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venture on fire or water, yet learn of the world hath told you, that more wit than to venture on “ they that are after the flesh, hell-fire

do mind the things of the flesh; Do you think these are but and they that are after the Spirit, empty words ? Believe you not a the things of the Spirit :” that life to come ? If you do not, “to be carnally minded is death ; your unbelief shall not procure that if ye live after the flesh ye your escape : but experience shall die ; that they who are in shall convince you, and make you, the flesh cannot please God; in despite of you, believe or con- and that if any man have not the fess that there is an endless life Spirit of Christ, he is none of that you should have provided his.” for. If you do believe it, you Sir, all these, and a hundred are out of your wits, man, to be- more such, are the true words of lieve one thing, and do another; God, which I mind you of, that to believe that you are near to you may see who it is that you heaven or hell, and yet make are so bold with, and what it is light of it!

that you cast your soul on. O, Sir, it is but a few days that Jest not with damnation. Hearkyou have to take your fleshly en not to the suggestions of pleasures in ; but it is long and your vain imagination, nor to long indeed that you must suffer the deceitsul words of prating for it, if speedy sound conversion sensualists, when you see the prevent it not. How many words of God against them. Re. years must your flesh and member who you are and where bones lie in the earth, while you stand. Though you are a your soul is paying dear for your gentleman, you are but a lump of wilfulness! And how many walking dirt, as to that bodmillions of years after must soul ily part which you pamper. and body lie in heil! Will you. You are continually in the hand take comfort in the remembrance of God. How afraid am I, lest of your present pleasures? Will I should ere long hear of your it ease your torments, think you, death, and so you should be past to remember that once you had recovery in hell, and out of the your will, and once you gratified reach of warnings and advice !

and what. a base dishonour is it Sir, deal plainly and not deceit- to your understanding, that you fully with yourself. Are you should set so high an estimate considerately resolved to sell all on the sordid delights of your your hopes of heaven for your fleshly mind, as to cast away God pleasure ? Are you resolved of and Christ, and heaven, and soul, it? Will you make so mad a and friends, and credit, and bargain? Will you venture upon conscience, and all for them ! hell for a little sensual delight ? Why, Sir, is it really your If this be your deliberate resolu- juugnient that your fileshly plcation, you be not worthy the sures are worth all these? If it name of a man, nor worthy to be, what a blind and sottish come into the company of men. mind have you? I dare say and If it be not, what mean you, to do profess, that no man in Bedlam it? The Governor and Judge hath a greater error. If it be

your flesh ?


not your judgment, will you go send you ; and as you go, exagainst your own judgment ? amine your soul by it, and alWhy, in this, you are far worse low it your most sober solitary than any beast ; for a beast hath thoughts. no reason to rule his appetite, Thirdly, That you would preand so disobeyeth not his reason; sently, this night, betake yourbut you have reason, if you self to God in prayer on your will not stifle and bury it, but use knees, and lament with tears your it. What is it that you love former folly, and earnestly beg so much better than God, than his pardoning grace, and beseech Christ, than heaven and all? Is hiin to give you a new, a holy, a it drink and play, and fleshly plea. mortified mind; and make this sure? Why a heathen, a Turk, seriously your daily practice; a dog, a swine, hath his part in and then, go to your father, and these as well as you. Take it on your knees, confess your sin not ill that I speak to you in and disobedience, and beg his so plain and homely a phrase. I pardon, and promise unfeignedly tell you the day is even at hand, to do so no more ; and that when your tongue shall confess from this day forward, you will that I spoke not half so ill of take your fleshly disposition for your way of folly as it doth de- the great and dangerous enemy serve. You have read in Luke, of your soul; on the conquest (the sixteenth) of him that was of which your salvation lieth ; tormented in hell, because he and which you must study to had his good things in this life, subdue, and not to please. Read in gay clothing and delicious what Paul himself thought nefare: and how much worse than cessary, 1 Cor. ix. 25–27 ; and

that you never more meddle 0, Sir, remember sin is de- with sports and recreations, or ceitful, the flesh is base, the world drink, or Aeshly pleasures, but is worthless, pleasures here are soberly and ordinately, and no but short ; but God is of infinite more than is needful to fit you perfection; heaven is a certain du- for the service of God; and that rable possession ; holiness is sweet your care and business, and eveand amiable ; the life of godliness ry day's work may be (when is clean, and safe, and pleasant.

you have be wailed your youthful I am loath to word with you folly) to do God all the service any further ; but address myself that you can, and make ready to you, in the grief of my heart, for your appearing before the for your sin and misery, with Lord; and nake sure of that these three important requests, everlasting glory, which you which I entreat you, that you have forfeited.

Go not out of doors till you First, That you will, patiently have examined yourself whether and considerately, read over and you go on your Master's busiover this letter, which I write to ness ; and whether your work be

such that you would be comfort Secondly, That you will delib- ably found in, if death shall call erately read over this treatise of you before you come in at conversion, which herewith I gain,

this do you !

will not deny me.


“ One thing is needful,” and that load that must be on your all things else are toys. Choose soul to all eternity. the better part, which shall never Sir, nobody shall know from be taken from you, Luke x. 42 ; me what I write to you, if you hate such a disposition as han- keep it to yourself and amend; kers after sensual, brutish de- and as long as no eye seeth it lights, and loveth pleasures more but your own, the plainest dealthan God; and had rather be at ing, in so great a cause, can be no sports or drinking, than in his injury to you. But let me tell service ; and loves the company you, if you shall go on in folly, of merry jovial fools better than and turn not unto God, and live of them that fear the Lord, Psal. not in his fear, perhaps I may xv. 4 ; and had rather sport and publish to the knowledge of the talk away time, than spend it in world the admonition, which I preparing for eternal glory ; for have given you, that if this be the present frame of may appear, that if you were your mind, as true as the word disobedient to a dying mother, of God is true, you are dead in yet, I was faithful to the last sin, and an heir of hell ; and charge of a dying friend ; and if cannot be saved, unless convert- you durst abuse the Lord by sining, saving grace, do make you ning, so durst not I by letting a new creature, and give you a you alone. But God forbid that new heart, so that “old things you should put me to this ! I pass away, and all things be- cannot, I will not yet give up come new," with you, 2 Cor. v. my hope, that God hath mercy 17.

for a son of so many prayers and Sir, I again beseech you to tears, which have been poured grant me these three requests that out for you by a saint now in I have made to you. It would beaven ; and which the Lord is rejoice me much to hear of your witness are seconded with the conversion, as it grieves me to tears of your surviving monitor, hear what you are, and fear what with which these lines were beyou will be. If you yield this gun, and are now ending ; and much to God and me, you will which shall be followed with my have the everlasting comfort of prayers while God will give me it. If you will not, I do testify a heart to pray, that you may to your face, that it is not your presently prove a returning fleshly pleasures, nor idle, delu- prodigal; that both your earthly sory companions, nor your un- and heavenly Father may rebelief, stupidity, false imagina- joice, and say, “ This our son tions, or childish folly, that shall was dead, and is alive again ; save you from the burning wrath was lost and is found.” (Luke of God; and I profess, I had xv. 32.) I pray you read the rather be a toad than you. And whole chapter. let me add, the words of a dying Sir, I remain an earnest desir mother, and the earnest requests er of your conversion and salvaof her and your yet surviving tion, friend, shall witness against you

RICHARD BAXTER. before the Lord, and aggravate

Scotts' Mag

MISCELLANIES. at command was very agreeable

to me, as I have often observed, FRAGMENTS.

and lately a Norwich Hospital for AMONG many other charitable old people where many lodge in institutions in the city of Glas- the same room, that the infirmigow, Scotland, is “ a neat, quiet, ty, or peevishness of one person comfortable retreat for old people, has been the cause of half stifling which has this inscription over the rest for the want of the adthe gate.

mission of (that cordial of life) " When this fabric was built, air.

Howard. is uncertain ; but in the year 1567, it was made an Hospital SEMINARIES of learning are for old people. The fabric be-, the springs of society, which, as came ruinous in a great mea- they flow, foul or pure, diffuse sure, and some parts uninhabita- through successive generations ble. In the year 1726 the repa- depiravity and misery, or on the rations were begun, and fifteen contrary, virtue and happiness. new rooms added by charitable On the bent given to our minds, donations, which will be suppli- as they open and expand, deed by old persons as the revenue pends their subsequent fate ; is increased by donations. Three and on the general management hundred pounds sterling entitles of education, depend the honour the donor to a presentation of and dignity of our species. a burgess, widow of a burgess,

Dr. Price. or child of a burgess, male or female ; and 3501. sterling “ It is the opinion of Dr. Argives the donor a right to pre- buthnot, that renewing and coolsent any person whatsoever, noting the air in a patient's room married nor under fifty years of by opening the bed-curtains,

door, and windows, in some cases In this hospital each person letting it in by pipes, and in has his own room, eleven feet general the right management by eight and a half, in which is a of air in the bed-chamber, is cupboard and window. These among the chief branches of rooms open into passage regimen in inflammatory distwelve feet and a half wide, at eases, provided still that the inthe end of which is a sitting tention of keeping up a due room, for such as choose to as- quantity of perspiration be not sociate together. A chaplain disappointed.” And Dr. For. reads prayers morning and eve- dyce adds, “ By the officious and ning. There is a garden and mistaken care of silly nurses in other conveniences. They have this respect, the disease is often roast meat three times a week, increased and lengthened, or and boiled three times, and even proves fatal. Numberless eleven bottles of good beer ; indeed are the mischiefs, which coals, clothes and linen are also arise from depriving the patient provided ; but the allowance for of cool air, the changing of washing is only sixpence a which, so as to remove the pumonth. The circumstance of trid streams, is most of all neeach person's having a window cessary in putrid diseases.” I



hope I shall be excused in add

ANECDOTES. ing, " In the beginning of putrid fevers (and many putrid fevers We are informed of Dr. Marcome upon full habit) the patient ryat, that after be was someabhors, without knowing the what advanced in youth, having reason, foods, which easily pu- a strong memory, he thought it trify, but pants after acid drinks his duty to make it a secret reand fruits, and such are allowed. pository of the works of divine by some physicians, who follow revelation. nature. Oranges, lemons, cit- Accordingly, “he treasured rons, grapes, peaches, currants, up," says one, " a larger portion nectarines, are devoured with of the Scriptures than, perhaps, eagerness and gratitude. Can any one besides, whom we have the distillery or the apothecary's known, ever did. For there are, shop boast of such cordials ? some, who can assure us, they It appears, then, on the whole, had the account immediately that the food, in a putrid fever, from himself, that he has comshould consist of barley, rice, mitted to memory not a few oatmeal, wheat bread, sago, salop whole books, both of the old mixed with wine, lemon, orange,

Testament and the New. When citron, or chaddock juice, jellies

he mentioned this, he named made of currants, and other distinctly, Job, Psalms, Proverbs, acescent fruits ; and when broths Ecclesiastes, Isaiah, and Jereare thought absolutely necessa- miah, with all the minor prophry, which probably seldom hap- ets: and every one of the epispens, they should be mixed with tles likewise in the New Testacurrant jellies, citron, lemons, ment, with the book of the Reveand orange juices."

lation. And that he might careDr. Fordyce on infiammatory fully retain the whole of what he fevers.

had thus learnt, he declared, it was his practice to repeat them

memoriter once a year. The SOLON'S OPINION OF THE MORAL special reason or motive, which EFFECTS OF THE STAGE.

he assigned for bis entering up- This great Athenian lawgiv- on this method, deserves a parer, being present at the perforin. ticular notice. He began it in ance of a tragedy by Thespis, the younger part of liie, when, who may be called the father of being under a deep sense of the the stage, asked him, when he evil of sin, and his mind sadly ig.. had done, if he was not ashamed norant of God's ways of salvato tell so many lies before so tion by the righteousness of the great an assembly. Thespis an- glorious Messiah, or being in swered, it was no great matter, if the dark as to his own personal he spoke or acted in jest. To interest in it, he was sorely disthis Solon replied, striking the tressed with fears, that hell must ground violently with his staff, be his portion. At that time it “ If we , encourage such jesting was put into his heart, that, if as this, we shall quickly find it he must go to hell, he would enin our contracts.”

deavour to carry with him as much of the word of God as pos.

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