Imatges de pÓgina
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240 Burton's (Richard) Wars in England, Scotland and Ireland,

illustrated with Pictures curiously Ingraven on Copper Plates,

1681 241 Another remarkably fine copy,

1681 242 Another Edition,

1684 243

1697 244 Burton (Richard) Delights for the Ingenious in above

Fifty Select and Choice Emblems, Divine and Moral, to
which is prefixed, An Incomparable Poem Intituled
Majesty in Misery, or an Imploration to the King of
Kings, plates,

1684 *** I take this to be much the scarcest of all this voluminous Author's Publications." J. Bindley.

History of the Kingdoms of Scotland and Ireland, with plates,

1685 246 English Monarchs with their pictures, from William

the Conqueror to his present Majesty, 1685—Wars in England, Scotland and Ireland, 1684-Historical Remarks on the Ancient and Present State of London, 1684-Admirable Curiosities of England, Scotland and Ireland, 1684, 4 vol. in 1, fine copies in the original bind

ing, with cuts. 247 Extraordinary Adventures, Revolutions and Events, plates,

1728 248 Busenello (G. Fr.) A Prospective of the Naval Triumph of

the Venetians over the Turk, trans. by T. Higgons, 1658 249 Butler's (Samuel) Hudibras, I. II. III. and last Part, 3 vol.

1663-4-78 250 Another Edition, 2 Parts in 1,

1674 251 -2 vol. in 1,

1704 252 Hudibras, with Annotations by Grey, 2 vol. cuts by

Hogarth, I. Reed's Copy, with many MS. notes by him, 1744 253 Another copy, 2 vol.

1744 254 The Scotch Hudibras,

1692 255 Butler's (Samuel) Posthumous Works in Prose and Verse, 3 vol. in 1,

1716 256 Genuine Remains, with Notes by Thyer, 2 vol. 1759 257 Byrom's (John) Miscellaneous Poems, 2 vol. 1773 258 C. (G.) A Pitious platforme of an oppressed mynde, set

downe by the extreme surmyzes of sundrye distressed meditations by G. C. Imprinted by T. Gardiner, n. d.

*** In some Catalogues, on the strength of the Initials, these Poems are attributed to George Chapman,

but there is no pretence for assigning them to him. 259 C. (J.) The Melancholy Cavalier, or Fancy's Master Piece, A Poem by J. C. very rare.

Printed for C. R. in the year 1654


260 C. (J.) The Musés Mistresse, or a Store House of Rich

Fancies. Written at Suceidanious hours during the
Action at Newark. With other high Rapsodies ex•
tracted from the choicest Wits of our Age, extremely
rare, green morocco,

Printed in the year 1660 261 C. (R.) The School of Vertue and Book of Good Nurture :

teaching Children and Youth their Duties (in Verse) 1677 262 C. (S.) Whigg's Supplication, a Mock-Poem, in Two Parts,

Edinburgh, printed by J. Reid, 1687 263 C. (W.) Poems on Several Occasions.

Printed for the Author, 1694 264 The Caledoniad, A Collection of Poems written chiefly by Scottish Authors, 3 vol.

1775 265 Calver's (Edward) England's Sad Posture, or a true De

scription of the present Estate of poore distressed Eng-
land (in verse)

1644 266 Calvyn (John). Thre Notable Sermones, made by the

godly and famous Clerke Maister John Calvyn. Eng-
lished by William Warde, black letter.
Printed by Rouland Hall dwellynge in Gutter Lane at

the sygne of the half Egle and the Keye, 1562 267 Canting Academy, or the Devil's Cabinet Opened, with

several New Catches and Songs, frontispiece, 1673 268 Capell's (Edw.) Prolusions, or Select Pieces of Antient Poetry, red morocco,

Tonson, 1760 269 Caps well fit, or Select Epigrams Serious and Comic,

Newcastle, 1786 270 Carew's (Thomas) Poems, The second Edition revised and enlarged, with Autograph of Henry Bradshawe.

Printed by J. D. for Thomas Walkley, 1642 271 Carew's (Thomas) Poems. Songs and Sonnets together

with a Masqué, 1671. Carey's Poems, 1720. The De-
serving Favorite, a Trag. Com. by L. Carlelí, 1659.
The Passionate Lovers, 1655. Caroloiades, or the Re.
bellion of 1641, 1689. Chamberlayne's Pharonnida,
1659. Champion's Poems, 1773. Chatterton's Mis-

cellaniès, 1778, 8 vol.
272 Carey's (G.S.) Analects in Verse and Prose, 2 vol. in 1, 1770
273 Carlell's (Lodowick) The Deserving Favourite, 1659. C.

Cotton's Wonders of the Peake, 1683. W. Chamber

layne's Pharonnida, wants the head, 1639, together 3 vol. 274 Carliell's (Robert) Britaine's Glorie, or an Allegoricall Dreame with the Exposition thereof, bound by C. Lewis,

Printed by G. Eld. *** The date of publication was 1619, but the titlepage having been damaged, the year has disappeared

from it. Rare.

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275 Cartwright's (William) Comedies, Tragi-Comedies, with

other Poems, portrait by Lombart, fine copy, in green morocco, with morocco lining,

1651 *** This copy contains Verses on the Queen's Return from the Low Countries, and on the Death of Sir Bevill Grenville, with some lines supplied in MS, which are

usually left blank. 276 Comedies, Tragi.Comedies, with other Poems, portrait,

1651 277 Cartwright (George) The Heroick Lover, or the Infanta of Spain,

Printed by R. W. 1661 278 Carysfort (Lord) The Revenge of Guendolen. This Poem

is the Production of Lord Carysfort, Dr. Watson, Bishop of Llandaff, told me in 1786, that 12 copies of it only

were printed. MS. Note by I. Reed. 279 Casimire, The Odes of, translated by G. H., frontispiece,

Printed by T. W. for H. Moseley, 1646 280 CATASCOPOS. A SURVEIGH AND CRITIQyE CENSURE OF THE CHRISTIAN WORLD, bound in calf by C. Lewis, extremely From the Presse of William Stansby, and are to be

sold by John Smethwicke, 1615 281 Cato, in English Verse, by John Penkethınan, 1624 282 Centliyre's Works and Life, 3 vol.

1761 283 Chalkhill's (J.) Thealma and Clearchus,

1683 284 Chamberlaine's (James) Sacred Poem on the Birth of Jesus, &c. and other Poems, frontispiece,

1680) 285 Sacred Poem on the Death, Resurrection, and Ascension of Jesus, frontispiece,

1680 286 Charles I. Monumentum Regale, or A Tombe erected for

that incomparable and Glorious Monarch Charles the First, in select Elegies, Epitaphs, and Poems, formerly belonging to Cole,

1649 287 Chatterton (T.) Poems of Rowley, with Observations by Warton, Richard Heber."

1778 288 Chaucer's Canterbury Tales, with Notes and Glossary by Tyrwhitt, 5 vol. red morocco, gilt leaves,

1775 289 Chaucer's (G.) Canterbury Tales Modernis'd by several Hands, 3 vol.

1741 :290 Chaucer's Ghoast, or a Piece of Antiquity containing twelve

pleasant Fables of Ovid, with the History of Prince Corniger,

1672 291 Cheltenham Guide, 1781. Lady Chudleigh's Poems, 1709.

B. Clarke's Collection of Poems, 1751. S. Cobb's Poems on Several Occasions, 1710. E. Cobden's Poems, 1748,

5 vol. . 292 Chorus Poetarum, or Poems on Several Occasions, by the

Duke of Buckingham, Sir J. Denham, Etheridge, Behn, &c. in old blue morocco,


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n. d.

293 Chudleigh (Lady) Poems on Several Occasions, 1722 294 Church. Due Way of Composing the Differences, 1660.

Dialogue between a Churchman and Quaker, 1699. The Second Spira, a Fearful Example of an Atheist, by J. S. 1693. Principles of the Holy Christian Religion, 1691,

4 Tracts. 295 Churchill's (C.) Poems, 3 vol.

1766 296 Works, 4 vol.

1774 297 Clapham (H.) A Breife of the Bible, drawne into English

Poesy, with Annotations, badly stained, Waldégrave, 1596 298 Clark (John) The Works of the Caledonian Bards, translated from the Galic,

Edinb. 1783 299 Clavell (John) A. Recantation of an ill·led Life, or a Dis

coverie of the Highway Law, (in Verse) wanting the portrait,

1628 300 Cleland. Effigies Clericorum, wanting title, and two leaves

in the middle, blue morocco, 301 Cleland (William). A Collection of Several Poems and

Verses composed upon various Occasions, 1697 302 Cleveland (J.) Poems, with Additions, 1651. Hymnus

Tabaci, a Thorio, Latin and English, 1651, in 1 vol. 303 Poems, with Additions, 1651. with Additions never before printed, 1653.


1657. Revived, Poems, Orations, and Epistles, 1660. Poems, with Additions never before printed, 1661. 1662. Poems and Cleveland Revived, 1665.

1669, together 9 vol. The copy of 165 i contains in addition, Character of a Diurnall-maker, 1654. Bishop Corbet's Poems, 1647. : Hero and Leander, 1653. Two Centuries of Paul's Church Yard, n. d.--and the Edition

of 1653, contains MSS. Notes by Park. 304 Poems, with Additions never before printed, 1653 305 Poems, with Additions never before printed, portrait,

Printed for W. Shears, 1659 306 Revived ; Poems, Orations, Epistles, and other of his

Genuine Incomparable Pieces, never before publisht, with some other Exquisite Remains of the most eminent Wits of both the Universities, that were his Contemporaries, portrait, first edition, fine copy, in russia,

Printed for Nath. Brook, 1659 307 Poems, Orations and Epistles, portrait,

1662 308 Works, containing his Poems, Orations, and Epistles, with Life.' See MS. note by Heber,

1687 309 Clievelandi Vindiciæ, or Cleveland's Genuine Poems purged from the many False and Spurious Ones.

See Note by Mr. Heber,

1677 310 Clobery (Chr.) Divine Glimpses of a Maiden Muse, being

•various Meditations and Epigrams on Several Subjects,

with a probable future Cure of our present Epidemical Malady. If the means be not too long neglected, Elizabeth Clobery her Book,"

Printed by James Cottrell, 1659 311 CHURCHYARD (Thomas)


A Discourse of Rebellion, drawne forth to warne the
wanton wittes how to kepe their heads on their shoulders.
Imprinted in Flete streat by Wylliam Griffith, Anno Do-
mini, 1570. The first of Maye. This unique Poetical
Tract consists of four leaves, and finishes on the reverse of
the fourth thus : Finis. Quoth Churchyard.

** This and the following Lots of Churchyard's Works, Nos. 312, 314, 354, 355, 356, 357, 358, 359, 360, 362, 363, 364, 365, 366, 367, 368, 370, 371, 372, 373, 374, 375, and 376, are uniformly bound in green

morocco, with borders of gold by Lewis. 312 A Prayse and Reporte of Maister Martyne For.

boisher's Voyage to Meta Incognita, (a name given by a mightie and most great personage), in which praise and reporte is written divers discourses never published by any man as yet. Now spoken of by Thomas Churchvarde, Gentleman, and dedicated to the right honorable M. Secretarie Wilson, one of the Queene's Majesties most honorable Privie Counsell.

Imprinted for Andrew Maunsell in Paules Churchyard at the signe of the Parret.

*** This is a Tract of the greatest rarity, and peculiarly interesting from the mention it makes of all our early discoverers as Sir Hew Willobie, Maister Hawkins, and Maister Jenkinson, Chancelar and Borrowes, which Chancelar especially was the odde man of his tyme for matters touchyng the Sea. The following notice of Cabot, who is always called Gabotha, seems particularly worthy of attention.

“And albeit that this jorney is a speciall thing to be spoken of, yet in reading Belle Forest in the second tome and other Authours, I finde that Gabotha was the firste in Kyng Henrie the Seventh's daies that discovered this frosen land or seas from sixtie seven towards the north, and from thence towards the south -along the cost of America, to thintie-six degrees and a halfe, as it is affirmed in the sixth booke of the Decade.' This passage has escaped the researches of Mr. Biddle in his

Life of Cabot.

n. d.

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