Miller and Middle America: Essays on Arthur Miller and the American Experience

Paula T. Langteau
University Press of America, 2007 - 145 pàgines
Miller and Middle America features eleven essays by some of the world's leading Arthur Miller scholars on the playwright's contribution to the literary life of the United States. The essays explore Miller's role as a playwright in relation to American society, both celebrating the land and its heritage, while cautioning the country and its people. The collection provides an examination of Miller's depiction of various roles and professions, such as doctors and carpenters, as well as institutions, such as marriage. Other topics addressed include the language of Middle America, the changing landscape of the country, and even Middle-American political correctness. Finally, the volume offers an examination of Miller's use of memory and reality in his plays to explore and assign meaning to self and society.

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Hegemony Hatred and the Scapegoat Mechanism
Arthur Miller and the Language of Middle America

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Paula T. Langteau is the campus Dean of the University of Wisconsin-Marinette. She was the founding Vice President of The Arthur Miller Society, its second president, and currently an executive board member.

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