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1 A. (B.) Buds and Blossoms of Piety, with some Fruit of the Spirit of Love, (in Verse)

1691 **“ I have seen the Initials B. A. explained Benjamin

Antrobus, how truly I know not." Note by Mr. Heber. 2 A. (H.) Partheneia Sacra, or the Mysterious and Delicious

Garden of the Sacred Parthenes, frontispiece and many plates,

Printed by J. Cousturier, 1633 3 Abbot's Poems, 1765. Abramideis, 1705, 2 copies. Aikin

on Song Writing Alves's Poems, 1789. The Amaranth, with plates, 1767. Anacreon in English, 1683. Appollonius Rhodius, by Fawkes, 1780. Amhurst's Poems,

3 copies, 1720-4, together 11 vol. 4 Academy of Complements erected for Ladies, Gentlewomen,

Courtiers, &c. with an Exact Collection of the Newest and Choicest Songs, à la Mode, both Amorous and Jovial, compiled by L. B. Sir C. S. Sir W. D. and others the most refined Wits of this Age, frontispiece, 1681

Pleasure, furnished with all kinds of Complementall Letters, &c. with Variety of new Songs, Sonets and witty Inventions, also A Dictionary of all the hard Eng

lish words expounded, wants the frontispiece, 1656 6 Achmed Ardebeili, A Persian Exile, Şeries of Poems, with notes by Charles Fox,

1797 7 Adams (Jane) In Crawfordsdyke, Miscellany Poems,

Glasgow, 1734 8 Adamson (H.) The Muses Threnodie, or Mirthful Mournings

on the Death of Mr. Gall, containing Poetical Descriptions of Perth, with Map,

Perth, 1774 9 Addison's Christian Poet, 1728. Sacred Poems, published

by Lord Hailes, 1751, 2 vol. 10 (Jos.) Miscellaneous Works and Life, by Tickell, 3 vol. “Reg. Heber, Richard Heber,”

1753 11 Æsop. The Phrygian Fabulist, or the Fables of Æsop, ex

tracted from the Latine Copie and Moralized by Leonard Willan, fine copy, scarce,

1650 12 Agreeable Variety in two Parts, consisting of Discourses and

Characters, Letters and Poems, old red morocco, 1717 13 Aickin (Joseph) Londerias, or a Narrative of the Siege of London Dery, in Verse,

1699 14 ‘Aikin (J.) Poems,

1791 15 Ajax, his Speech to the Grecian Knabbs in broad Buchans, by R. F.

Edinburgh, 1761 16 Akenside (Mark) Poems,

Tonson, 1776 17 Alchemy. The Marrow of Alchemy, a Poem. By Eirenæus Philoponos Philalethes,

1654 18 Aleyn (Charles). The Battailes of Crescey and Poictiers, the Second Edition,

1633 19 The Historie of that wise and Fortunate Prince, Henrie

of that Name the Seventh, King of England, and the Battle of Bosworth, (In verse).

Printed by Tho. Cotes for William Cooke, 1638 20 Another Copy,


ASTENSIS, METRO MACHARRONICO MATERNO ET GALLICO COMPOSITA, splendidly bound in blue morocco in compartments with morocco lining, richly tooled.

Impressum Ast per magistrum Francischum de silva Anno dñi Milesimo quingentesimo vigesimo primo die XII. mensis Marcii.

** This is one of the very rarest and most curious books in Mr. Heber's Library. It consists of Tales, Theatrical Representations, and Poems, in the Macaronick, Piedmontese and French Languages. The only Bibliographical accounts to be found of it have been taken by De Bure and Brunet, (see Article Macharronea) from imperfect copies, wanting the Title, Date, &c. The first fourteen pieces in this volume have the same number of leaves as the copy collated by De Bure, with following exceptions. The first in this contains nineleaves and seven verses on the tenth, instead of seven leaves and seven verses on the tenth, as stated by De Bure. The second contains seventeen leaves and a half instead of seven and

The thirteenth has four and a half instead of

a half.

two leaves. This copy also contains two leaves of the
Register of Contents instead of one. This second leaf
contains the Table of nineteen additional and hitherto
unknown pieces, a list of which is here given.

La conqueste de Loys douziesme sur sa duchie de
Milan. Ditz que devoit pronuncier une pucelle d’Ast au
Roy Francois. Ditz du Marzocq. de Cremonne trans-
porte en Ast. Vers composez sur les faiz des Francois en
Italye. Louange au Marcquiz de Monferra sur sa conqueste
d'Ancise. Le dit du singe. Chappitre de liberte. Louange
a nostre dame en chant sur la nativite et passion de
nostre seigneur. Autre louange sur l'obsecro. Autre
louange sur l'ave maris stella. Autre louange sur le
salve regina. Louange a Sainte Catherine. La chanson
des Suyces sur la Bataille de Marignan. La chanson de
la Josne dame marie au vieillart jaloux. La chanson de
la bergiere. Autre chanson. Deux rondeaux d'amours
composez par significations (figures en bois). Rondeau
en flamens. Replicque en Italien sulle dit du singe.

The supposition of an edition of 1496 is quite erro-
neous. From the description of the last piece in the
La Valliere and Gaignat Libraries, it was concluded by
De Bure and Brunet, that it could not have been printed

An edition of the first eleven pieces only was
printed in 1601. This unique copy was obtained from
Italy by Messrs. Payne and Foss, and sold by them to Mr.


22 Allot (R.) Englands Parnassus, or, The choysest Flowers of

our Moderne Poets, with their Poeticall comparisons ;

Descriptions of Bewties, Personages, Castles, Pallaces,

Mountaines, Groves, Seas, Springs, Rivers, &c. 1600

23 Altar of Love, consisting of Poems and other Miscellanies,


.24 Amores Britannici, Epistles Historical and Gallant, in En-

glish Heroic Verse,


25 Anacreon, Bion and Moschus, by Stanley, 1651. Poems by

T. Stanley, 1651, in 1 vol. see MS. Note by Park.

-26 Anacreon, Sappho, Bion and Moschus, translated by Fawkes,

with many MS. corrections and new Translations by the

Author in preparation for a new Edition,


27 Anderson (Henry). The Court Convert, faithfully traversed,

28 Anne (Queen) Loyal Mourner for the best of Princes, 1716


Printed for Thomas Norton, 1617

*** This extremely rare volume is dedicated to

Algernon Lord Percie, see Sir M. Sykes's Cat. Part I.

No. 76.

30 Apollo Shroving, composed for the Scholars of the Free-

Schoole of Hadleigh in Suffolke, and acted by them on

Shrove Tuesday, being the sixt of February, 1626, very


Printed for Rob. Mylbourne, n. d.

31 Armada. A true Discourse of the Armie which the King

of Spaine caused to be assembled in the haven of Lisbon,

in the year 1588, translated out of French into English

by Daniel Archdeacon, black letter, J. Wolfe, 1588


op BYRDES, black letter, in Venetian morocco by C. Lewis,

Imprinted at London by John Wyght, dwelling in

Poules Church yarde at the sygne of the Rose, n. d.

*** “ Certainly very curious, and to the best of my
knowledge UNIQUE, not in Ames.. « The Parlament
of Byrdes” was licensed to Anthony Kytson, but was no
doubt a different Tract from the present." Note by

Mr. Heber.

33 Arno Miscellany, being a Collection of Fugitive Pieces,

written by the Members of a Society called the Oziosi

at Florence, pripately printed,

Florence, 1784

34 Assembly, a Comedy, by a Scots Gentleman,


36 Asylum Veneris, or a Sanctuary for Ladies, justly protecting

them, their virtues, and sufficiencies from the foule

aspersions and forged imputations of traducing Spirits, 1616

This is one of the works, published in answer to

Swetnam. It contains many poetical quotations, in-

cluding several from Spencer's F.Q.
37 Asylum for Fugitive Pieces in Prose and Verse, 4 vol. 1785.

New Foundling Hospital for Wit, 6 vol. 1786, together

10 vol. uniform.

38 Augustin (St.) An Introduction to the loove of God, tran-

slated into English by Edmund, Bishop of Norwich,

and newlie turned into Englishe Meter by Robert Flet-

cher, 1581, rare, Imprinted by Thomas Purfoot, n. d.

39 Austin (S.) Naps upon Parnassus, A sleepy Muse nipt

and pincht, though not awakened; such Voluntary and

Jovial Copies of Verses, aş were lately received from

some of the Wits of the Universities, dedicated to Gon-

dibert's Mistress by Captain Jones and others, with some

MS. additions by Park,


40 Another copy,


41 Austin (William) The Anatomy of the Pestilence, a Poem

in three Parts, describing the deplorable Condition of

the City of London under its merciless dominion 1665.

What the Pļague is, together with the causes of it, &c.

portrait by Hertochs, very fine impression,


42 Ayres (Philip) Emblems of Love, in four Languages, dedi.
cated to the Ladies,

n. d.



BISSHOPPE OF LONDON, (in verse,) Imprinted by P. 0.


IN VERSE, Imprinted by John Daye, 1570.

In the British Bibliographer, IĮ. 288, is some

account of these extremely curious and interesting Tracts,
but the author of the article has contrived to omit the
most singular part of the information they contain, to-
gether with the notices of Miles Huggard, John Availe,
and of the flight of the three Heywoods, old John, Elis
and Jasper, to Louvaine on the establishment of Pro-
testantism in England. The second Tract shews that
John Heywood the Father was alive in 1570, a fact stated
in no other extant authority. The inention of Crawley
the Printer and Preacher, is also remarkable. Both
Tracts have a great deal of humour as well as coarse-
ness, and were probably written by the same author, R.
W., who puts his initials only to the last, having written
the first under the assumed name of Lemeke Avale, as if
he were some relation to John Availe, whose actions are


-44 Aylet (Robert) Peace with her Foure Garders, viz., Five

Morall Meditations of Concord, Chastitie, Constancie,

Courtesie, Gravitie, printed for John Teage, 1622.

Thrift's Equipage, viz., Five Divine and Morall Medita-

tions, 1622. Susanna, or the Arraignment of the two

Unjust Elders, by R. Aylet, 1622. Joseph or Pharoah's

Favourite, by Aylet, 1623, in one vol.

45 Susanna, or the Arraignmentof the two Unjust Elders,

fine copy, scarce,

printed for John Teage, 1622

47 B. (G.) A newe Booke called the Shippe of Safegarde,

wrytten by G. B. anno 1569,

Imprinted at London by W. Seres.

*** “ For mention of this scarce little Book, I have

in vain consulted Herbert's Ames and the Catalogues of

West, Fletewood, Ratcliffe, Wright, Pearson, Croft and

others. Mr. Haslewood ascribes this little Poem to

Barnaby Googe, in which opinion he is confirmed by Sir

E. Brydges. Having overlooked the present copy in

Dr. Farmer's Catalogue, he erroneously supposes Lord

Spencer's to be the only one hitherto discovered. See

the British Bibl. vol. 2, page 618,” MS. note by

Mr. Heber.

48 B. (J.) Heroick Education, or Choice Maxims and In-

structions, for the most sure and facile training up of

youth in the ways of eminent learning and vertues, with
portrait of the Prince of Orange,


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