Giants of the Faith: Classic Christian Writings and the Men Behind Them

Crossway Books, 1998 - 190 pàgines
You probably know their names, and may even be aware of their role in church history. But you might be surprised at how much the spiritual legacies of Augustine, Luther, Bunyan, and Wesley influence us today. Their writings still continue to shape the course of Christian thought. Their insights still speak to the problems of this fallen world. And their deep, resolute faith is still worth imitating.

To spur you on in your spiritual growth and to pass on the wisdom of those who have come before, author Raymond Brown considers a major work by each man--and the circumstances from which the work came. These giants of the faith lived at very difficult times in history, yet they lived heroically and effectively for Christ. As Dr. Brown guides you through their life and times, he allows each man to speak personally and eloquently about his experience of the grace of God, the reality of Christ, and the power of the indwelling Spirit. In their words and experiences, you will find yourself--your life struggles, your personal concerns, your spiritual questions. You will also find inspiration in your quest to be a bolder and more faithful witness for Christ. Featured Works The "Confessions--Augustine "A Simple Way to Pray--Martin Luther "Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners--John Bunyan The "Journal--John Wesley

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