Imatges de pÓgina

313 CHURCIYARD (Thomas) A Plaine or moste true report of a

daungerous service, stoutely attempted, and manfully
brought to passe by Englishmen, Scuttes men, Wallous
and other worthy soldiours, for the takyng of Macklin
on the sodaine, a strong Citee in Flaunders ; sette forthe
at large with speciall pointes to bee noted, black letter,
very rare,
Imprinted by Jhon Perrin, dwellyng in Paules Church-

yarde, n. d. 314 The most true Reporte of James Fitz Morrice Death,

and others the like offenders ; with a brief discourse of Rebellion dedicated to the right worshipfull my lovyny freende M. Drewe Drewrie, brother to the honorable Sir Willyam Drewrie, Lorde Justice of Ireland, written by Thomas Churchyard, Gent. 6 leaves,

Imprinted by Edward White. *** Excessively rare, and perhaps unique.


315 Brydges (S. E.) Occasional Poems,

1816 316 Buck (George) The Great Plantagenet, or a Continued

Succession of that Royall Name, from Henry the Second to our Sacred Soveraigne King Charles. The last three leaves are damaged, bound by C. Lewis,

Printed by Nicholas and John Okes, 1635 *** This is a new edition of Sir George Buck's Daphnis Polustephanos, with various alterations and

omissions. 317 Butler (Samuel) Hudibras, with Notes by Nash, 3 vol. portrait and plates, bound in hogskin, 200 copies printed,


very prety Apothegmes and pleasaunt histories, both in
meeter and prose Songes, Sonets, EPIGRAMS AND EPISTLES,
of diverse matter, and in diverse manner, with sundry
other devises no lesse pithye then pleasaunt, and pro-
fytable, black letter, fine copy, in morocco, by C. Lewis,
extremely rare,
Imprinted by Thomas Purfoote dwelling in Newgate

Market, 1579.
*** This is probably the work of Henry Chettle,
although somebody in a comparatively inodern hand has
written Henry Constable on the title page. It is not at

all in the style of Constable. 319 C. (R.) Elegie Sacred to the Immortall Memory of the Lady Margaret Smith,

n. do

320 C. (R.) The Triumphant Weaver, or the Art of Weaving

Discuss'd and Handled, in three Parts; written all in verse for the Divertisement of all, either young or old, bound by Lewis,


TIFE AND THE DEFENDAUNT. COMPYLED BY WILLIAM CALVERLEY WHYLES HE WAS PRISONER IN THE TOWRE of London, black letter, fine copy, in Venetian morocco, by C. Lewis,

Thus endeth the Dialogue of the Playntyf and the Defendaunte. Printed at London by Thomas Godfray, n.d.

*** This Poetical Dialogue is dedicated to the Kynges

highnesse. It is very rare. 329 Cambridge. A Poem attempting something upon the

Rarities of Cambridge, 1673. University Queries in a Gentle Touch by the By, Cambridge, 1659. Recantation of Dr. Scargill made before the University of Cambridge, 1669. Somnium Cantabrigiense, a Poem on the Death of the late King, 1650. The Quaker Disarmed, Relation of a Dispute held at Cambridge, 1659. Gagg

for Quakers, 1659, 6 tracts. 323 Camoens (Luis de) The Lusiad, an Epic Poem, translated by Mickle,

1776 324 The Lusiad, translated by Mickle, Oxford, 1778 325 Canning (George) Poems, 1767. Cumberland's Calvary,

1792, 2 vol. 326 CAPYSTRANUS, a Metrical Romance, Black letter, with wood

cuts, imperfect, probably printed by Wynkyn de Worde,

from the Roxburghe Library. 327 Carey (H.) Poems and Plays on Several Occasions, portrait,

1729 328 Dramatick Works, 1743. Works of Hesiod, trans

lated by Cooke, 1728, 2 vol. 329 Cartheny (John) The Voyage of the Wandring Knight,

translated out of French into English by W. G. dedicated to Sir F. Drake, in three parts.

Printed by E. Crowch, 1670 330 CELESTINA. The Delightful History of Celestina the Faire,

Daughter to the King of Thessalie, shewing how she was inchaunted by the three Fairies, &c. done out of French into English by William Barley, black letter,

Printed by A. I. for William Barley, 1596 *** Extremely rare. Damaged at the end, and a

portion of the last leaf torn away. 331 Chap Books. The History of Fryer Bacon, Johnny Arm

strong, Seven Champions, in 1 vol, Printed by T. Norris at the Looking-glass on London Bridge.


332 CHAPMAN (George) SKIA Nuktos, THE SHADOW

Night; CONTAINING TWO POETICALL HYMNES, DEVISED BY G. C., Gent. Versas mei habebunt aliquantum Noctis. Antilo. printed by R. F. for William Ponsonby, 1594

*** One of the rarest and ablest of Chapman's Productions. In his dedication to my deare and most worthy Friend, Master Mathew Roydon, Chapman says, “ Good Lord how serious and eternall are their idolatrous platts for riches ; no marvaile sure they here do so much good with thein. And heaven no doubt will grovill on the earth (as they do) to imbrace them. But I stay this spleene when I remember, my good Mat. how joyfully oftentimes you reported unto me, that most ingenious Darbie, deep-searching Northumberland, and skill.embracing heire of Hunsdon, had most profitably entertained learning in themselves to the vital warmth of freezing science."

This and the following nine Lots of Chapman's Works are uniformly bound in Venetian morocco, by C. Lewis. They are beautiful copies of Productions of well known

rarity and intrinsic excellence. 333 Seaven Bookes of the Iliades of Homere, Prince of

Poets, Translated according to the Greeke, in judgment
of his best Commentaries, by George Chapman, Gent.
very scarce,
Achilles Shield. Translated as the other Seven

, 334

Bookes of Homer, out of his eighteenth booke of Iliades, by George Chapman, Gent. extremely rare.

Imprinted by John Windet, 1598 335 EUTHYMIA RAPTUS, OR THE TEARES OF PEACE WITH INTERLOCUTIONS, very rare,

Printed by H. L. for Rich. Bonian, 1609 336 Andromeda Liberata, or The Nuptials of Perseus and Andromeda, with the Autograph of Grace Carendysshe,

Printed for Lawrence L'Isle, 1614 337 An Epicede, or Funerall Song On the most disas

trous Death of the High-borne Prince of Men, Henry Prince of Wales, with the Funeralls and Representation of the Herse, &c. printed by T. S. for John Budge, 1612. The Funerals of the High and Mighty Prince Henry by G. Chapman, in one vol. 1613.

*** This copy contains a large folding plate by Hole of the Herse and Representation of the Prince of Wales, which was wanting in the one described in the B. A. Poet. This plate does not appear to have been in Sir

M. Sykes's copy. This was formerly Steevens's. 339 Eugenia, or True Nobilities Trance; For the Most

Memorable Death of the Thrice Noble and Religious,

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William Lord Russell. Divided into foure - Vigils of the Night.

1614 * Steevens's copy, very rare.

In the Dedication Chapman undertakes every year to celebrate the death of Lord Russell, but it does not appear that he performed

his promise. 340 CHAPMAN (GEORGE.) THE GEORGICKS OF Hesiod, trans

lated elaborately out of the Greek ; containing Doctrine of Husbandrie, Moralitie, and Pietie; with a perpetuall Calendar of Good and Bad Daies, not superstitious but necessarie (as farre as naturall Causes compell) for all Men to observe, and difference in following their affaires,

Printed by H. L. for Miles Patrick, 1618 * Dedicated to "the Most Noble Combiner of Learning and Honour, Sir Francis Bacon." It contains also Commendatory Verses by Drayton and Ben Jonson. A most beautiful and large copy; in general the marginal notes have been cụt into by the binder, but here there is a wide margin beyond them. One of the fly-leaves contains the autograph of Chapman, presenting the book

to Mr. Jaspar Tyon. - 341 Chapman (George) Pro Vere Autumni Lachrymæ, In

scribed to the Immortal Memorie of the most Pious and Incomparable Souldier Sir Horatio Vere, Knight ; Besieged and distrest in Mainhem.

Printed by B. Alsop for Tho. Walkley, 1622 342 A Justification of a Strange Action of Nero ;

burying with a solemne Funerall One of the cust Hayres of his Mistresse Poppæa. Also a just reproofe of a Romane smell-Feast, being the fifth Satyre of Juvenall, Translated by George Chapman.

Imprinted by Tho. Harper, 1629 343 Charles I. An Elegie on the Meekest of Men, the most

glorious of Princes, &c. 1649. An Elogie and Epitaph

upon Charles I. by F. H. 1649, 2 Poetical Tracts. 344 An Elegie and Epitaph, On that glorious Saint and

blessed Martyr King Charles I. The best of Kings since Christ : but murther'd by the worst of men since the Creation (in verse),

1661 345 Chatterton (T.) Poems, with Commentary, and Defence of their Antiquity by J. Milles,

1782 346 CHATTERTONIANA. A Collection of the various Works of

Chatterton as originally published, and of the various Biographical and Critical Pieces relating to his Life and Writings, embracing the works of Bryant, Milles, Tyrwhitt, Horace Walpole, Malone, Warton, Gregory and other eminent writers respecting that extraordinary Ge

nius, and illustrating many curious points in English

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History and Literature, collected by Dr. Lort, with MS. Notes by him, cuttings from Newspapers and Magazines, &c. Also some Specimens of Chatterton's Autograph, bound in 2 vol. 4to. 4 vol. 8vo. and in 1, 12mo.

half morocco, uncut, from Mr. Hanrott's Library, 1974-88 37 CHAUCER (GEFFRAY) THE ASSEMBLE OF FOULEs. Here

foloweth the assemble of foules veray pleasaunt and
compendyous to rede or here, compyled by the preclared
and famous clerke, GEFFRAY CHAUCER.
Imprynted in London in Flete strete at the sygne of the
Sonne agaynste the condyte by me Wynkyn de Worde.
The xxiii. day of January, in the yere of our lorde

** “ THIS IS THE ONLY COPY KNOWN. It may be found described in Longman's Bibl. Anglo-Poetica, n. 96."

See MS. note by Mr. Heber. 348 Cheapside Cross. The dolefull Lamentation of Cheapside

Crosse, or old England sick of the Staggers, 1641

*** It relates to an attack made upon the Cross by a body of Puritans, on Jan. 24, 1641. With a wood

cut of the Cross in Cheapside. 349 Cheke (Sir John) A Royall Elegie briefly describing the

Vertuous Reigne, and happy (though inmature) Death of the most Mightie and renowned Prince, King Edward the sixth, King of England, France and Ireland, who died in the Sixteenth yeere of his age, and in the seventh yeere of his Reigne, never before published but most worthy to be read of all Estates in these our dayes, with woud cut portrait on the title. Imprinted for H. Holland

and are to be sold at Christ Churche-door, 1610 350 CHETTLE (H.) ENGLANDE's MOURNING GARMENT: Worne

here by plaine Shepheardes in memorie of their sacred Mistresse ELIZABETH, Queene of Vertue while shee lived and Theame of Sorrow being dead. To which is added the true manner of her Emperiall Funerall. After which foloweth the Shepheards Spring Song for entertainement of King James our most potent Soveraigne. Dedicated to all that loved the deceased Queene and honor the living King Printed by V. S. for Thomas Millington.

*** A very interesting part of this extremely well written tract relates to contemporary poets, many of whom are pointed out by allusions to their works, as Daniel, Warner, Chapman, Nash, Shakespeare, Drayton, &c.

Vide Sign : D 2 rev : Chettie signs the address to the Reader on the errors of the press, complaining of them : he was a good judge upon the subject, having

himself been originally a printer.

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