editions in one vol. frontispiece and plates,

· 1716-23 213 The Honest Ghost, or, a. Voice from the Vault;

frontispiece by Vaughan. An Age for Apes and Parthenias

Passions, scarce, frontispiece by Vaughan, 1658, in 1 vol. 214 The Captive-Captain, or the Restrained Cavalier

drawn to his full Bodie in these Characters of a Prison. The Anatomy of a Jayler. A. Jayler's Wife, &c. very

rare, 215 Brett (Arthur) Patientia Victrix, or the Book of Job in Lyrick Verse,

1661 216 Another copy, ex dono Auctoris."

1661 217 Brice (Thomas) A Compendious Register in Metre, con

teining the names and pacient suffryngs of the membres of Jesus Christ and the tormented and cruelly burned within Englande since the death of our famous Kyng of immortall memory, Edward the Sixte, very rare and curious, from the Bibl. Anglo-Poetica; the title page damaged, and one leaf of the Poem wanting.

Imprynted by John Kyngston for Richard Adams 1559

n. d.

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218 Another Edition, newly imprinted at the earnest request of

divers godly and well disposed Citizens (with the omission of the Dedication, Preliminary Part and Verses after the Register). fine copy, in russia.

Imprinted by Simon Stafford, 1599 919 Brome's (Richard) Playes, portrait by Cross, 2 vol. 1653 220 Another copy, 2 vol. wants portrait,

1653 221 Brome (Alex.) Songs and other Poenis, portrait, 1661 222 Another copy, without the portrait,

1661 223 Another copy, with the portrait, wormed at the end. 1661 224 Brooke (H.) Poems and Plays, with Life, 4 vol. 1789 225 Brown's (Thomas) Works, Serious and Comical, in Prose and Verse, 5 vol.

1715 226 · Another Edition, 5 vol. cuts,

1721 227 Browne's (Edward) Sacred Poems, or Briefe Meditations of the day in generall and of all the dayes in the weeke.

Printed by E. Griffin, 1641 228 Another copy, with notes and illustrations by Park. 1641 229 Browne's (J. H.) Poems, 1768. Mrs. Brooke's Poems,

1756. W. Broome's Poems, 1727. Moses Browne's Poems, 1739, and Woodhouse's Poems, 1766, in 1 vol. The Bruciad, an Epick Poem, 1769, and Vida's Christiad by Granan, 1771. Burns's Poems, 1787. Bushe's Socrates, 1762. Butler's Hudibras, 1694, together 10

vol. in 8. 230 Browne's (William) Britannia's Pastorals, the last leaf sup

plied by MS. It contains several Odes, &c. in MS. addressed to the Author, which are supposed to be unpublished,

Printed by John Haviland, 1625 231 Another copy, gilt leaves,

1625 232 Browne's (William) Works edited by Thompson, 3 vol. in 1,

1772 233 Bruce. Acts and Life of the most victorious Conqueror

Robert Bruce King of Scotland, with the valiant deeds

of Edward Bruce, Sir J. Douglas, &c. Edinburgh, 1670 234 Another Edition, a fragment, wanting both beginning and end. 235 Buckingham's (Villiers, Duke of) Works, 2 vol. 1715 236

-(Sheffield, Duke of) Works, 2 vol. 1753 237 Bulkeley's (J.) The Last Day, A Poem in xui Books, pre

sentation copy to the Prince of Wales, in rich old red morocco,

1720 238 Bullokar (John). A true Description of the Passion of our

Saviour Jesus Christ, &c. In English Meetre by John
Bullokar, Calend. Novemb. 1618, London, 1622

Perhaps the same author as the English
239 Bunyan (John) A Book for Boys and Girls, or Temporal
Things Spiritualized, blue morocco,


** Rare.

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