Imatges de pÓgina

49 B. (J.) The Young Lover's Guide, or the Unsuccessful

Amours of Philabius, a Country Lover, &c. 1699
51 B. (R.) Winter Evenings' Entertainments, in two Parts ;

containing, Ten Pleasant and Delightful . Relations of
many Rare and Notable Accidents and Occurrences, and
Fifty Ingenious Riddles enlivened with above Threescore
Pictures, (by R. Burton,)

52 B. (S.) The Epistles of Octavia and Antony, (in Versc,)

wanting the title, blue morocco.

53 Bacon's Shuttlecock, a Poem, 1736. The Art of Preaching

made English, by J. B. 1685. Poems by H. Baker, 2

copies, 1725. The History of Job by D. Baker, 1706.

Miscellaneous Works in Prose and Verse by Bancks, 2

vol. 1738. Barlow's Vision of Columbus, 1787. Ba-
vin of Bays, 1763. Six Centuries of Select Hymnes by

W. Barton, 1688, together 10 vol.

54 Bagwell (William) Wit's extraction, conveyed to the Inge-

nious in Riddles, &c. Useful to quicken the Fancy,

fortifie the Understanding, and to enable both Old and

Young to undergo the various occurrences of this life.

Composed by W. B. Truth's Servant, wants the frontis-

piece and portrait, but has a portrait inserted, 1664

*** This is the Person whom Gayton calls Will Bag-

nall, in his Will. Bagnalls Ghost.
55 Baker (Daniel) Poems on Several Occasions,

56 Ball (John) Odes, Elegies, Inscriptions, Sonnets, &c.

Dublin, n. d.

57 Ball (Thomas) Two Books of Elegies in imitation of Ovid

de Tristibus,“ ex dono Auctoris,


58 Ballads. A Collection of Old Ballads corrected from the

best and most Ancient Copies extant, with Introductions

Historical, Critical, or Humorous, with copper plates, 3

vol. red morocco, gilt leaves, fine copy.



in the Cumberland Dialect, with Notes and Glossary,

by Anderson,


60 Balmford (William) The Seamen's Spiritual Companion, or,

Navigation Spirituallized, being A New Compass for

Seamen, (in verse,)


6) Baltharpe (John) THE STRAIGHT'S VOYAGE, or St. David's

Poem, being a Description of the most Remarkable
Passages that happened in her first Expedition against
the Turkes of Argeir, Sir John Harman Commander,
Rere Admiral of his Majesty's Fleet, Beginning May,

1669, Ending April, 1071, (in verse,) very rare, 1671


AND FIDELTA, A Poem, in green morocco,

Printed by W. Godbid, 1658

*** By the Author of the Epigrams, 4to. 1639. This

allegorical poem is extremely rare.

63 Baptist Mantuan, The Bucolicks of, in Ten Eclogues, translated out of Latine into English by Th. Harvey, Gent.

Printed for Humphrey Moseley, 64 Barbauld (Mrs.) Poems,

1792 65 Barbour (John) The Bruce, with Notes and Glossary by Pinkerton, 3 vol.

1790 66 Barclayi (Guil.) Judicium, de Certamine G. Eglisemmii cumi G. Buchanano, pro dignitate Paraphraseos Psalmi CIV.

Londini, 1620 67 Barker (Mrs. Jane) Poetical Recreations, 2 parts in 1, 1688 68 Barksdale (Clement) Nympha Libethris, or the Cotswold Muse, 4 parts in 1 vol, fine copy, rare,

Printed for F. A. at Worcester, 1651 69 BARNEFIELDE (RICHARD) CYNTHIA WITH CERTAINE Son

NETS, AND THE LEGEND OF CASSANDRA, very fine copy in blue morocco with joints, richly gilt by C. Lewis,


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Printed for Humfrey Lownes and are to bee sold at the

West doore of Paules, 1595 *** The Address to the Readers before this precious little volume is very interesting, as Barnefielde in it denies the authorship of two books imputed to him, one of which no doubt was Greene's Funerals, by R. B."1594, and the other probably “Orpheus his Journey to Hell, by R. B.” 1595. He at the same time acknowledges The Affectionate Shepherd” to be his.

Of the present work he observes that it is “ the first imitation of the verse of that excellent poet Maister Spencer in his Fay

rie Queene.” 70 Barron (Robert) Erotopægnion, or the Cyprian Academy;

frontispiece and portrait by Marshall, fine impressions, from the Bridgewater Collection,

1647 71 Another copy, frontispiece by Marshall,

printed by W. W. 1648 72 Pocula Castalia, The Author's Motto-Fortunes Ten

nis-Ball, Eliza, Poems, Epigrams, &c. portrait by Marshall, red morocco, with joints,

1650 73 Bastard (T.) Chrestoleros. Seven bookes of Epigrames

written by T. B. Imprinted by Richard Bradocke for I. B. and are to be sold at her shop in Paules Church

yarde at the signe of the Bible, 1598 *** Extremely rare.

Bastard is alluded to in “ The Whipper of the Satire." See Marston. 74 Baxter (Richard) Poetical Fragments, Heart's Imployment with God and It Self, with Additions,

1699 75 Beattie (James) Poems on Several Subjects,


76 Beaumont (Sir John) Bosworth Field with a Taste of the Variety of Other Poems, fine copy in vellum.

Printed by Felix Kyngston, 1629 77 Another copy,

1629 78 Beaumont and Fletcher's Works, with Notes by Weber, 14 vol.

1812 79 Beaumont and Fletcher's Poems, imperfect at the end, 1660 80 Bee, A Collection of Choice Poems, 3 Parts in 1, 1715 81 Beedome (Thomas) Poems Divine and Humane ; blue moTOCCO,

Printed by E. P. for John Sweeting, 1641 *** This vol. was posthumous, and Mr. Henry Bold in his " Wit a Sporting," thought himself at liberty to

steal from it just as much as suited his purpose. 82 Behn (Mrs.) Plays and Poems upon Several Occasions, 3 vol.

1684-1702 83 Plays, 4 val.

1724 84 Bell (J.) Classical Arrangement of Fugitive Poetry, 18 vol. green morocco, by Hering,

1790 85 Bellamy (D.) Miseellanies in Prose and Verse, 2 vol. 1741 86 Bell-Man's Treasury containing above'an Hundred several ; ..Verses, fitted for all Humours and Fancies and suited to all Tinies and Seasons,

1707 87 Bellum Grammaticale, sive Nominum Verborumque discordia civilis, Tragico-Comoedia,

1635 88 BelyEDERE, OR 'THB GARDEN OF THE Musés, (by J. Boden

ham), ) Imprinted by F. K. for Hugh Astley, 1600

*** This copy contains many MS. references to the

poets from whose works the extracts are taken, very rare. 89 Bentley (Samuell) Poems, 1774. Sir R. Blackmore's

Poems, 1718. - Alfred, 1723. Redemption, 1722. Blair's Grave, 1749. Bloomfield's Poems, 1803. Boi. leau's Lutrin by Rowe, 1708. Bowden's Poetical Essays, 1733. Boyce's. Poems, 1757. Mrs. Brereton's


JENEURA, DAUGHTER TO THE KING OF SCOTTES ; IN "English VERSE BY PETER BEVERLEY, black letter, red Imprinted at London, by Thomas East for

Fraunces Coldocke, n, d. ** From the Roxburghe and afterwards Gordonstoun Sale, where it produced £31. 10s. It is an amplifi

fication of the well known tale in Ariosto's Orlando Furioso. 91 - Bible. Divine Distich upon the Holy Bible, in English and Latin;

1693 92 Bidle (John) Virgil's Bucolicks Engished (sic.). Where

unto is added the Translation of the two first Satyrs of Juvenal ; see. a MS. note in the hand-writing of Mr. Gifford respecting the merits and high commendations of this translation,

Printed by J. L. 1634


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93 Billingsly (Nicholas) Brachy-Martyrologia, ur a Breviary

of all the Greatest Persecutions, which have befallen the Saints and People of God, from the Creation to our present times, (in verse), fine copy, from Brande's Library,

1657 94 Cosmobrephia, or the Infancy of the World, with an

Appendix of God's Resting Day, Eden Garden, &c. with

a Taste of Poetical Fictions, Printed for R. Crofts, 1658 95 Centurie of Historical Applications, with a Taste of Poetical Fictions, being the fruits of some spare hours,

Printed for Robert Crofts, 1658 96 · A Treasury of Divine Raptures,

1667 97 Blackmore's (Sir R.) Prince Arthur,

1714 98 Creation,

1715 99 Blake's (W.) Poetical Sketches, red morocco, 1783 100 Bland (Robert) Edwy and Elgiva, and Four Slaves of Cythera, 2 vol.

1809 101 Blunt (Leonard) Asse upon Asse. Being a Collection of

Several Pamphlets written for and against the Author of the Asses Complaint, against Balaam, or the Cry of the

Country, against Ignorant and Seandalous Ministers, n. d. 102 Bodenham (J.) Politeuphuia, Wit's Common Wealth, or a

Treasury of Admonitions, Similies, and Sentences, 1699 103 Boileau's Works, in Verse, with Account of his Life by Rowe, 2 vol.


1683 *** “ Alexander Pope pretm. 82." This volume is one of the most interesting records extant of this great Poet. He has read it through with the greatest attention and divided it into heads, and at the commencement of each has attached a short memorandum, as for instance,

Precept I. Not to write without a Genius.' Precept

X. Not to write fast, &c.' 105 Bold (Henry) Wit, A Sporting in a Pleasant Grove of New

Fancies, blue morocco,
Printed for W. Burden, and are to be sold at his shop

in Cannons Street, 1657.
*** The Author in his address to the Reader would
persuade him that he was the father of this “ offspring
of the new-born Muse,” when the fact is that not a few
of the lighter and better pieces are stolen without re-
morse from Herrick's Hesperides, published nine years
before. Mr. Bold has made equally bold with some
other poets, and stole his address to the Reader, with
some variation from Tho. Beedome's Poems Divine and
Humane, 1641, besides stealing wholesale from other

parts of that posthumous volume.

106 Bold (Henry) Poems Lyrique, Macaronique, Heroique, scarce,

Printed for Henry Brome, 1664 107 Latine Songs with their English, and Poems, 1685 108 Bosworth (William) The Chast and Lost Lovers Lively

shadowed in the persons of Arcadius and Sepha, and
illustrated with the severall stories of Hæmon and An-
tigone, Eramio and Amissa, Phaon and Sappho, Deli-
thason and Verista, from Longman's B. A. Poetica,

Printed by F. L. for Laurence Blaiklock, 1651
*** The Preface to the Reader is very interesting,
containing the testimony of Ben Jonson in favour of
Marlow, whose lines were examples fitter for admiration

than for parallel. Part of one leaf MS. 109 Bowring (John) Specimen of the Polish Poets, green moтоссо, ,

1827 110 BRETON (NICHOLAS). A Smale handfull of Fragrant Flowers;

selected and gathered out of the lovely garden of sacred
scriptures fit for any Honorable or Woorshipfull Gentle-
woman to smell unto. Dedicated for a Neweyeeres gyft
to the honorable and vertuous lady the Lady Sheffeeld,
by N. B., very fine copy, in yellow morocco, from Bindley's
Imprinted by Richard Jones, and are to be sold at his

shop at the south-west doore of Paules, 1575.
*** This little production is of the utmost rarity. It
may be worth noting that what professes to be an exact
reprint in Vol. I. of Heliconia, is disfigured by at least
150 variations from the original, some of them of im-

portance to the sense.
111 CROSSING OF PROVERBS. The second part, with

Certaine briefe Questions and Answeres, by N. B. Gent,
appears to contain a portion of the first part, and also of
the second, but it appears to be unknown,



1-12 A. (T.) The Massacre of Money, (A Poem), fine copy, in

calf, by C. Lewis, rare,

Printed by Thomas Creede for Thomas Bushell, 1602 *** This poem is usually attributed, only on the ground of the correspondence of the initials to Thomas

Achelley or Achellon.


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